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Sweden is rape capital of the world

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who sent this important report from the Gatestone Institute which defines very clearly how the multicultural experiment in the socialists’ dream land—Sweden—has gone very wrong.  And, it isn’t just Islamophobes making the case, here is an incredible graph from the United Nations.




Go here for our complete archive on Sweden where we have been making the case for years that the country is the immigration ‘canary in the coal mine’ for the West.  Don’t miss ‘UN calls Sweden ‘Afrophobic’!

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Illinois sexual assault allegations against revered Imam reveal insularity of some US Muslim immigrant communities

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 15, 2015

….but maybe times are changing!

***Update*** February 16th: the Imam has left the country!  (at Creeping Sharia)

This is a long story in the New York Times that you should have a look at.  The Islamic school, where the sexual abuse is said to have occurred, is described as having a “fundamentalist” orientation.

ELGIN, Ill. — Ordinarily, she never wore a veil. But it was required at the Islamic school where she worked, and she remembers being surprised when the head of the school, a conservative imam, suggested that she remove it and reveal her face.

Mohammad Abdullah Saleem

When the imam, Mohammad Abdullah Saleem, came into the office where she worked, she said, he would sometimes touch her cheek or put an arm around her shoulder. Mr. Saleem was revered in her close-knit community, and she did not object at first. But simply being alone together represented a forbidden intimacy, and looking back, she said those first gestures should have been more alarming.

“It’s not something that gets done,” the 23-year-old woman said recently. “Men and women don’t even shake hands.”

Over time, she said the touching became more aggressive, reaching a point that she did something almost unheard-of in her community. She told people: her family, a social worker, an Islamic scholar. Recently, she went to the police. As word spread of what she had told them, three other women came forward, telling detectives that as young girls they had been molested by Mr. Saleem.


The accusations are particularly jarring because of Mr. Saleem’s stature. “In the South Asian community, he is like Billy Graham. He’s the archbishop of Chicago,” said Omer Mozaffar, an Islamic scholar who serves as the Muslim chaplain at Loyola University Chicago and who acted as a mediator between Mr. Saleem and his first accuser last year.

Three cheers for the brave women who have stepped forward with information.

There is a lot more about this diversity is beautiful (not!) news, here.

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Bowling Green, KY Iraqi Interpreter: A Publicity Hound Dog (and much more)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 10, 2015

Editor:  This is another contribution from our premier crime investigator ‘Pungentpeppers.’  Regular followers of RRW know that Bowling Green has long been a hot resettlement site for third world refugees.  We have reported on many occasions about what is happening to Senator Rand Paul’s home town ranging from third world refugees being placed in slum buildings and left to themselves to those two Iraqi refugee terrorists caught and convicted there a couple of years ago. (Our lengthy Bowling Green archive is here and our even lengthier archive on Kentucky is here.)

If a Senator can’t even save his home town, how can we expect him to save America?

Bowling Green Interpreter: A Publicity Hound Dog

This story recalls for me an old Elvis Presley hit, “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time.” Elvis could have been singing about the villain of our piece – an Iraqi interpreter gone bad.

The hound dog—Ayoob Akteyarlee—from his facebook page.

The news usually reports on how Afghan and Iraqi interpreters deserve to come to America – after all, didn’t they help our military in two wars? The U.S. Government though doesn’t seem so gung ho on bringing all of them here; it makes them wait up to four years.

Interpreters are becoming impatient – a group of them staged a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul a few months ago. Why the foot dragging? Do Government officials understand something that the ever-trusting American public does not? Although the Government’s reason for the holdup on visas is ostensibly security concerns, there has to be more to it.

Afghanistan and Iraq are traditional, Islamic, and mostly tribal societies. Their people have values, ideals and a way of life that are vastly different from ours. Some of the interpreters were uneducated bazaar boys or vendors who sold wares on the streets – all they understand is their traditional society.

The specter of Bacha Bazi is a concern. Will they respect our laws is another. And how about our women – will they respect them? Per author Diana West who is an expert on Muslim immigration, a horrific rape case, known as “one of the worst in Colorado history”, involved five men who brought with them from Iraq a “new” form of violence.

The final question – relevant to our piece – will they harm our children? Certainly some of the interpreters can bridge the enormous cultural gap and become productive and law-abiding U.S. citizens. But others will do us harm – today’s story is about one of them.

Bowling Green Discovers A Publicity Hound With A Dramatic Flair

An Iraqi interpreter named “Ayoob” received a special interpreter visa and settled in pleasant Bowling Green, Kentucky. This man – who also calls himself “Joe” – shows a narcissistic pride in his appearance. Not shy in front of the press, he has appeared in the Bowling Green Daily News at least three times. You can take a look at his publicity photo here. He’s wearing his trademark head-topper tuft.

Something about Ayoob – or Joe – doesn’t seem quite right. Prone to exaggeration, he resembles a male “Drama Queen”.

Akteyarlee was featured in a June 2013 article about the joys of diversity at the Bowling Green Islamic Center. Photo and story:

In June 2013, Ayoob was featured in one of the Bowling Green Daily Newss golly gee diversity pieces. The article touted that Bowling Green’s Muslim population comes from more than 20 different countries. By and large, the Muslims interviewed for the piece said they felt at ease in Bowling Green. There was a dissenting voice – that of Ayoob Joe:

Ayoob Akteyarlee worked as an Iraqi interpreter for the U.S. military and is now living in Bowling Green through a Special Immigrant Visa, which was granted to him after he received a number of death threats and several assassination attempts from terrorist groups in Iraq.

Akteyarlee told the Daily News in April he has been the target of racial slurs since coming to the U.S.

“Some people say ‘Go back to your country, you terrorist,’ ” he said. “We served the United States for five years, why are they telling me to go back to my country?”

“I hate that word,” Akteyarlee said about being called a terrorist. “It feels so bad.”

What he alleges, may have happened. Two Iraqi terrorists were, after all, found to be living in Bowling Green, and maybe he ran across a Kentuckian with a grudge. Or perhaps, those Iraqi guys when they hang out together look sort of strange to the locals. I’m sorry his feelings were so badly hurt. But I wonder whether – like a well-known news anchor we’ve been hearing about – Ayoob Joe exaggerated?

In a prior press appearance, on February 2, 2013, Ayoob Joe made the lead in a story about immigrants struggling to pass the driver’s exam:

He has been driving a car since he was 13 years old in Iraq but never had to get a driver’s license.

Iraqi laws didn’t require drivers to have a license until about two years ago, when new laws were implemented, Iraqi immigrant Ayoob Akteyarlee, 24, said.

Akteyarlee has failed his permit test six times since he’s been in Bowling Green, having taken the test four times in Arabic and twice in English.

On Friday, Akteyarlee and 11 other participants got to review U.S. driving laws, including how to identify traffic signals and traffic signs, right-of-way laws and proper use of lanes, at the National Corvette Museum.

Ayoob Joe couldn’t pass on six tries?! He doesn’t sound very smart. Or, seeking sympathy again, perhaps he exaggerated a bit?

The way Ayoob tells his age is puzzling and gives insight as to his character. For the early February 2013 piece, he told the Daily News he was 24. In an April interview, he said he was 25. That makes sense if someone is born on February 12 – in 1988. However, two unrelated sources give Ayoob’s year of birth as one year earlier – 1987.[Here’s one – link here to ICE hold PDF]

Arabs usually say they are older than they are, because they count the year they are entering (e.g., his “26th year”). Ayoob did the opposite. Maybe he fudged his age. Not a big deal, women do it all of the time. But coming on top of his other odd quirks, I get the uneasy feeling this guy is not to be trusted.

The Fall: “They said you was high classed, well, that was just a lie”

Ayoob One

Ayoob enjoyed cruising around Kentucky. He got around enough to find himself a wife. Maybe the bride got “lucky” in that the whole marriage thing blew up so quickly, before Ayoob could do more damage.

The couple married in Warren County, Kentucky, in January 2014. A few months later they were in Austin, Texas. Maybe I’m too suspicious, but did Ayoob find out Texas is a community property state? At any rate, Texas is where Ayoob Joe’s first known mugshot appeared.

He was booked on 4/8/14 for “ASSAULT CAUSES BODILY INJURY FAMILY MEMBER”. That means domestic violence.

A few months later, Ayoob was back in Kentucky. We know this because on 8/1/14 he got himself a new mugshot.

He was picked up as a fugitive from justice and enjoyed a taxpayer-paid stay in the Warren County jail.

A few weeks later, Ayoob made an encore presentation on the Texas mugshot list.

Ayoob Three jpg

On 8/19/14 he was charged with “AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD”. “AGG” stands for “aggravated”. That’s only part of it. On the Travis County, Texas, criminal case log, it’s described as “continuous”. Per Texas code Sec. 21.02, I take that to mean he is accused of assaulting the victim at least twice, and the child is younger than 14.

According to the case log, his next court date, in Austin, for the two separate cases – domestic assault and sexual assault – will be on February 17.  Ayoob Akteyarlee will be 28 – for real.

Will the Bowling Green Daily News report on how Ayoob turned out? They might. Bowling Green has had a stew of diversity crime cases of late.

That hound dog, he “ain’t no friend of mine”!

Editor:  For youngsters, click here.  And for oldsters—smile!

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A half a million girls in immigrant/refugee households in US at risk for genital mutilation

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 6, 2015

The number has jumped dramatically as Muslim refugees have entered the US from Somalia, Ethiopia and to a lesser degree Egypt.  The horrific practice has been illegal in the US for nearly 20 years!

This map is incredible since it almost state-for-state matches the highest refugee resettlement states in the US!




From the Los Angeles Times (thanks to Judy).  Emphasis is mine:

Nearly 507,000 women and girls in the United States could be at risk of female genital excision, including 57,000 in California, a new study has found.

That is more than twice the number that were thought to be at risk in 2000, the last year for which estimates are available.

Analysts at the Population Reference Bureau, a nonprofit research organization in Washington, attributed the preliminary findings released Friday to an increase in immigration [REFUGEES—ed] from countries where the practice is common, including Egypt, Ethiopia and Somalia.

It is unclear how many families continue the practice after moving to the U.S., but community activists say there is anecdotal evidence of girls being sent back to their parents’ home countries for “vacation cutting” and of traditional cutters traveling to the U.S. to circumcise girls in this country.

To estimate the number who may have undergone the procedure or be at risk, the research group used data collected by the Census Bureau for the 2013 American Community Survey to determine the number of women and girls whose families originate in countries where female genital excision is practiced. It then applied the prevalence rates in those countries to the numbers in the U.S.

The methodology is similar to that used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in a study that found about 168,000 women and girls were at risk of genital excision in the U.S. in 1990, said Mark Mather, the group’s associate vice president for U.S. programs.


California is the state with the highest at-risk population, followed by New York (48,000) and Minnesota (44,000), the Population Reference Bureau found.  [We know that Minnesota has the highest Somali population in the US—ed]

Continue reading here…..

Isn’t diversity beautiful!

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Murdered His Wife While Koran Played, Update

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 5, 2015

Editor: This is an update from ‘Pungentpeppers’ on that horrific case of a refugee in the UK who tortured and murdered his wife.  For new readers, our first post may be found by clicking here.

 Murdered His Wife While Koran Played, Update

Sara Al Shourefi died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to her head and body.


This is an update to a murder trial story we presented earlier involving a family of refugees from Kuwait who had settled in Sheffield, England. The murderer had four wives; while he was murdering his second wife, he played the Koran at high blast and made travel arrangements for a Hajj to Mecca!

Per the prior post, Thahi Harroba Manaa, 37, pleaded guilty with diminished capacity (i.e., insanity) to the unbelievably horrific murder-by-torture of his second wife, Sara Al Shourefi, 28. His mother was at the property during the 105-minute attack but did not call for help. Nor did the neighbors who heard Sara screaming.

Per “The Star” news, the murderer’s sister testified that he had a long history of mental problems. Sometimes he was normal and loving; but, at other times, he acted like a different person and talked of conspiracies. He was suspicious of “everything and everyone”.

The wife, Sara, had told her she was frightened of Manaa, who beat her and tore out clumps of her hair for trivial things, such as the house was not clean. In the months before the murder, Manaa had cut himself off from family (but not the mother presumably) and took Sara’s mobile phone away from her.

Dr. Rameesh Puri, a forensic psychiatrist, testified that Manaa had all the symptoms of schizophrenia at the time of the attack. His behavior was typical of someone who had “lost contact with reality”. For example, he called his own son a “one-eyed Satan” because he became convinced the child was not his.

“An ‘evil’ husband left a screwdriver embedded in his wife’s eye after torturing and killing her in a sadistic attack.”

Manaa’s four marriages were “characterised by morbid jealousy”. He divorced his first wife because of delusions she was having an affair with his brother. He divorced his wife Nadia over the telephone because he thought she was unfaithful. [There was another wife named “Kholoud” whom he married when Sara was pregnant for the first time.]

Sara, Manaa’s second wife – the murder victim, was so desperate to prove she was not having an affair she offered to go to Mecca with her husband to plead her innocence, but Manaa wanted to go on his own first in case she had called ahead to have him arrested. [It’s not clear why he feared arrest. Sara, cut off from society, had no one to tell her that you cannot reason with “crazy”. She believed it was “not culturally right to speak to the police or medical professionals against her husband”. Thus, she suffered years of abuse in silence.]

On Monday, the jury at Sheffield Crown Court found Manaa guilty of murder. At the end of the trial, Sara’s surviving sister said, “Our parents are also suffering terribly, they believed Sara had come to the UK for a better life, they are distraught.” She added, “I am pleased that Thahi (the murderer) has not managed to trick anyone, not only will he be punished by God but he will spend a very long time in prison.” The sentencing will be at a later date.


Editor’s note: So what does the British taxpayer get for his/her generosity and kindness in welcoming this man to live among them?  They get to pay for his incarceration for life (assuming they don’t ever let him out!) and will most likely also financially support the children.

For further reading:

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Part Three: A Culturally Clever, Bacha Bazi Predator

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2015

Editor:  This series of guest columns by ‘Pungentpeppers’ about refugees who are also child predators has been wildly popular.  Part II went through the roof yesterday via facebook.  Below is the next installment as we pick up the story of perhaps Australia’s most infamous pedophile.  (You may want to read Part I  first about America’s own Bacha Bazi predator.)

Part Three: A Culturally Clever, Bacha Bazi Predator

In Part Two — It’s May 2014. Child predator Omid Roshan sits behind bars, but Ali Jaffari is roaming free. Melbourne residents report sightings of the Afghan sex offender. He seems to be everywhere! The public is on high alert.

Afghan men do not think of women as sex objects, how could they when the women are covered. Woe to the young boys. Photo:

“Jaffari should not be on the streets,” child protection activists agree. But amid calls for his deportation, one Melbourne-area activist is concerned that, if Australia deports him, Jaffari will harm children in his home country. She says, “We can’t let child abuse travel.” (See the Herald Sun, here).

But child abuse has already traveled — from Afghanistan to Australia.

Bacha Bazi, or sexual abuse of boys, introduced in Part One of this series, is pervasive and culturally accepted in Afghanistan. The country has more pedophiles per capita than any other place on earth. It has been going on there for centuries, and is so ingrained that Afghan men do not think of women as sex objects. After all, “How can you fall in love with a woman if you can’t see her face?!”

The abusive practice is most common among Pashtuns – perhaps as many as 50% of Pashtun men take boys for lovers – but it is also prevalent among other Afghan ethnic populations, including the groups to which our two featured sex offenders belong. Omid Roshan is likely a Tajik; while Ali Jaffari is a Hazara.

Jaffari is not the naive and innocent bumpkin he pretends to be…

The widespread acceptance of Bacha Bazi in his country may have given Ali Jaffari the idea that he could exploit his cultural background to evade punishment for misbehaving in Australia. Thus, after his arrest for molesting the boys in the pool, two months later he feigns innocence and disingenuously tells police in Geelong, as he is stopped after trying to kidnap the little girl: “for us is not an issue”.

Jaffari is not the naive and innocent bumpkin he pretends to be, albeit he grew up poor and uneducated in a rural part of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province. After his father was shot dead in 2003 (Jaffari was in his mid-20’s), his family fled to Pakistan. Although the odds were stacked against him, Jaffari found opportunity and exploited it to personal advantage. Motivated to travel to Indonesia, he collected the immense sum demanded by smugglers to pay for passage by boat to Australia – no small feat. During 15 months of detention, Jaffari learned the stratagems required to win permanent asylum and benefits from the Australians – and was successful.

Given his past wins at the Australian game, it’s no surprise that during the long intervals between arrests and court appearances, the ever resourceful Ali Jaffari devises his “cultural” strategy. And the Australian magistrates, oh so understanding and wanting to be culturally aware, lap up Jaffari’s concocted tale of innocence, deprivation and loneliness — and so they fail to lock up the conniving predator who had the audacity to frighten a woman and her children by following them through a park at night, making noises and touching himself.

Will the courts finally stop Jaffari? Or will the government step in?

And why won’t the Afghans stop the hideous practices that bring shame to their nation? Does the reason have something to do with Islam?

More to come, in Part Four!

For the above photo of Jaffari:

Here is more reading on Bacha Bazi:
Pervasiveness of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan

“Stop Enabling Pedophilia”

“Afghanistan’s Dirty Little Secret”

“Bacha Bazi: An Afghan Tragedy”

U.S. State Department calls child abuse “endemic”, child sexual abuse “pervasive”, and notes most child sexual abusers are “not arrested.”
“Afghanistan Executive Summary”

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Iranian refugee in Sydney: Had Problem With the “Revealing Garments” of Australian Women

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 25, 2015

Editor:  Moving on from Africa (here and here) this morning, here is another excellent news analysis from ‘Pungentpeppers:’



A distressingly large number of sexual assault cases have been coming up in my internet news searches. The perpetrators are mostly Muslim Middle Eastern men. Some are refugees or asylum seekers. Some are well educated. However, all appear incapable of adapting to our Western society and mores. These men, in committing their crimes, may be acting on impulses rooted within their own religion and culture and upbringing – and doing irreparable harm to our citizens. Here is one such case.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran women must be covered by law. Even in the middle of summer, women wear the jet black veil called the chador in order to “protect” themselves from attack by lustful males. Uncovered Western women are portrayed as whores. Such was the society where Amir Mohebbifar, age 27, was raised. His name in Persian has a nice and pleasant meaning: “Prince of the Lover’s Light”. However, his behavior once he reached Sydney, Australia, was horrid and despicable.

Mohebbifar left Iran purportedly out of concern for himself and his girlfriend. Although he was university educated and came from a middle class family, the girl’s parents did not approve of their relationship, and he was afraid they would harm her or him. He left the girlfriend behind and joined the flood of other migrants who were traveling to Australia on smuggling boats. He arrived to Australia’s Christmas Island in March of 2013 and received a bridging visa. [At that time – not having had enough experience with Middle Eastern asylum seekers – Australia was still handing out “bridging visas”, or temporary permission to stay in the country, to migrants who arrived by boat. The practice has since been stopped.]

In Australia, Mohebbifar was increasingly out of his element. Frustrated and bored, he felt excluded, depressed and socially isolated since he did not know, and could not know, how to make friends in Australian society. He also had issues with the way Australian women dressed.

Last January (it was summer in Australia), Mohebbifar, having finished most of a bottle of whiskey, saw a 19-year-old woman headed home late at night on a pathway leading to Sydney’s Anzac Bridge. He approached her in his drunken state and asked, “Hi, are you walking home?” The young woman refused to make eye contact and walked fast to try and remove herself from the situation. She thought she had lost him, when she heard footsteps as he ran up to her and grabbed her. He then attacked her and dragged her off the path and into the bushes, where he sexually assaulted her while she was kicking and screaming and fighting and biting him. His attack lasted some 20 minutes when he suddenly stopped and started walking away. The girl called triple-zero (the equivalent to our 911) and he ran. Police arrived and, using CCTV footage, located Mohebbifar hiding under a car and sweating profusely.

Last July, Mohebbifar pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated sexual assault. The charges of sexual intercourse without consent and indecent assault were withdrawn. Sentencing was last week.

Mohebbifar told the court he had found it difficult to “adjust” to Australian women’s “revealing garments” but had been taught to “respect people”. In sentencing him, Judge Donna Woodburne said Mohebbifar had preyed on a vulnerable young woman who was simply trying to get home. “To be accosted, seized and dragged off the street by a complete stranger must have been terrifying.” She added, “She was doing nothing more than peacefully going about her business walking along public streets to go home.” “There’s a gap between the concern he felt for his Iranian girlfriend and the utter lack of concern he felt for the welfare, safety and security of his 19-year-old victim,” the judge said.

Mohebbifar trembled and cried throughout the sentencing. He was sentenced to a maximum term of eight years, and will be eligible for parole in January 2020.

He should never have left Iran!

For more on the story here are several links to the news:

Daniel Greenfield writing at Frontpage magazine weighed in on the story here also:

For our ever expanding archive on Australia, go here.   Remember that the Sydney coffee-shop terrorist was also an Iranian refugee.

By the way, the US has taken a lot of Iranian refugees in recent years and I assumed most were religious minorities.  I think I had better do a little research on how many are Muslims.

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Europe’s problems with Muslim migration and Islamic terrorism keep the news media hopping

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 20, 2015

Invasion of Europe news……


First anti-Islam march in the Czech Republic last Friday. Photo: AP Photo/Petr David Josek

There is so much news now coming out of Europe, I couldn’t possibly post individually on each item (I originally had about 5 or 6 stories).  The next best thing is to give you just a taste of what is happening with this round-up.  Thanks to several regular readers who sent these stories, and special thanks to ‘Pungentpeppers’ for sending a whole bunch more this morning.

Think about it, all of these hot news stories have some connection with migrants and ‘refugees’!


We reported that PEGIDA was shut down in Dresden this week (here), but marches went on in other cities.  The PEGIDA marchers were far-outnumbered by those who want more Muslim immigration to Germany, here at the UK Telegraph.

Czech Republic

Czechs grapple with Islam and Syrian refugee issue, here at Deutsch Welle.  And, hundreds rally in Prague against Islam, here.


Denmark holds first PEGIDA (anti-Islamification) rally.  News at France


Authorities will not release three Iraqis detained some time ago claiming that they were developing a terror plot for the Islamic State at


Blogger says it was a Somali Muslim who hacked two non-Muslims to death with an ax from End Times Trumpet.  Also, police monitor social media for anti-immigrant sentiment in wake of slaughter, here.


Fear in Sweden as unaccompanied minors (most likely teenaged boys) flood into Sweden.  See the news at The Local.


Belgium deploys troops in the streets and Greece arrests four in foiled plot from SkyNews.  Migrants and asylum seekers plan their own march from Brussels to Antwerp in February, here.


In Perugia, a group of five migrants kicked a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, broke it to pieces, and then urinated on it (Israel News).  More details here if you read Italian.


Spanish police have arrested two Cameroonian migrants who killed as many as 10 people by pushing them off a boat full of migrants that was caught in bad weather as it was headed towards Spain. The killers believed that a Nigerian priest on board caused the stormy seas.  More at Euro Weekly News.

Check it out, France takes the prize for the most fighters it has supplied to the jihadists in Iraq and Syria! Consequently it may have the most coming home to show off their new skills.


Incredibly, the New York Times allows Marine Le Pen to tell her story.  And, in Calais about 150 illegal migrants were overcome by fumes from a fire they started, here, in French.


Prime Minister says Hungary is a Christian nation and immigration to the EU must be slowed at


Around 200 failed asylum seekers will be evicted from garage they have been occupying (Dutch News).


Poland has set up refugee camps to accept around 180 refugees from the Ukraine who are of Polish descent, from the Aviationist. Poland doesn’t have much of an Islam problem (yet).


We have a lot of posts on Bulgaria here at RRW.  Looks like they are continuing their fence along the Turkish border in hopes of reducing the migrant flow out of Turkey at Yahoo.News.


In addition to the wife torture/murder ‘Pungentpeppers’ reported on the other day, here is another ‘religion of peace’ adherent wife killer, Naveed Ahmed, who pleaded guilty to chopping off his wife’s head last year, from the UK Daily Mail.

It sure would be one ol’ boring Europe over there if it weren’t for all the Muslim refugees and asylum seekers producing newsworthy excitement.

Our archive on the Invasion of Europe is here.

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Washington Post does the warm and fuzzy Syrian refugee story, so what else would you expect?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 4, 2015

Reporter Julie Zauzmer does the stereotypical report on a Syrian family in fear of Assad who have just managed to be in the first batch of Syrians “welcomed” to America.

You can read the lengthy early paragraphs about the family’s long ordeal until they were rescued by America (through the UN), by the US State Department and by the State Department’s resettlement contractor Catholic Charities all geared to get your mind right before we get to the all important question—how are these people going to make it in America without enormous taxpayer support?  He was a journalist who can’t speak English, she a hairdresser who can’t speak English.

Anne Richard Asst. Secretary of State (left) and Antonio Guterres (UNHCR): We take those that the UN sends us and run this whole program on a shoestring (over $1 billion a year) budget!

Washington Post (emphasis is mine):

The State Department has promised that the United States will take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next two years.  [Seems to me she said 10,000 annually here—so what is the truth?—ed]


The United States takes in a set number of refugees — 70,000 a year — no matter what troubled part of the world they come from.

The UN picks our refugees!

Candidates for resettlement are nominated by the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, then interviewed by State Department officials. The rigorous process involves a background check, review of any documents the refugees can provide to prove their lives are at risk and numerous interviews to make sure the refugees’ accounts of their hardships remain consistent.

“Their stories have to hold water. They can’t be dishonest or criminals or would-be terrorists,” said Anne Richard, the assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration.  [She assumes they never lie, but she knows better.  We have admitted terrorists through the refugee program.—ed]

One reason they got in, the teenage daughters were candidates for sexual assault (in a Muslim country, but they never say that).

US State Department Daniel Langenkamp: The vulnerable teenaged girls in the family helped move them up the list. Photo:

In the Smaisems’ case, State Department spokesman Daniel Langenkamp said that the specific threat against Khaled, as well as the fact that the family had two teenage daughters in an environment known for its sexual-assault hazard, may have contributed to moving them up the list.

Richard said that 105 Syrians were resettled in the United States in fiscal 2014. In fiscal 2015, which began on Oct. 1, 112 have arrived.

If she now says it’s going to be 9,000 over two years she is going to really tick-off the contractors who want 15,000 per year!

As of mid-December, 9,972 Syrians had been nominated by the U.N. office and begun the process of applying for U.S. resettlement, Richard said. She said nearly all likely will be accepted within the next two years.

Once refugees arrive, they are assigned to a private organization that partners with the State Department to get the families settled. In the case of the Smaisems, it was Catholic Charities, the largest such group. [Partners!  They are contractors and why can’t these reporters for the mainstream media ever say that! Or, don’t they even know!—ed]

Refugees receive U.S. government stipends for up to three months, and federal grant programs help states support them for longer. But the money quickly tapers off.  [Federal grant money goes to the contractors who then launder it through their offices.—ed]

“This is not a luxurious program. This is very challenging,” Richard said. “It’s kind of run on a shoestring budget.”

Shoestring budget!  It is over $1 billion just to get 70,000 in the door!  That does not include most of the social services they will live on for years and years!

Khaled is keenly aware of that. His family’s initial cash aid has ended. According to Derek Maxfield, the associate director of Catholic Charities of D.C., the family is receiving food stamps, which will end after they have been in the country for eight months; local government cash assistance that amounts to $200 to $300 per month; and $1,000 monthly per family member through a Catholic Charities program. [There is no reason the food stamps will end! And, haven’t we been told many times that refugee resettlement doesn’t cost local taxpayer dollars?—ed]

The large Catholic Charities stipend is not charitable Catholic money—it is federal taxpayer money!   Come on reporters, stop being lazy, or is this to mislead?

That large Catholic Charities stipend, which will end after about four months, is predicated on the family’s efforts to become self-sufficient. Smaisem has been looking for work, though he says that his lack of English hampers him.

After you’ve read the long mushy (superficial) story, tell me—any chance this family is going to be “self-sufficient” any time soon?

Isn’t it about time that publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times begin to do some serious and careful reporting?  I know, I know, stop laughing!

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Guest column: The abuser is a “refugee” or “asylum seeker”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 22, 2014

Editor’s note:  Reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ has gathered together some recent news for a brief summary of some items that fit a pattern worldwide.  Of course the first one is a story we have covered—the Australian-Iranian refugee terrorist from last week—however we didn’t discuss his record of abusing women.   Guest posts are welcome, but keep them short and send links to the news stories to which you are referring.  Guest posts and lengthy informative comments to an existing post are archived in our comments worth noting’ category.

When a domestic abuser is not deported, that’s deadly! Stories from December.

AUSTRALIA – Iranian fake sheik and refugee, Man Haron Monis (aka Mohammad Hassan Manteghi), held 17 hostages at gunpoint at a Sydney cafe and coffee shop, then killed 2 of them. The refugee had ABUSED his WIFE and was involved in her brutal MURDER. He was facing more than 40 charges of ASSAULT against WOMEN. Yet he was allowed to roam free in Australia’s largest city and was not deported – with tragic consequences.

In North Carolina (a big resettlement state), Arab Mohamed Ali, 35 will get 12 years for strangling his wife, then he will be out on a North Carolina street again. Based on our track record, deportation is unlikely.

CANADA – Somali refugee, Yusuf Osman Abdille, STABBED HIS WIFE and TWO CHILDREN TO DEATH, then “fell” from a bridge onto a Toronto parkway, landing in mid-day traffic in front of a hapless driver. The murder victim, Zahra Abdille, was a refugee who worked as a public health nurse in Canada. At one point, she had fled her abuser and took the children to a shelter for domestic violence victims. Later, she sought court protection but – unable to afford an attorney – she was denied relief. That final factor probably would not have prevented these deaths – but a deportation order would have.

CANADA – Attempted murderer Yiyan Xie, a Chinese national, is playing the deportation excuse game. Xie was due in Kitchener, Ontario, court this month for sentencing for his ATTEMPTED MURDER conviction of his EX-GIRLFRIEND, Yiyang Hao, a university student. Prior to the KNIFE ATTACK, he had bombarded Hao with emails for months, THREATENING to KILL her. In court, his attorney asserted that if Xie were deported to China, he might be executed. Boo hoo! Isn’t that what he planned for his girlfriend?!

UNITED STATES – An Ethiopian refugee, Arab Mohamed Ali, 35, will spend at least 12 years in prison after pleading guilty in the STRANGULATION MURDER of his WIFE Safaya Dadacha, 23, in 2013. After committing the horrendous deed, the murderer himself called 911 and waited with his two children for police to arrive. Let’s hope he’ll be DEPORTED! But maybe not…..  [US taxpayers paid to resettle him, now you get to pay for his incarceration.—ed]

During FY2013, the Obama Administration – instead of deporting – released offenders who had committed 1,317 acts of domestic violence. (See Senator Chuck Grassley below.) The Ethiopian murderer has two kids he did not kill – that’s “family”, isn’t it? And with the PC concern about uniting immigrant “families” – even though domestic abusers are deadly to families – this perp might eventually be released to wreak havoc upon the surviving kids.

Immigration lawyers and activists oppose deportation of domestic abusers. They say it’s unfair because we cannot deport our own domestic offenders. I say, if you have too much trash and trouble – get rid of some of the junk!

More on these stories:
Domestic violence should be taken as seriously as terrorism:

Death of a refugee nurse named Zahra:

Yiyan Xie, harasser, stabber, potential murderer

Murder of Safaya Dadacha

Senator Chuck Grassley


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