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We welcome comments and point out that the views of those who comment are not necessarily our views at RRW. We want a vigorous debate, but insist on civility. We will not post personal attacks, name calling or foul language.

We also do not post comments that we judge to be way out of line. Some examples would be comments that are extremely long, too repetetive, or filled with questionable points that would take up too much of our time to refute. We publish almost all of the comments we receive, so these disclaimers don’t apply to the vast majority of your comments.

The main reason we write this blog is because we believe that certain subjects and viewpoints are not covered by the mainstream media and it gives us satisfaction to present those to you.

We do encourage any and all of you to write your own blog.  

The Muslim Issue

"Like all unbelievers and polytheists, Christians are filthy. They are najusa (feces, urine) — a filthy impure dirty substance.” [Yasir Qadhi, faculty member, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN.]

The Counter Jihad Report

News ~ Resources ~ Activism

tn Council 4 political justice

The mission of the TCPJ is to educate by disseminating accurate and documented information that concerns the rights of and justice for all Tennesseans so that policy makers will be better equipped to make informed decisions on behalf of their constituents.

Potomac Tea Party Report

News and views about Tea Party issues in Maryland and surrounding states


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