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  1. Dear Ann;
    Thank you so much for doing all you do. If we don’t get a handle on our country now it may be too late like it is already for Europe. I deeply fear not enough Americans stand up to these atrocities occurring in our country. We are being invaded every day by those who want to dominate our country, lives and culture not assimilate to our culture. I have a dozen books on these matters including yours, which is thoroughly educational. As Americans we need to stop political correctness and call this issue exactly what it is, which is a stealth invasion through immigration and from within by much of the liberal left that’s wants free votes. The naivete of so many Americans is astonishing. I pray more will wake up and engage in a peaceful uprising demanding this kind of immigration stop. I have grandchildren and I want them to continue to enjoy the freedoms this great country afforded our generation. I send all my new twitter followers to your site as it is one of the most genuine and informative sites around in this subject matter.

    Again thanks so much…..
    Concerned Patriot

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  2. I live in Ottawa, Canada. I work in construction.I had some repairs in ottawa city housing. While I was working i was hearing banging on the floor every 10 seconds.I ask the occupant what is that, her reply was, I’m being harassed by the new immigrants.She aslo said they spat on her on one occasion and told her this building is for
    immigrants only, not for canadians. The word passive in Canada is no longer relevant.

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  3. Dear Ann,
    Your first video is what opened up my eyes to what is going on in our country. I have since become a twitter addict and just joined the new Women Vote Trump superpac.
    What really clinched it was the story on the Muslims with guns in Deep Creek, Apple Valley, Ca, where I used to have a house and go hiking down to the hot springs. I realize that we are all at tremendous risk if we can’t stop the illegal immigration in time..
    So, Thank You and keep up the good work.
    Laura Wilson

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    1. Are you referring to rumors that special planes are bringing refugees in to the country? Do you have real documented information (photos etc) about that?


  4. Thank you for doing all the research. I have sent your web site to all my friends and family and post some of your work on facebook. The media or whats left of the media refuses to put out in-depth statistics. Real Investigative journalism is dead. It’s left up to people like you and others who choose to do their research. Keep up the good work. I personally saw how the UN worked in Kosovo and its a real lesson about bribery and corruption on a global scale. If people want to see what happens to a country over taken by Muslims Kosovo is a perfect example. Kosovo is now 95% Islamic………. We called it the ass hole of Europe, the slow encroachment of Muslims from the Middle East into Europe. Now that encroachment is on steroids across the globe into Western civilization. We have to keep it from happening in America but I’m afraid it could be too late……….. Again, thank for your work Alan Murphy (USAR LTC Retired)

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    1. Thanks so much for those kind words. I still hold out hope for us, probably not Europe, but we could still pull out of the nose dive.


  5. I have just discovered this site and I want to thank you for making all this information available to the American people. My ancestors actually fought in the Revolutionary War in MA and Western Virginia
    and I am real sure they would not have been happy with the way things have turned out. I do have a question. What gives the United Nations the right to bully us into taking these refugees into our country? Will anyone stand up and refuse to do this? I am surely going to vote for Trump as he seems to be the only one with the guts and the right outlook. I live in Miami, Florida and am well aware what a great influx of refugees can do to the culture as well as the crime rate, education, and economy of an area. I have lived it for over 50 years. Thank God that those we have are not terrorists; but, I can imagine in my mind’s eye what it would be like if terrorists were a part of the mix. God Bless you for your much needed work.

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      1. What is the benefit to the Jihad Caucus? I assume these supposed religious entities are bribing the aforementioned jihadists! Also, democrats believe they will all become american citizens and vote for them and the republicans will continue to receive bribes from corporations for the subsidized cheap labor.


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