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Federal refugee grants to special ethnic groups “to promote community organizing”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 20, 2017

Community organizing for their group of people gratis the US taxpayer!

This morning, I was going to write about how elder refugees (yes, we admit many over 65 years old) are eligible for SSI, but I stumbled on the $millions in grants taxpayers give to ethnic groups across the country so they can help “their” special ethnic group of people integrate and become civically engaged.

Buffalo Imam Yahye Y Omar is listed as the agent for an ORR community organizing grant. Photo:

These grants previously were gifts to ECBOs (Ethnic Community Based Organizations) for which I had created a  whole category a few years back, see here.

I likened them to mini-ACORNS.

Do you remember ACORN which taught poor Americans how to get their stuff (welfare) and then organized them to vote, etc?  These groups are like that!

Now they are called Ethnic Community Self-Help groups (not really self-help are they if you are funding them?).

Because many are for specific ethnic groups, I believe they foster non-assimilation as they identify their people as somehow in need of special treatment by the government.

Here is what the Office of Refugee Resettlement says about these grants and groups.

Program Goal

The objective of this program is to support ethnic community based organizations in providing refugee populations with critical services to assist them in becoming integrated members of American society.

General Background

Throughout the history of the United States the involvement of refugees and refugee community based organizations in refugee resettlement has been critical to refugee integration. Today, these organizations continue to enhance the provision and effectiveness of services available to refugees. They allow the refugee experience to flow into refugee resettlement plans and decisions. For refugees, their active participation in resettlement is generally empowering and plays an important role in the integration of the entire refugee community.

Program Description

This program provides assistance to refugee community based organizations and other groups that address community building, facilitate cultural adjustment and integration of refugees, and deliver mutually supportive functions such as information exchange, civic participation, resource enhancement, orientation and support to newly arriving refugees (and other refugees that maybe in need of such assistance regardless of their resettlement date) and public education to the larger community on the background, needs and potential of refugees. In short, the purpose is to promote community organizing that builds bridges between newcomer refugee communities and community resources.

LOL! Building bridges to community resources=finding taxpayer-funded welfare goodies!

I thought the refugee contractorsjob was to ‘orient’ new refugees and take care of their ‘needs,’ but nevermind, there is a whole cottage industry of non-profit groups sucking from the federal teat for their special ethnic ‘community.’

Here is a screenshot from the 2015 ORR Annual Report to Congress showing the $6,096,190 in grants sent out that year.

Sure hope the Trump team targets these for de-funding!

Homework assignment!

You should find out more about any of these special groups for special people (you fund them!) working near you.

The last one on the first page jumped out at me.  I wondered what is Helping Ensure Africa Looms International Inc. I didn’t even find a website or any description of what it does, just this NY state charity profileThere I learned that the principle agent is one Yahye Y Omar of Buffalo.

We assume he is the same Yahye Y Omar who is the imam at the Buffalo Islamic Community Center who is quoted in this Buffalo News story entitled:

Refugees and immigrants reminded of legal rights at Buffalo event

Guess he is busy “community organizing!”

I didn’t have any intention of going farther with this, but be sure to see a recent Form 990 for ‘Helping Ensure Africa….’ Pretty much the only money they take in is from ORR and almost $70,000 went to salaries and $10,000 + went to rent.

But, I was still not ever able to find out what exactly the recipient of $170,103 in 2015 actually does!

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How many white refugees did we take from South Africa last month?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 29, 2016

I used to have more time to write about South Africa—the LOL! Rainbow Nation—but haven’t recently.


This artwork came from an article entitled, ’17 Interesting Facts about South Africa.’ Don’t miss number 16! By the way, is that yellow person in the middle supposed to be the white people of South Africa?

However, in light of what I have been writing about today: the FACT that we are picking up Somalis all over the world and bringing them to Anytown, USA, I want to mention this again.

(You can see my archive on South Africa by clicking here.)

The joke is that although South Africa is still being touted as the Rainbow Nation that welcomes all races and religions, it is not happy with its fellow black Africans and most particularly the Somalis.  So guess what? We take them! We are bringing them as ‘refugees’ to America from South Africa.  (see the processing country map I’ve been displaying for the last couple of days below).

Just like Australia’s unwanted illegal aliens, why are South Africa’s illegal aliens our problem?

This bit of information is buried in a story about Buffalo, NY and the many languages spoken in the school system there.  Remember ‘welcoming’ communities you have a huge expense coming when you set up a resettlement site, but what interested me more than the language issue (discussed frequently on these pages) was this brief mention near the end of the article.

Thanks to all who sent the Buffalo News story:

The father is from Somalia. He fled his country and made the risky journey to South Africa. That’s where he met his eventual wife and where his daughters were born, but where the family did not have permanent residency. [What! We thought everyone was welcome in SA?—ed]

So the United Nations sent them to us! So much for the welcoming Rainbow Nation!

See the map for just the month of October 2016.  How many of the 151 who arrived in the US in October are persecuted white South Africans? (Gasp! Politically incorrect question alert!)

I’ve asked this other very sensible question in the past: Once whites are in the minority will the tables be turned and will the UN promote the resettlement of whites into black majority nations (to add some diversity!)?  Hmmmmm?



Who are the 151 ‘refugees’ we admitted from the SAFE country of South Africa last month? I’ll bet the largest numbers are Somalis!


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Buffalo, NY: Something fishy in Somali tale of woe

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 17, 2016

It is not surprising that as the New York primary approaches this week, that left-leaning media will find stories about how Republicans Trump and Cruz are ‘Islamophobes’ and how Muslims are gravitating to Sanders and Clinton.  However, you would think a reporter could find a more credible sob story than that of Aden Ali.

Here is what Aden Ali told a reporter for the Buffalo News:

Aden Ali of Buffalo has a lot riding on the outcome of the presidential election. The Somali immigrant has a wife and two children in Kenya, awaiting clearance to join him here.

US-map-Somali refugees

Buffalo has received the third highest number of Somalis in the last year after Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH.

But Donald Trump says he wants to block Muslim refugees from entering the United States, and Ali, who is Muslim, worries about the possibility if Trump is elected president.

“If he wins the presidency, how are my wife and kids going to come to this country?” said Ali, who works as a machine operator at a local chocolate maker.


Ali arrived in the United States as a refugee 15 years ago and is now a naturalized citizen and eligible to vote.

The story of Mrs. Ali and the children back in Kenya is suspicious!

So, we are expected to believe that Ali left a wife 15 years ago and still can’t get her in to the US, as he is now a US citizen to boot? And, the “children” would have to be grown men/women in these 15 years.

Are we expected to believe that our US Refugee Admissions Program left a wife and children behind and admitted this single man—15 years ago—while the US State Department has admitted over 87,000 other Somalis in those 15 years?  What, no room for Mrs. Ali and the little ones?

Or, is this a case where Ali traveled SAFELY back to East Africa and ‘found’ a wife in subsequent years?  It is happening that, supposedly persecuted and in danger, ‘refugees’ travel back to their home country to find wives which of course begs the question—in how much danger were they in the first place?

And, there is one more possibility—maybe there is no Mrs. Ali in Kenya!

Do these left-leaning reporters ever bother to ask more questions when they find those they make the poster-immigrants for their stories?

Remember readers, it is all about the heart wrenching ‘stories’ for this breed of reporter—facts be damned!

For more on targeted Buffalo, click here.

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Buffalo, NY: Are refugees being placed in unsafe housing

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2016

More housing issues involving refugees—this time New York—see our previous post this morning on Michigan.

I saw this news the other day, but didn’t find time to post it.  As I said in my previous post, look for many housing problems especially this year as federal contractors like Journey’s End in this story are desperate to find housing for the 85,000 refugees Obama is bringing to America.

They will argue that they don’t get enough of a federal hand-out to put them in decent housing, but they will never argue that that means the flow has to be slowed or cut off!  Just get them in, get their per head payment and move on! That is how they roll!



Karen Andolina Scott is the Executive Director of Journey’s End in Buffalo. No comment on ceiling collapse story.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- A refugee family living on Buffalo’s West Side is having a difficult first few weeks in the United States. On Sunday night, the ceiling collapsed in the kitchen of their rental home on Grant St.

“It fell on me and my kids we were all inside,” said Roger, who was visiting a family friend that lives in the home.

Roger told News 4 he was taking a call in the kitchen when the collapse happened.

“It’s really discouraging when someone comes here seeking a house and you find yourself in these conditions, this situation,” he said.

His family friend, Ley Baunda, lives in the house with his wife and seven children. They are refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo.***

They told us they blame local resettlement organizations for placing them in an unsafe house.

“I’m afraid because there is many, many things that is not good in the house,” said Baunda.

Baunda’s landlord wouldn’t talk to News 4.

We reached out to resettlement agency Journey’s End who wouldn’t comment on this case.

Continue reading to learn more as Ms. Scott explains the “federal program.”

From our handy list we learn that Journey’s End (a “Christian based” organization) is a subcontractor of both Church World Service and Episcopal Migration Ministries (two of the nine major federal contractors).

See our very large archive on Buffalo by clicking here.

***Just a reminder, on refugees from the DR Congo, we are in the process of bringing in 50,000, see one of many posts, here.

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Buffalo refugee overload: Is the need for “culturally-engaged health care” coming to a town near you?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 8, 2015

It is, if you allow your town or city to become the next ‘welcoming’ community for thousands of third world refugees in desperate need of healthcare.

Buffalo, NY (Erie County) is one of the federal government’s “preferred communities” for refugee resettlement and is, according to this meeting announcement, the largest resettlement site in New York State.  NY is among the top five resettlement states in the US.

Go here for our extensive archive on problems with refugees in Buffalo.  See especially this 2012 post where we learned that the Christian and Jewish population is declining and the Muslim population increasing in and around Buffalo (thanks to Christian and Jewish resettlement contractors listed below!).

When they say “culturally-engaged” healthcare, do they mean that refugees have health issues that are related to the cultural practices they bring to America, like ‘female genital mutilation?’ I see NY is one of the top states for at risk girls!

Think long and hard about whether your town or city wants to take on the massive (and expensive!) physical and mental health care of thousands of refugees!

From the University of Buffalo News (hat tip: Joanne):

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) will hold the second annual Western New York Refugee Health Summit on Thursday, April 9 …


Called “Community conversations to build pathways toward culturally engaged health care in Buffalo,” the health summit is being held as part of the SPHHP’s celebration of National Public Health Week.


Erie County resettles the highest number of refugees in New York State; approximately one third of the state’s 3,700 refugees resettled in Buffalo in 2013. Many arrive in the U.S. driven from their home countries by social and political upheaval, war, and economic or agricultural distress. Even with committed organizations assisting refugees, many barriers exist to obtaining culturally-engaged health care.

The summit will provide a forum where health care providers and refugees can meet and discuss ways to overcome the five main barriers to care that refugees face: coordinating stakeholders, mentoring of providers, mobilizing community leaders, dealing with language barriers and addressing gaps in providing care.  [By the way, “stakeholders” does not apply to you, the taxpayers footing the bill for all of this healthcare and most likely this summit too!—ed]

Participants also will review an online platform that is being developed to better share and coordinate Western New York health resources for refugees.


Participating community agency partners include the Burmese Community Support Center, Community Health Center of Buffalo, Neighborhood Health Center, H.E.A.L. International, Jericho Road Community Health Center, International Institute of Buffalo, Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc., Catholic Charities of Buffalo, Jewish Family Services of Buffalo and Erie County, and the UB Schools of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Health and Health Professions, and Social Work.

Wow!  Check it out!  No wonder Buffalo is so overloaded with needy refugees, five of the nine major contractors have offices there!

BTW, when I first posted this handy list of resettlement subcontractors in December, the State Department said they had 180 cities, but I saw yesterday that they are saying 190 cities (so they gained ten more in the last few months!).

CWS  (Church World Service)
NY-CWS-07: Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc
Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214-2152

DFMS (Episcopal Migration Ministries)
NY-DFMS-07: Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc
2459 Main Street, Suite 317
Buffalo, NY 14214

HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
NY-HIAS-06: Jewish Family Service Of Buffalo And Erie County
70 Barker Street
Buffalo, NY 14209

USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
NY-USCCB-02: Refugee Assistance Program Catholic Charities
20 Herkimer Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

USCRI  (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants)
NY-USCRI-02: International Institute Of Buffalo, Inc.
864 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209

LOL!  I bet they are all competing with each other to bring in the paying refugee ‘clients.’

We have an extensive ‘health issues’ category you might like to visit, here.

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African refugees bring more cultural enrichment and “drama,” this time to Erie, PA

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 6, 2015

This must be Somalis-gone-wild week or something!  ‘Pungentpeppers’ just spotted this story from a few weeks ago about armed “Kenyans” from Buffalo invading the home of “Africans” in Erie.  By the sound of the names, most of those involved appear to be Somalis.

Both Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY are top resettlement sites for African (and other) refugees. Both are US State Department preferred communities, here.

Interesting that these invaders also used the automobile ramming technique we just heard about in Amarillo (”where subtle aspects of far-away cultures have taken root”).

Kaltuma Hassan (center): “A lot of Africans, they have drama and drama always go on. So they think the only way to settle it, is to kill somebody or fight somebody.”

From Erie TV News (be sure to watch the video!).  Don’t you wonder if this was a random attack or whether someone in the household was being targeted?

And, check it out, a quick response by the police saved the family!

Six people from Buffalo, New York are sitting in the Erie County jail after police say they invaded a home on Erie’s east side.

According to Erie police, at around 9:45 p.m. Friday, a group of people invaded a home in the 900 block on East 11th Street.

“When they were first banging on the doors, I didn’t know who it was,” said Kaltuma Hassan, who lives at the home. “I was just figuring it was my brothers and then my parents were screaming, ‘who is it?’

Police said two armed men entered the home, dragged Hassan outside and started beating her.

“One of the boys was pointing a gun at me so I’m like, ‘Ok, he’s gonna shoot me.’ And I didn’t know and then the other boy kicked me and he had steel boots on and he just kicked me and I just blacked out,” she said.

Erie police officer Nick Bernatowicz was on the scene within a minute. He found a white van crashed into the home, and more than dozen people outside, several were armed with guns. When Bernatowicz drew his gun, police said he saw several people run behind the van. Bernatowicz heard a gun shot and took cover. As Bernatowicz waited for backup, the suspects took off in the van down East 11th Street.

“They thought there was like a road down there, so they came and stopped in the middle of the street and that’s when the cops came after them,” said Marianne Hassan, who also lives in the home.

The suspects apparently put the van in reverse, trying to run the officer over, and then took off running. Police said Bernatowicz jumped in the van and put it in park. Police arrested five men and one woman. The suspects are from Buffalo, New York, but are native to Kenya. Police believe the home invasion stems from a prior dispute.

“A lot of Africans, they have drama and drama always go on,” said Kaltuma. “So they think the only way to settle it, is to kill somebody or fight somebody.”  [Is this their contribution to cultural diversity?—ed]

The Hassan family said without the quick response from police, they wouldn’t be alive to tell their story. [Thanks to the police no one was killed.—ed]

“I was pretty surprised and amazed that they came quickly,” said Maryanne. “Because, If they didn’t come, they would still be here shooting. Like, they we’re trying to kill all of us.” The suspects, Yassin Warsame, 18; Mohammed Salad Osman, 19; Hawa Hassan, 18; Muia Jumle, 19; Adbi Ibrihim, 19; and David Toe, 24, are charged with burglary, terroristic threats, criminal trespass, simple assault, unlawful restraint and disorderly conduct. Border patrol was called in to confirm the suspects’ identities. Police said they could be deported back to Kenya.

The US receives a large number of Somali “refugees” from Kenya (the UN picks them for us!) and there is no way Kenya is going to take these trouble-makers back—-they are our problem now!   We processed 654 “refugees” through Kenya in only the first three months of this fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2014-Dec. 31, 2014), however, keep in mind we do not take “Kenyan” refugees unless their name is Obama (as in Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar).

See another story on the Erie home invasion, here, at Go Erie.


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Buffalo: In mecca of diversity, Puerto Rican kid kills Iraqi kid

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 7, 2014

Buffalo, NY has become a grand experiment in multiculturalism as resettlement agencies pour refugees into the area and other NGOs make the area a magnet for illegal aliens and phoney asylum seekers.  See this 2012 post about the changing demographics of Buffalo—-Christians and Jews moving out, Muslims moving in.

For more on Buffalo immigrant crimes see our entire Buffalo archive here.  When immigrants supposedly rebuild decaying cities, crime abounds.

Don’t miss this 2013 post about the US State Department sending an official delegation to Buffalo late last year — problems developing?  Gee, I wonder if the State Department will help foot the bill for court expenses that the local welcoming Erie County taxpayers will have with this trial.  Heck, they will need a Spanish interpreter and an Iraqi court interpreter!

Thanks to several readers for sending links on the latest murder case involving a refugee, this time as the victim—‘pungentpeppers’ and Creeping Sharia especially.


Mourners leave the Masjid Al-Eman Mosque on Connecticut Street after the funeral of 13-year-old Ameer Al Shammari, Tuesday, May 6, 2014. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)


From Buffalo News (emphasis mine):

A 13-year-old Black Rock boy has confessed to killing Ameer Al Shammari, also 13, law enforcement officials say.

The boy, identified by authorities as Jean Sanchez, was arrested at about 3:30 a.m. today after homicide investigators developed leads that helped them to identify the suspect.

Sanchez has been charged as an adult with second-degree murder, an official told The Buffalo News.


Neighbors and family friends believe the killing was tied to Ameer’s attempt to retrieve an iPhone that was stolen from him Friday. Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda said today during a news conference that the stolen phone may figure into the killing.


Ameer’s funeral was held this morning in the Masjid al-Eiman & Islamic Center at 444 Connecticut St. The casket was brought into the mosque at about 9:45 a.m.


After the funeral, Ali Kadhum, executive director of the newly formed Iraqi American Society, described the family as shattered by their son’s death.

“The father told me he is not able to carry this sadness,” said Kadhum, who also serves as president of the Buffalo Immigrant Refugee Empowerment Coalition.

For more details on Sanchez  and how the police think the murder happened go here, also at Buffalo News.

The murdered boy had been in the US for 18 months.  There are questions about whether a gang might have been involved in his beating death.

By the way, Iraqis represent the largest ethnic refugee group we admitted to the US in fiscal year 2013—just short of 20,000 (click here).   I’m pretty sure we are approaching the 100,000 number for Iraqis invited to America (no time to dig out the numbers this morning).

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Buffalo, NY to hold special refugee health care summit

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 11, 2014

They must be having health problems with refugees in New York.  If you live in the area, it might be worth your while to try to get into this meeting.  LOL!  After all, you are a “stakeholder” too!

Jessica Scates: Health care providers must provide culturally engaged care.

From University of Buffalo Reporter:

Every year, 1,500 to 2,000 refugees and asylum-seekers come to Buffalo — one of the top refugee resettlement areas in the United States — driven by social and political upheaval, war, economic and agricultural distress, and poverty.

Before they leave their homelands, they are provided health assessments, vaccine updates and any necessary medical treatment. But when they get here, it’s a different story. They often face substantial and complex problems when they try to gain access to the physical and mental health services required by them and their families.

To explore these challenges and develop models for exemplary refugee health care systems, the University at Buffalo will sponsor Buffalo’s first collaborative Refugee Health Summit on April 24 at the UB Educational Opportunity Center, 555 Ellicott St., Buffalo.

Participation in the Refugee Health Summit, which will take place from 12:30-7:30 p.m., is by invitation only. If interested in attending, contact Jessica Scates at


It will feature major participation by Western New York’s four resettlement agencies: the International Institute of Buffalo, Catholic Charities of Buffalo, Jewish Family Service and Journey’s End Refugee Services, and by representatives of the refugee community itself.


Jessica Scates, coordinator of the OGHI, notes that as part of their orientation to Buffalo, refugees are educated about health care and health systems. “The challenge is to ready local health professionals to provide culturally engaged care to individuals from a variety of backgrounds,” she says. “Cultural education for local medical providers is especially important in addressing barriers to care, which can be complicated and difficult to resolve.”

Since there is an expanding Muslim population there, do you think they get into care for women and girls who undergo female genital mutilation?

See our archive on Buffalo, here.  See also our refugee health issues category with 209 previous posts.

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New York boosts school budget $1.1 billion to cope with refugee overload

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2014

From Amarillo, TX to New York State one of the first places a refugee overload becomes evident is in the social and economic impact on school systems.

Yesterday we told you about how the school system in Amarillo has become the place where poverty at home is being addressed (at a cost to taxpayers and to the student body).

Thanks to reader ‘Joanne’ here is another story—this one from New York.   Wyoming take note!

From Buffalo Rising (emphasis is mine):

NYS Assemblyman Sean Ryan, 149th Assembly District [Buffalo—ed], recently visited Lafayette High School to announce his push to have an increase in state education funding, to be set aside for schools with high refugee populations.

The Assembly budget proposal, passed Wednesday, March 12, increased aid to schools by $1.1 billion for the NYS fiscal year of 2014 -2015. This is the largest increase in 6 years and $402 million more than the executive budget proposed for a total of $22.2 billion in state aid.

“Schools with high refugee populations need extra help because they are classified as failing schools because of low graduation rates. That is in direct reflection of their high refugee and English as Second Language (ESL) populations,” said Cody Meyers, Ryan’s communication director.

Ryan’s plan would give a higher percentage of funding based on a formula to schools with a more than 50% increase of ESL students within the past 5 years.

Holy cow!

Nearly 70% of students at Lafayette High School are ESL students, and 40% of those students are classified as Students with Interrupted Formal Education, who are often refugees who had little formal education before doing to the United States.

Lafayette is in the process of implementing an English language immersion programs for these students and Ryan hopes the final state budget will make funding for that type of program a “top priority.”

“At Lafayette upwards of 40 languages are spoken…the immersion program would make English a more hands on language for these students, working with family life and exposing kids to English at all times,” said Meyers.

We have written a lot about Buffalo over the years.  Type ‘Buffalo’ into our search function and see what I mean!  But, here is one post you must see—as Muslim population of Buffalo area increases, Jewish and Christian population declines.

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Refugees in camps abroad being educated on how to come to America and get welfare

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 19, 2014

Buried deep in a story about Niagara County, NY cracking down on food stamp fraud and other types of welfare fraud is a little nugget we have always suspected but never have seen in writing until the ever-watchful ‘pungentpeppers’ spotted it near the end of the story in the Buffalo News.

Remember Buffalo is a “preferred” refugee placement site for the US State Department and its resettlement contractors.

Here is how the story begins:

LOCKPORT – The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office is playing hardball with individuals and store owners who try to cheat the public assistance system.

And it’s paying off, with Niagara County taxpayers saving more than $500,000 in overpayments in 2013. The department added a second welfare fraud investigator in 2013, which has easily paid for itself, and says adding a third would do the same.

Read all about the crooks who ran the Indian General Store.  Then this:

And sadly, New York State taxpayers are being victimized not only by their own residents, but also by people from outside of New York.

Niagara County Legislator David E. Godfrey, R-Wilson, who works with the Sheriff’s Office as the community, safety and security liaison, said people are being trained in southern states to get benefits and then are being bused to New York State.

“I spoke with the joint terrorism task force and they say that in refugee camps overseas there are pamphlets of how to come to New York and get benefits,” said Irons-Rindfleisch. But she said Social Services does have access to databases to make sure that people are not getting benefits in more than one state.

“One of the things that the legislatures are looking at – and it’s not just in Niagara County, it’s all of New York State – is welfare fraud by those non-residents,” Godfrey said.

We have a fairly large archive on Buffalo (including other food stamp fraud cases), so if you are from that area, you might want to check it out here.

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