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Idaho petition drives underway to shut down refugee resettlement in Twin Falls, and in the whole state

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015

On Sunday reported on two petition drives being conducted in the Twin Falls area.

Gov. Butch Otter

Republican Gov. Butch Otter is being asked to shut it down statewide. He does not have that power! But, putting pressure on him like this is still an excellent idea.

TWIN FALLS • Supporters of a ballot measure to ban refugee centers in Twin Falls County have started to gather signatures.

The Twin Falls County Clerk’s office approved the form of the petition on Oct. 5, giving them 180 days — or until early April — to gather the 3,842 signatures they need to get the initiative on the countywide ballot in May.

Rick Martin, the head of the Committee to End the CSI Refugee Center and the sponsor of the ballot measure, was gathering signatures outside the U.S. Post Office on Second Avenue West on Wednesday morning. He said their goal is to gather about 4,300 signatures, to make sure they have enough in case some get challenged.


The ballot measure would ban refugee centers anywhere in the county, including within the cities, and would take effect Nov. 1, 2016.

Another group, III Percent of Idaho, is working a petition to get the Governor to shut down refugee resettlement for the whole state. They will hold a rally this coming Sunday.  See for details.

Remember readers that Idaho is a Wilson-Fish state and as such decisions are made between a non-profit group (Jannus Inc, mentioned here) and the UN/US State Department.  Neither the Governor, nor other elected officials, will be able to shut it down without first getting rid of the Wilson-Fish status.

Note to activists:

If the Governor is reluctant to do anything (to even speak up), check his campaign contributions and see if he is getting campaign cash from big industries like the one setting up the new meatpacking plant near Boise and Chobani Yogurt near Twin Falls. Both industries are looking for cheap refugee labor to make sure their profit margin is good (your culture, your local economy and your safety be damned!).

For all of you, wherever in the US you are located, be sure to research which industries are working closely with federal resettlement contractors (phony ‘church’ groups) to bring refugees to your community.

Idahoans! You really must focus some attention on your federal representatives, your two US Senators and your two Members of the House.  I know, I know, we all think they are a bunch of do-nothings, but you still gotta hound them!

More on Chobani


Chobani changing America one cheap immigrant laborer at a time….

Remember I told you about the refugees getting the boot from an apartment complex in Boise, here.   Now a reader tells us that Chobani has stepped in to rescue the refugees, here, here and here.

So let me ask this question: If refugees do not have enough money (or jobs) to get and keep housing without extra help from Chobani, why are we bringing more refugees to Idaho or to America for that matter?

Learn more about Chobani and its Kurdish-American founder in Twin Falls, here.

Go here for our HUGE archive on Idaho.

This post is also archived in our relatively new category—Pockets of Resistance.

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Syrians safe in Russia are taking the “opportunity” to slip into Norway to seek asylum

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

This story reminded me of the post we wrote in August about a Syrian woman saying that many Syrians are just “opportunists!”

Here, The Daily Caller reports on a NY Times article about the latest wave of Syrians this time making their way through Russia.

LOL! most likely encouraged by Putin (is he buying the bikes?) because he doesn’t want a huge Muslim population in Russia.

By the way, remember! legitimate asylum seekers are to request asylum in the first safe country they reach.   Asylum law was never intended to promote “asylum shopping” which is exactly what is being encouraged in Europe now where phony refugees are looking for the best deal they can get—Norway in this case!

Staying in Russia is not an option for these Syrians….

I’m guessing this route is going to be closed as the winter sets in!

Daily Caller:

Some Syrians living peacefully in Russia are taking advantage of the migrant crisis to seek asylum in Europe by way of a newly popular route into Norway.

“Syrian citizenship generally confers Refugee status in Europe,” notes Andrew Higgins of The New York Times, in a report about the exploding popularity of a route from Russia into northern Norway. Some Syrians already living in Russia are now using that route to pop across the border and claim asylum they normally might not be granted.

They see the path across the Russian border with Norway as a newly available opportunity for “a better life,” reported the Times. The outpost they’re heading for is 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Continue reading here.

For all of our coverage of the ‘Invasion of Europe’ where our archive extends back several years, click here.


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Allentown, PA a “first tier” city to get mostly Muslim Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015

Meeting tomorrow in Allentown!

Sorry I have to repeat over and over again that the vast majority of the Syrians the US is admitting to the country are Muslims (97%) because many people simply assume we (and these supposedly Christian charities) are helping the truly persecuted Christians.


Pennsylvania citizens should contact Senator Toomey’s office today and voice your concerns. PA is in the top ten states receiving Syrian refugees. Toomey is supposedly for limited government!

See our previous mentions of Allentown where the Mayor signed a letter with 17 other mayors begging Obama for MORE Syrians (100,000 Syrians!).

And, here, where we learned that Syrians have already begun arriving in Allentown (and Pennsylvania generally).

From The Morning Call:

With at least 130 refugees expected to arrive in the Lehigh Valley in the next 12 months, local congregations, organizations and volunteers are wondering how they can help.

Lutheran Children and Family Services, which oversees an Allentown refugee resettlement program, will hold an informational meeting from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to address how individuals, churches and businesses can assist.

The meeting will take place at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, 1993 Hanover Ave., Allentown.


Janet Panning, program director of Lutheran Children and Family Services, anticipates the Allentown resettlement program will take in 130 refugees this fiscal year, 50 to 80 of whom will be from Syria.


Wednesday’s session will include representatives from Muslim, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist and Catholic faiths and a representative from the office of U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.


The Allentown agency, which helps about 100 refugees each year, has been identified as a “first tier” agency, meaning it will be among the first tapped to help relocate the first wave of Syrian refugees, Panning has said.


Those wishing to attend Wednesday’s event can email Panning at

There is more, continue reading here.

If you are from Pennsylvania and cannot make this meeting, you should contact Senator Toomey’s office today and make sure he knows what your feelings are on the matter.  Also, find out who the staff person is who will be attending and make sure he/she knows how you feel.

For new readers!

Be sure to see what Senator Sessions learned here about security screening refugees and see here what the FBI Director said just last week—they cannot be screened.  Be sure Toomey’s staff people know about those two important Senate hearings.

See also my previous post from Florida where a doctor reminds us of the mental health needs of Syrians—ask Toomey who pays for mental health treatment?

And, go here, and start to gather important information on what is happening where you live.

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Florida: Syrian community leader says the state will get 1,000-2,000 Syrians this year; need mental health care

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 13, 2015

He is guessing on the numbers and basing it on the fact that Florida is one of the top states receiving mostly Muslim Syrians so far. We listed the Top Ten states here.  And, we listed all the cities receiving Syrians (so far) here.


Dr. Doured Daghistani says the Syrians will “beef up” the diversity of South Florida.

This is from WLRN (Miami) (I sure hope there are a lot of mental health dollars available in Florida!):

According to the State Department, the six states that have housed the most Syrian refugees so far are Texas, California, Michigan, Illinois, Arizona and Florida.

Dr. Doured Daghistani, a pediatric oncologist and board member of the Syrian American Council of South Florida, says the culture shock endured by Syrian refugees arriving here is unlike any other immigrant experience.

“They’re coming with a big psycho-social burden on them,” said Daghistani.


Last month, President Obama said his administration is preparing to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming budget year. Daghistani said he expects 10-20% of the refugees to relocate to Florida and at least 10% to South Florida.

Recent polls show a majority of Americans are opposed to Obama’s plan, with most believing it poses a threat to national security.


“I think bringing the Syrian refugees here will help the humanitarian issues and will beef up the diversity of South Florida,” Daghistani said.

Syrian American Council of South Florida facebook page is here.

What you can do!

I urge all of you in Florida to visit my post yesterday and contact your state’s resettlement agencies.  You will be asking for a schedule of upcoming “quarterly consultations” and the “FY2016 Abstract” for your city.  Report to me what you find out!

Meeting tomorrow in Orlando

Although not Southern Florida, a reader yesterday told me about a meeting TOMORROW in Orlando.  If you are in the area please attend!

Orlando Area Refugee Task Force Meeting

Event Type:

Public Meeting


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 – 10:00 to 12:00


Florida Department of Transportation
133 S. Semoran Blvd
Orlando Florida 32807
United States

The purpose of this meeting is to increase awareness of the refugee populations, share best practices, spot trends in refugee populations, build collaborations between agencies, help create good communication among service providers, get informed about upcoming community events, and discuss refugee program service needs and possible solutions to meeting those needs.

I’ve been told that the Florida Dept of Children and Families has other PUBLIC meetings on refugees as well, so Floridians need to find out how to be notified of upcoming opportunities around the state.

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Trump doubles down on Syrian refugee “Trojan Horse” comments

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 12, 2015

Here we have the New York Post reporting on 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump (on the Sunday shows) reemphasizing his contention that the Syrian refugee stream to Europe and America could bring ISIS terrorists in with it.

donald serious

Donald Trump: “What she [Merkel] has done to Germany is insane.”

Trump also said he carries a gun from time to time.

Just a reminder, the Syrian stream to America is well underway, 97% are Syrian Muslims.

From the New York Post:

WASHINGTON — It’s “insane” that Chancellor Angela Merkel is allowing so many male Syrian refugees into Germany, Donald Trump said Sunday.

“I’ve been watching this migration. And I see the people. I mean, they’re men, they’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,” Trump said on “Face the Nation.” “What I won’t do is take in 200,000 Syrians who could be ISIS.”

“These are physically young, strong men. They look like prime-time soldiers. Now, it’s probably not true. But where are the women?” the GOP frontrunner wondered.

Merkel has welcomed the flood of mostly Syrian and Afghan refugees with compassion saying it’s her “damned duty” to help those running for their lives. An estimated 800,000 newcomers will arrive in Germany by the year’s end.

“What she’s done in Germany is insane. It’s insane. They’re having all sorts of attacks.”

The Gulf States “who have nothing but money” and others should find a big swath of land in Syria and create a safe zone to harbor families, Trump suggested. The US could help economically, but should limit taking in Syrian refugees because they could be terrorists.

See all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.  And, see what Merkel is doing to Germany, here (“unparalleled historical mistake”).

Update:  Merkel not backing down on original decision to invite Syrian refugees to Germany, here.

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Redlands, CA: Citizens tell mayor—no Syrian or African refugees for us!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 11, 2015

One of the most difficult hurdles we have to overcome is the sheer ignorance of local elected officials about how the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department operates.  Here we have a mayor of a California city saying he has no say about refugees being “sponsored” by a Catholic parish.

Mr. Mayor, they are not “sponsored” by the parish.  The local Catholic Charities is PAID by the US State Department to resettle refugees chosen in Washington (by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the US State Dept) for Redlands.  The least you could do is hold a public forum so that you and the community understand exactly what will be expected of you if some of the large number of Syrian Muslims Obama is admitting to the US will be distributed there.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is asking Obama for 100,000 Syrians for this fiscal year. They will be looking at every town in America for future placements.


Redlands Mayor Paul Foster still think Catholic Charities “sponsors” refugees! Stuck in the Vietnam era, he apparently doesn’t know they are paid by the US State Department (by the head) to resettle refugees.

It only makes sense that Catholic Charities (USCCB) around the country are gearing up to expand their resettlement operations and I urge all of you to start paying attention.

Go here and see exactly which cities have Catholic Charities operating on behalf of the federal government. Redlands is near Los Angeles and you will find this branch of Catholic Charities listed in San Bernardino.

If you suspect a resettlement contractor, like Catholic Charities, is ramping-up where you live, let us know!

Pocket of resistance?

From Redlands Daily Facts:

REDLANDS >> Some members of Redlands Townhall and the Redlands Tea Party Patriots have called on city officials to keep Syrian and African refugees from resettling here.

They asked City Council members Tuesday what their plan will be if the city is asked to resettle some of the 85,000 refugees expected to come to the United States in 2016.

“We are researching the issue and preparing to provide information to the City Council in the near future,” said city spokesman Carl Baker in an email.

Citizens asking questions!  This is what everyone should be doing right now (even before there is a mention of impoverished third worlders being brought to town).

“Where will they be housed? How will their expenses be paid and by whom? And what will be done to ensure the safety of our community? Our biggest concern is the safety of our family, our children and our grandchildren,” Victoria Hargrave of Redlands Townhall said the council on Tuesday.

“The Obama administration would like to bring in 85,000 Syrian refugees into our country in the calendar year that just started on Oct. 1 and they have admitted that they have no database or source of information with which to vet these refugees,” she said. “There are primarily Sunni Muslims. Al-Qaida are Sunni Muslims whose culture and ideology are completely contrary to our Constitution.”

Intelligence officials and Republican lawmakers have expressed concerns that Islamic State militants could seek to slip into Europe or the U.S. posing as migrants.


Myhanh Luu, refugee resettlement service director for Catholic Charities San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, which has assisted refugees from all over the world, said they have not yet heard about the Syrian and African refugees needing resettlement in the Inland Empire.


Mayor Paul Foster said he directed City Manager N. Enrique Martinez to look into the issue. But, he said, it is not the city’s business to tell a parish not to sponsor refugees.

“They certainly would have the right, as they did years ago when we had Laotian and Vietnamese refugees and Cambodian refugees,” Foster said. “Groups all over the country brought refugees in, primarily through faith-based organizations and churches themselves and sponsored them and helped them reestablish their lives in our country.  [The mayor is 35 years behind the times! That is not how refugees are distributed today!—ed]

“I certainly don’t see that as being something local municipal governments should be out there opposing or fighting in any way or telling them what they should be doing.”

Citizens need to disabuse this mayor and others like him of this notion—it is most definitely his job to protect his community from economic, cultural and security stress!  I’m sure the federal government would be happy to run his town!

Go here for more on Pockets of Resistance (we have a relatively new category to archive your activities).

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Republican Governor Snyder welcomes Syrians to Michigan; Arab activists want more welfare

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 11, 2015

We’ve written about Gov. Snyder and his plan to re-populate Detroit with 50,000(!) Syrians, but where does he expect 50,000 (or even 5,000) to work, or will they just bring federal welfare dollars to the city?

Here is the latest from the The Detroit News (hat tip: Joanne).  Emphasis is mine.

Haifa Fakhouri

Does Ms. Fakhouri understand that the vast majority of the Syrians she is advocating (for Michigan) will be Muslims?

Michigan, already home to one of the largest communities of Syrian immigrants in the nation, can expect even more in the coming months as lawmakers warm up to the idea of welcoming more people from the war-torn country.


The prospect of accepting the migrants has support in Michigan, where about 4,000 refugees were resettled last year, with more than half of those from Iraq, according to data from the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement within the Department of Health & Human Services.

“Gov. Snyder believes Michigan should be a welcoming state,” said Dave Murray, spokesman for Gov. Rick Snyder. “We are open to working with the federal government to see if there is a role that Michigan can play with this issue.”

It’s unclear how many Syrian refugees could end up living in Michigan. Resettlement inside the U.S. is influenced by several factors, including whether the refugee has relatives living in the U.S. already, and the capacity of the resettlement agencies in local communities to handle individual or special casesand languages spoken.

“Each state also has the ability to comment on the capacity of the agencies and the communities in which they propose to place refugees,” said Danna Van Brandt, an adviser for the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration within the State Department.

Liar, liar pants on fire!

It is absolutely NOT true Ms. Van Brandt that each state has the ability to comment on the capacity for the communities to handle more refugees, as all of you working in ‘pockets of resistance’ can attest.  If they consult at all, they consult only with ‘friendlies’ like Gov. Snyder!

More welfare please!

The Detroit News continued with, get this, they want more welfare for Michigan refugees!  This when we already know ,thanks to the work of Senator Sessions’ office, that Middle Easterners (Muslims and Christians) are gobbling welfare at a higher rate than other refugees.

Activists in Metro Detroit’s Arab community are pushing for the federal government to offer more aid to refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

“We’ve seen refugees coming here from the Middle East for the last 36 years,” said Haifa Fakhouri, president, CEO and founder of the Arab American and Chaldean Council….


The Arab American and Chaldean council is helping refugees through programs run by the United Nations, Catholic Relief Services and through efforts by churches and mosques, Fakhouri said.

Someone please do an economic study to counter the idea that refugees bring boom times to dying cities!

Logic tells us that that is simply impossible.  Leave out the welfare dollars, the special loans for start-up refugee businesses, and money for HUD housing (coming from Washington, from taxpayers!) and then do the study!  Be sure to factor in the remittances leaving the US permanently as refugees send money “home.” 

Finally a clever reporter notices!

Every time you hear about how we have to help Europe out of its crisis remember that the vast majority of our Syrian refugees are chosen by the UN from UN camps, and here we see that 15,000 are in the pipeline from UN camps (previously we were told 17,000).  Whether it’s 15,000 or 17,000 that is still over the 10,000 Obama says we will take in FY2016 (which got underway on Oct. 1).

Does Ms. Fakhouri understand that 97% of the Syrians who came through the Refugee Admissions Program so far are Muslims!

The Detroit News:

The refugees from Syria would be people who are already in the pipeline and waiting to be let into the United States, not the thousands working their way through eastern Europe and landing in Greece. It was not immediately clear how admitting a larger number of Syrian refugees who are in the processing pipeline would help alleviate the crisis that European countries are grappling with.

About 15,000 Syrians are waiting for the clearance process to conclude, according to the State Department.

There is much more including a list of Michigan elected officials for and against the Governor’s wish to bring ’em in!  Continue reading here.

By the way, back in 2008, the US State Department slowed the flow to Michigan as the state was overwhelmed with welfare-gobbling refugees, so what changed their minds?

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Dutch citizens riot! Won’t stand by and watch cultural suicide!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 10, 2015

Invasion of Europe news…..

Geert Wilders is right, Europe is being invaded and it looks like the average Dutchman is going to stand and fight.  The latest riot is over the Dutch government’s decision to give housing to refugees before Dutch citizens.  Here Wilders warns the Dutch Parliament about the Hijra—the Islamic migration to Europe.




Here is news from Michael van der Galien writing at Pajamas Media yesterday (hat tip: Judy):

Hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed refugees from the Middle East (many of them are actually gold diggers who are coming to Europa in order to live off the government’s dime) have arrived in Europe in recent months. This mass exodus out of especially Syria has been partially fueled by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s promise that her country would take in all the refugees it had to take in.

The only problem? She got more than she bargained for. Much more. And the same goes for the rest of Europe.

In fact, so many “refugees” have made their way to the Old Continent that West European governments are having a hard time dealing with them. In the Netherlands alone, refugee centers are overwhelmed. As a result, the Dutch government has now announced that many refugees with a residence permit will be moved into normal homes. This means that these newly arrived immigrants will live in houses originally meant for Dutch citizens. The latter may have been waiting on waiting lists for years, but to no avail; refugees are given priority.

Read it all, it is quite extraordinary!

And, btw, refugees in America are gobbling up government subsidized housing at a rapid rate leaving low income Americans and the disabled on long waiting lists for help.

For all of our posts on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ go here.


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Maryland Senators want more Syrians resettled in the state; seek to streamline security screening

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 9, 2015

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.: Let's spend more taxpayer dollars to bring in more Syrians more quickly

Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md. and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.: Let’s spend more taxpayer dollars to bring in more Syrians more quickly!

We are always reporting on other states, but we mustn’t forget our home state of Maryland!  Although, as Maryland readers will attest, this is not exactly earth-shattering news!

Here the Baltimore Sun reports on efforts by Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski to obtain more funding to speed up the resettlement of mostly Muslim Syrians to the US and to Maryland.

And, although it is at the end, Sun reporter, Ian Duncan, does tell us that the Sessions’ hearing last week revealed that thorough security screening of Syrians is virtually impossible.

Maryland’s senators are seeking ways the U.S. government can do more to aid Syrian refugees, joining other officials in the search for a balance between the humanitarian urge to help those who are suffering and the security concerns of admitting masses of people to the United States from a region that has been cracked apart by terrorism.

Sen. Ben Cardin called this week for more funding to process refugee applications, and Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski has asked homeland security officials how better technology could speed the vetting process.


About 7,000 refugees from around the world were resettled in Maryland from October 2008 through September 2013, according to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement. The Baltimore office of the nonprofit International Rescue Committee had found homes for 26 Syrians this year through mid-September.

Cardin urged the Senate Appropriations Committee to boost funding for the agencies involved.

“We must support funding to significantly increase the number of refugees screened and admitted into the United States,” Cardin and other Democrats wrote in a letter to the panel’s leaders.

Although it is at the very end of his story, the reporter does mention the important hearing held by Senator Jeff Sessions last week.

The process is also colored by concerns that the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria could try to sneak operatives posing as refugees into the United States.

At a recent hearing, Sen. Jeff Sessions questioned whether immigration officials know enough about individual candidates to determine who might pose a national security risk.

“We have little or no information about who the people are, no background information, no ability to determine whether they are radicalized now or might become radicalized after their arrival in the United States,” the Alabama Republican said.

More here.

Adding Muslim diversity to Baltimore!

Be sure to check out some recent posts on refugee resettlement to Baltimore here and here.  An Islamic charity affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘helping’ refugees resettle in Maryland.  I wonder if they assist ol’ Ben and Babs with a little campaign help as well, just as CAIR is doing in CT, here, for another Democrat Senator.

Where is Governor Hogan on all of this? Does anyone know?

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Coeur d’Alene, Idaho newspaper confirms it: No refugees to be resettled in Northern Idaho (“right now”)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 9, 2015

However, the state refugee coordinator, Jan Reeves, while suggesting Northern Idahoans are too hostile to accept refugees, confirms that Syrian refugees will be resettled in Twin Falls.

Last week we heard a rumor that refugees were going to be resettled in Coeur d’Alene and/or St. Marie’s, Idaho and our story reached thousands and thousands of readers, see the original story here.

Then we heard from the Director of the World Relief office in nearby Spokane, Washington who told us that there were no plans to resettle refugees across the state line, but they were only looking for donations and volunteer help.  See our follow-up post here.

Reeves and Johnson

That is Jan Reeves on the right with Holly Johnson of Tennessee (left) they decide for Idaho and for Tennessee (along with the US State Department) who gets resettled in their states with virtually zero input from elected officials in their Wilson-Fish states. In 2013, Obama chose Reeves as a “champion of change.”

It is not the purpose of this post today to discuss the donated stuff, but you should know that the ‘stuff’ (even junky donations) are counted as cash by the federal government for the purpose of demonstrating that the non-profit group was adding its share to the pot of money that is used for the refugees and for the agency’s salaries and overhead.

Also, volunteer hours are tracked and a dollar value is placed on them also for the purpose of ‘matching’ federal dollars.  But, I digress.

Now thanks to some good sleuthing by Jeff Selle, at the CDA, we learn this (below) from Mr. Reeves (Reeves is largely responsible, along with the UN/US State Department, for determining who comes to Idaho, a Wilson-Fish state, with no Idaho state government input!).  (Emphasis below is mine.)

Jan Reeves, director of the Idaho State Office of Refugees, confirmed what Kadel said.

[The Idaho State Office of Refugees, Jannus Inc, is a non-profit group, NOT an office of the state government. Kadel is the Director of World Relief Spokane—ed]

“I talked with Mark about this a couple of days ago,” Reeves said. “The last thing I would recommend is settling refugees in a community that doesn’t support them. Considering the (political) climate in North Idaho, we would not resettle refugees there.”

Reeves said the very notion that his office or the World Relief organization would clandestinely try to create a resettlement community is absurd.

Reeves may not “clandestinely” resettle refugees in Idaho, but I assure you that the taxpaying citizens of towns being chosen across the country are the last to learn (usually when refugees have already arrived in town!) the news.

“It isn’t done secretly by the dark forces of government,” he said. “In fact, it is a fairly long process.” [What is a “fairly” open process? How about a completely open process!—ed]

Reeves said North Idaho doesn’t have the service necessary to support a large number of refugees. He said the only two Idaho cities that will receive the Syrian refugees are Boise and Twin Falls.

He said Boise took 35 Syrian refugees this year, which amounted to seven or eight families.

“I do expect we will see more Syrians in Boise this year,” Reeves said, adding he is not sure how many they will take because those decisions are still being made in Washington, D.C.

“In about a month we should know much more,” he said, adding they are deciding how to distribute a total of 85,000 refugees among nine resettlement agencies and 200 resettlement communities.

There is much more, continue reading here.  Be sure to see the many comments!

You need to know that in 2013 the White House chose Jan Reeves to receive its ‘Champions of Change’ award, here.  Jannus Inc. was formerly Mountain States Group which I discussed here a little bit at the end of this post.  Remember, Obama is changing America by changing the people!

My recommendation for Idaho patriots, especially those who have dodged a bullet for now in N. Idaho, you need to persuade your state legislature to take action and GET RID OF THE WILSON-FISH program in your state.  Tell them to take control back from an un-elected non-profit group!

By the way, point out to your state and federal legislators that Montana and Wyoming take ZERO refugees.  See map here.

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