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‘Aquarius’ becomes the war cry of the Roman church against the new Italian government

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 13, 2018

Readers, when the Italian government held firm and sent the so-called ‘rescue ship’ Aquarius packing it drew the battle lines with the Italian Catholic Church—that is what the church is saying!

graph sea arrivals in italy

Hey Spain! You are next!

I’m writing about this story again today because it represents a critical juncture for the future of Europe.

There is hope (I think!) as I wrote a couple of days ago, here, for the survival of Western Civilization in its birthplace, but action to save it must be swift and happen NOW.

Here is the Crux headline (Taking the Catholic pulse):

Italian Church and new government finally face off over Aquarius

(The subtitle could be: The Catholic Church shows its daggers)

Read the rest of this entry »

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One Catholic in the world is not advocating for the wholesale movement of Syrians to the West….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 1, 2016

He is the Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria and in this interview with Catholic News Service he is highly critical of Canada’s mass importation of Syrians.  (By the way, we have never seen a breakdown of the percentage of Muslim v. Christian Syrians Canada is admitting.)

Archbishop of Syria

I’m guessing he would be even more appalled if he knew how the US Conference of Catholic Bishops takes millions of tax dollars every year and is now busy scattering Syrians to the four winds and into every corner of America.

Here is what he says about the cradle of Christianity potentially being devoid of Christians.

I wonder does this give any good Catholics pause about what is being done in their name when thousands upon thousands of Syrians are scattered for permanent resettlement?

MONTREAL (CNS) — Seated in a quiet room, the Melkite Catholic archbishop of Aleppo, Syria, spoke slowly, in an almost muffled voice.

He goes on to describe a horrible bombing of the city.  Then this….

The city is 8,000 years old. It gave civilization to the world,” said Archbishop Jeanbart, giving details about what Aleppo brought to history, culture, science and economics. Located in northern Syria, until recently Aleppo was a driving force for the country’s economy, providing work to 1.2 million workers and hosting 150,000 university students.

“More than half of the city’s population left over the last four or five years,” added the archbishop who has served there since 1995.

Ever since the war started, Archbishop Jeanbart has said that his wish is to see the population — and especially the Christians — stay in Syria. When asked what he thinks about Canada welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees in the past few months, he was not impressed.

“We’re not happy when we see the Canadian government moving refugees and facilitating their integration. It hurts us. A lot,” he said.


….he would rather see the Canadian government making more efforts to allow the Syrian population to stay in Syria.


We will reconstruct our country. We want to build and stay,” he said, pounding the arm of his chair. “We want it to be our country and stay in this country where Christianity was born, and give a testimony of Christ’s love and charity, and of the possibility to live together, as men believing in God and respectful of one another.”

Continue reading here.

Go here to see our complete Canada archive with recent posts about ‘Boy’ Trudeau’s impulsive, supposedly humanitarian, airlift of over 25,000 Syrians in only a few months.

And, I wonder if the Pope ever listens to others of his faith who clearly must disagree with what he (the Pope) is advocating.

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German Catholic Cardinal: Germany must reduce the number of migrants

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 7, 2016

Invasion of Europe news…..

Well, this is refreshing (sort of!).  A Catholic leader is actually saying that his country cannot handle the massive number of mostly Muslim migrants entering it.  (No, he didn’t use the ‘M’ word! He didn’t go that far!).

I’m wondering if the Pope is going to slap his wrist for this heresy!

From the Daily Caller:

A high-ranking Catholic official has called for a reduction in the number of refugees coming to Germany.

Kardinal Reinhard Marx, Erzbischof von München und Freising und Vorsitzender der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz, blickt am 21.09.2015 zu Beginn der Herbstvollversammlung in Fulda (Hessen) in die Runde. Zu Beginn des traditionellen Herbsttreffens der katholischen Bischöfe stehen Beratungen über die Flüchtlingskrise im Mittelpunkt. Foto: Arne Dedert/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Cardinal Marx did recognize the growing problem for Germany and Europe here in September 2015, but didn’t sound as worried as he sounds now.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, cautioned Saturday that the country cannot “take in all the world’s needy.” Over one million refugees seeking asylum entered Germany in 2015 — the country currently struggles to manage the influx both logistically and politically.

“As a church we say that we need a reduction in the number of refugees,” said Marx to Passauer Neue Presse. He noted that the response to the refugee issue should not be one only of “charity but also reason.”

Continue reading because I think you will see more about what is driving this remarkable statement.  He warns against xenophobia and the rise of the right-wing. (Is that the real boogeyman for Father Marx?)

More on the way!

There will be more coming to Europe (and Germany)!   The Times of Israel is reporting that Turkey is about to admit tens of thousands of additional Syrians at its border with Syria.  And, mark my words, Turkey will let them flow directly across the country and allow them to launch their boats to Europe as spring arrives.  Turkey would like nothing better than to see a Muslim Europe!

See our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive here, and go here for much much more on dear old Deutschland.

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Irish Bishop: Ireland needs to step up and take in Mediterranean migrants

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 4, 2015

Controversial Irish Bishop: bring in the Muslim refugees. See 2012 pedophilia controversy in this article.

Invasion of Europe news….

Update July 7:  Ireland now says it might admit 600 Mediterranean illegal migrants, here.

Yesterday, we learned that Poland is hanging tough and not bending to EU and United Nations pressure to take in the mostly Muslim invaders coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa.   But, it looks like Ireland is caving in…

From the Independent:

The Catholic Church has called on the Government to “open our doors” to more migrants from the Mediterranean.

The comments from Bishop John Kirby come as Defence Minister Simon Coveney said that other EU countries should take responsibility for their fair share of the response to the refugee crisis.

Mr Coveney’s said that Ireland will consider accepting the settlement of more than the 300 refugees already agreed if formally requested to do so by the EU.

He will travel to Malta on Monday to discuss the refugee crisis with officials in Valletta before meeting the 69-strong crew of the Naval Service vessel, LÉ Eithne, which has saved 3,000 refugees off the north African coast since May.

There is more, here.

See all of our coverage of Ireland being changed with Middle Eastern and African refugees by clicking here.

Our complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

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Toronto Catholic leader: We won’t request Christian Syrians for resettlement first to Canada

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 11, 2015

….. we support taking “vulnerable” Muslims!

As Canadian readers know, your government recently came under fire by the UN and the elements of the worldwide ‘humanitarian industrial complex’ for saying Canada would prioritize Syrian resettlement by selecting Christians and other persecuted minorities as a first priority.

Consumed by political correctness?

The “furious” Martin Mark, Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Toronto would never ask the Canadian government to protect Christians first! Photo:

In all the years we have followed the refugee program in the US, we have never seen any of the so-called ‘religious’ charities which are also resettlement contractors*** ever say they were concerned first for the Christians of the Middle East.

Now comes a very definitive statement by the Executive Director of the Archdiocese of Toronto confirming that the Roman Catholic Church indeed does not place Christians first in their concerns.  They call it refugee “discrimination!”

From the Western Catholic Reporter:

Religion should never be used to prioritize Syrian refugees for resettlement, said Catholic agencies amid reports that the Canadian government intends to give preferential treatment to religious minorities.

The CBC and Post Media both reported that the government intends to accept into Canada only Syrian refugees who face religious persecution.

Quoting sources inside a United Nations High Commission for Refugees pledging conference in Geneva, the media outlets claimed Canada clashed with the UNHCR over the government’s intended policy.

Neither the Canadian churches that privately sponsor refugees nor Syrian Christians themselves have asked the government to give special treatment to religious minorities.

In question period Dec. 12, Costas Menegakis, parliamentary secretary to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, refused to say if the government intended to limit the resettlement program based on religion.

“We will prioritize persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, those at demonstrated risk, and we will make no apologies for that,” said Menegakis.

Speaking to The Catholic Register from a massive refugee camp in Jordan, the executive director of the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Office for Refugees said he would never ask the government to restrict refugee sponsorship to Christians or other religious minorities.  [The UN camp from which Mark speaks is almost exclusively housing Sunni Muslims.  Why isn’t he in Turkey talking to the Christians?—ed]

“It would be a big mistake to say we have to check the religion on the refugee. No. We have to check the reason why somebody has become a refugee,” said Martin Mark.


Need, vulnerability and the immediate risk to individuals and families are the only proper criteria to determine which refugees should be resettled, said Father Nawras Sammour, Jesuit Refugee Service country director for Syria.

I’ll bet a buck that there are 10,000 (the number Canada now says it will take) very vulnerable Christians and other minorities in “immediate risk” they could readily take rather than the mostly Sunni Muslims which are housed in UN camps.

By the way, as we debate this Muslim vs. Christian resettlement issue, don’t lose sight of the fact that resettling any refugee is enormously expensive to the taxpayers of the receiving country and that there are many considerations, other than religion, that should limit the numbers to be taken anywhere in the first world.

I would like to know more about the refugee responsibility split in Canada where supposedly 60% of refugees are supported privately and 40% by the government.  Of course in the US it is 100% government supported as the feds funnel taxpayer money through so-called ‘religious’ charities.  If we in the US went back to complete private support of refugees entering the US we would learn very quickly who is, and who isn’t, interested in true Christian charity.  You know that old maxim!  Put your own personal money where your mouth is!

There is nothing that lights my fuse more than the wealthy Catholic Church virtually stealing money from struggling taxpayers so that they can play humanitarian big shots!  The USCCB (below) migration program is 98% funded by the US taxpayer.

See our entire category on Canada by clicking here.

*** US resettlement contractors:


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Syracuse: Catholic Church becomes mosque update

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 8, 2014

Reader Caroline sent us this detailed update on the latest from “welcoming” Syracuse written by Jenna Bowen at American Thinker.

We first told you about how a beautiful Catholic Church is being converted to a mosque as the Muslim refugee population there continues to grow, here.

This is going to happen to your “welcoming” city too as the Muslim population increases through immigration—it is inexorable demographic change!

Here is the latest news (Syracuse embraces mosque and wants more ‘refugees’):

Since my original article discussing how an abandoned Catholic church was being converted to a mosque in Syracuse, NY, that city has embraced the Mosque of Jesus, Son of Mary with open arms.  In April, a local publication, the Syracuse New Times, published an interview with Dr. Yusuf Soule, the executive director of the Northside Learning Center, who bought the church and rented it to a still unidentified group of Muslims.  In no news report has the group who transformed the church into a mosque been identified as anything other than a “new Islamic society.”

Read through the update and then at the end see that the Mayor is now asking Obama to send the ‘unaccompanied alien children’  (the Catholic church calls refugees!) to “welcoming” Syracuse.

Fourteen years after the attack on the synagogue, Temple Beth El is closed, the Mosque of Jesus, Son of Mary has replaced Holy Trinity Church on the city’s North side, and everyone is stumped why there is an alarming increase in violence on Syracuse’s Northside; an area overloaded with Dr. Yusuf Soule’s “refugees.”

In fact, the city is in such good shape that Syracuse’s mayor, Stephanie Miner, is telling President Obama to send illegal immigrants from the border up to her city. “The entire Syracuse community wants to help,” she wrote him.  Indeed, they probably couldn’t find a more appropriate environment to relocate to.

Read more here.

Related:  Reader Cathy sent us a good article from late July also at American Thinker entitled “They’re not refugees.” It makes me very happy to see that the whole refugee program is being scrutinized by other media outlets as a result of the effort to label the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ as refugees. But, is it too late?

For additional reading, I see we have a bunch of posts on crimes and other problems with refugees and immigrants in Syracuse going back several years, click here.


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Catholic group withdraws funding from YMCA over its affiliation with “refugee” group

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2013

It is not often we see something like this from a Catholic group.

Catholic funding was withdrawn from the YMCA because the Y was affiliated with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights which is promoting gay marriage.

Readers should know that the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (like its partners in Tennessee (Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) and Massachusetts (Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition)), is just basically a hard Left open borders community organizing group which has the word “refugee” in its title to give it cover for agitating on all sorts of Leftist goals.

Here is the story in Opposing Views (emphasis mine):

The YMCA at Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign is paying a hefty price for refusing to cut ties with a group that publicly supports gay marriage.

The Catholic Church gave the YMCA an ultimatum: stop working with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, or lose your $60,000 grant.

The YMCA’s director told WICD-15 that while they take no position on gay marriage, it is important for them to not allow anyone to influence who they work with.

The University Y board met several weeks ago and voted to remain in the coalition.

The University YMCA sponsors programs, organizations and organizations of all kinds. The Y’s director says their partnership with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights allows them to help “hundreds in the community each year.”

The University YMCA plans to launch a campaign to raise money to continue its work with the local immigrant community, according to the News-Gazette. The University Y has received money for immigration work from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development since 2010.

The initial grant was about $4,000 but increased this year to about $60,000. But the Church sent the Y a notice in September: in order to receive the funding, the University Y’s executive director, Mike Doyle, would have to testify that the organization was not involved with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

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Asylum-seeking Muslim men re-start hunger strike today in Vienna, Austria church

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 1, 2013

We first reported this story, here, ten days ago.   63 men, ages 20-40 years old, are on-and-off hunger-striking in a Viennese Catholic Church demanding that they be granted asylum in Austria because they want to work.   Nevermind that there isn’t any work in most of Europe these days.

As you read through the news account, their big problem is that many, especially the Pakistanis, don’t even qualify as refugees and are in fact economic migrants (at minimum).

Since I reported on the protesters last, we are told in the news from The Vienna Review that they had taken ten days off from their hunger strike to eat and are now, Feb. 1, resuming their fasts as the media swarms the place to tell the mean old Austrian government about them.  All-the-while they are being protected by the Catholic Church and are being coached by Georg Burstmayr an asylum lawyer!


“The most important question is access to Austrian labour markets,” said Bürstmayr.  [Sure that’s it!  They are just dying to work. Excuse my cynicism—ed]

Austrian government position so far is that they are “asylum shoppers:”

Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner met with the asylum seekers on 2 January to discuss their demands, but she remained unmoved. The Austrian asylum system is “one of the best asylum systems in the whole of Europe,” she said, adding that changing the laws on fingerprints and relocation would contradict the EU. The Dublin Regulation prevents simultaneous claims by the same person in different EU member states – known as “asylum shopping”. Bürstmayr explained that “every decision made by a country in the EU is valid for all other member states. They have no second chance.”

They do not fit the definition of refugees because they could safely live in some portion of their home country, that is especially so for the Pakistanis.

… asylum seekers in limbo: They cannot legally stay in Austria, nor can they return to their homeland. “Many of the asylum seekers protesting in the Votivkirche will have a very hard time getting recognition as refugees according to the Geneva Convention,” said Bürstmayr. This applies particularly to those from Pakistan. “They have fled from very complicated and threatening situations but still they might not [technically] be refugees.”

Of the 1,718 asylum applications made in Austria by Pakistani citizens in 2012, only 14 were accepted. Adalat Khan is from the Swat region of Pakistan, where 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban last October for her activism surrounding education and women’s rights.

“Pakistan is a more dangerous area than Syria at the moment, but Austrian people don’t understand that,” Khan explained.

This discrepancy arises from a concept called “domestic flight alternative”: If there is an area within an asylum seeker’s home country where they can feasibly go to live without danger, as in Pakistan, they are not considered a refugee. Additionally, Pakistanis are often thought to have economic reasons for seeking asylum.

Read it all and have a good cry for Vienna.

Readers keep in mind that Austria has been more than welcoming and some sections of Vienna are no longer majority Austrian as we learned here (Babel on the Danube) at Gates of Vienna.

It’s time for my nag—read about Al-Hijra the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, these men are invaders and the Catholic Church is sowing it own demise here in Vienna—a city that defeated the Islamic invaders centuries ago.  Ask these “educated” hunger strikers if they know what happened here when the Muslim hordes were defeated at the Gates of Vienna and I will bet every one of them knows the history.  They are back to finish the job!

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Two bigwigs arrested in Somali human trafficking ring in Nairobi; helped illegal migrants get to Malta (and US)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 16, 2013

This story not only involves bigwigs, but is so big it should be reported on the front page of the New York Times. Maybe a follow-up is due to their previous superficial reporting on Malta.

For years I’ve been writing about how the tiny island nation of Malta has been besieged by illegal Africans trying to get to Europe and beyond.  The ‘beyond’ includes the United States!  Aided by the Catholic Church, the US State Department (started in the Bush Administration) has made it a priority to transform illegal migrants on Malta into legitimate “refugees” destined for your towns.   I have literally over a hundred posts here on the disgusting and frankly illegal business.  (Type ‘Malta’ into our search function for 5 years of history).

Here is the story that I first saw at Horseed Media, but is from Malta Today (yesterday) with this headline:

Italian diplomat, WFP collaborator among 55 arrested for trafficking Somalis to Malta

Italian police arrest 55, including Italian diplomat at Nairobi embassy in connection with a criminal organisation which has diverted Somali migrants to Malta.

Italian police have said that they have dealt a strong blow to two criminal organisations which profiteered from trafficking Somali nationals from Libya to Malta over the past months.

Nabbed were a cultural attache at the Italian embassy and a worker for the World Food Programme (UN of course)!

The investigations – reportedly held in conjunction with Maltese authorities – led to the arrest at dawn of 55 people, including Hussein Mohamed Abdurahman, nicknamed ‘Banjè’, the cultural attaché at the Italian embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, and Mohamed Sheik Ali Bashir a World Food Programme Collaborator.

The organisations, said to have branches in Kenya and Italy, took care of coordinating the Somali nationals movements from the horn of Africa towards Libya, and later organised their clandestine trips to Malta and also to Greece.

The organisations also saw to providing hundreds of Somalis with false documents to later abscond from Malta and make their way to Italy, and further North in Europe. [and to the US–ed]

In raids which involved 200 officers, arrests were made in Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Prato, Bergamo, Cuneo and Naples.

Other raids are said to be ongoing this morning in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Another 23 people have meanwhile been notified to have been placed under investigation by the Italian authorities for their secondary role in assisting the Somali migrants, by providing them logistical support.

Further investigations are ongoing in Ragusa, Sicily – another known landing point for migrants fleeing Libya after Malta.

According to a spokesman, the investigations were coordinated by Eurojust, and Europol.

Hundreds and hundreds of these Somali illegal aliens (mostly young men!) trafficked to Malta through Obama’s Libya are now in your towns in America!

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Comment worth noting: Reader responds to this morning’s Libya post

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 17, 2012

And, tells us how the migrants are launched from Libya and arrive in Malta with the help of the Catholic Church. Then, of course, many are moved along to the US.  In the US the Catholic Bishops/Catholic Charities are then paid by you (taxpayers) for the migrants care.

I’m posting this comment here because I’m afraid you won’t see it simply as a comment at my Libya post this morning.   We don’t often use it, but that is what this category (comments worth noting) is all about.

From Charles (emphasis mine):

Practically all the illegal immigrants’ boats departing from Libya start their voyage from the port of Zuwarah which is about 2 miles south east of the city centre (look it up in Google Earth). The harbour master there seems to be very accommodating 😉

As soon as the boat is outside Libyan territorial waters, the occupants use a satellite phone to call an Eritrean priest in the Vatican, Don Mosé Zerai, He then contacts the Rome Rescue Coordination Centre who in turn communicate the details to the Maltese RCC. The position of the boat is obtained from Thuraya, the satellite phone company because all sat phones have GPS and the origin of the call can be pinpointed to within a few metres.

Libya never launches any Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, so the Maltese prime minister, whose loyalty is first to the Vatican and then to Brussels, takes it upon himself to authorise operations in Libyan SAR waters, lest some illegal immigrant drowns. This is how it is done nowadays. Gone are the days when illegals used to try and sneak in clandestinely. They don’t have to. They get a free ferry ride into harbour where food and drink, medical aid and midwives will be waiting for them. There are invariably severely pregnant women on every boat. Some have given birth on the high seas and their offspring cannot be issued with a birth certificate, but that’s another story. Pregnant women escape detention and once the baby is born and has served its purpose, it is abandoned to the institutes run by the Catholic Church.

Any sat phones, GPS navigators and documents are dumped overboard as soon a the rescue launch approaches. They will then sometimes hang small children over the side and threaten to drown the children unless they are taken to Malta immediately. They interpret kindness and mercy as weakness and exploit it ruthlessly.

You can use Google Translate to read the story here:

If you need any help with translation I can do it for you.  [not me, Charles!—ed]

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