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So what would motivate Chechens to kill gay men?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 12, 2017

Just now I was scrolling around to see what the reaction is among members of the refugee industry about the Kennedy decision at the Supreme Court yesterday.

So I stopped by Amnesty International and see that, of course, they are not thrilled, here.

(But, as I have told you innumerable times, the Supremes went too far in the first place and much of what people are having anxiety attacks over will be moot in a few weeks.)

But, then I noticed this action item and was interested to see their involvement in saving gay men in Chechnya from kidnapping and death (that is good), but I noticed one important item not mentioned in their action item for supporters.

Amnesty to their supporters: Tell those bad Russians what you think…..


Screenshot (830)

Screenshot (831)


So tell me, what have they failed to mention?

95% of Chechnya is Muslim. Islam directs the killing of gay men.

As the demographic makeup of a country becomes more Islamic, they become emboldened.

Maybe if Amnesty was more honest about the source of the prejudice they could save more people instead of making it sound like the bad ol’ [rightwing] Russians (who have little control over Chechnya!) are to blame.

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A Chechen national “refugee” is believed to be ringleader of Turkish terror attack

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 2, 2016

And, get this!  Amnesty International had allegedly at one point stepped in to protect him from extradition to Russia.

chechen Ahmed Chataev

Chechens can look like the guy next door! Ahmed Chataev believed to be the ‘brains’ behind recent Istanbul terror attack.

So, indeed we have more evidence (if we needed it) that terrorists are hiding in the refugee stream to Europe and in this case to Austria!

Keep in mind that the US takes ‘refugees’ from Austria—in fact, according to State Department data, 1,339 supposed refugees traveled from Austria to your towns from October 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016.  Where are they now?

Here is the news from Eurasia Review:

Following Tuesday’s horrific attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, which resulted in 44 death at the hands of three suicide bombers, Turkey was quick to blame the Islamic State for the terrorist act. And while that may be accurate, something surprising has emerged about the alleged ringleader of the group of three men who have been since identified as Russian, Uzbek and Kyrgyz nationals. As Russia’s Kommersant and Turkish media report, a Chechen national suspected of being the mastermind behind the deadly Istanbul airport terrorist attack, had previously received refugee status in Austria, which helped him to repeatedly avoid extradition to Russia on terror charges.


It has been also revealed that Chataev was long wanted by the Russian authorities for terrorism-related offenses but he fled to Europe, where he was granted asylum, and successfully managed to escape extradition to Russia.


In 2008, he was detained with some other Chechen nationals in the Swedish town of Trelleborg as police found Kalashnikov assault rifles, explosives and ammunition in his car. As a result, he spent more than a year in Swedish prison.


In 2010, Chataev was arrested in Ukraine with his mobile phone files containing a demolition technique instruction and photos of people killed in a blast. Russia requested his extradition on terrorism-related charges but the European Court for Human Rights ordered Ukraine not to hand him over to Russia with Amnesty International also urging Ukrainian authorities to halt extradition as Chataev “could face an unfair trial and would be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.”

Just as in the Boston Bomber case, the Russians had the goods on an Islamic terrorist and the bleeding hearts in the west wouldn’t listen!

More here.

I heard this news on CNN this morning, but it has not been widely reported.

See our Austria archive here.

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Boston bomber family: maybe we shouldn’t have come to America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 16, 2013

I’m sure the families who lost loved ones, or the victims of the Tsarnaev brothers who will live with their injuries for life, wish they hadn’t come either.

April 2013 photo of Zubeidat and Anzor Tsarnaev speaks volumes.

A friend sent me this Wall Street Journal story about the Tsanaevs written by a Russian-speaking reporter who knew them in earlier days and I was excited to read it in hopes we would learn more about how exactly they got here.  No such luck, author Alan Cullison tells us that rich uncle Ruslan helped but not exactly how.   We assume they claimed persecution back home and were granted asylum as was reported earlier, but suspect that Ruslan’s wealth and connections may had sped up the process.

Here are some snippets of the article with my commentary, but please read the whole thing.  Emphasis is mine:

When I first met Tamerlan Tsarnaev, now familiar as the elder of the two alleged Boston Marathon bombers, he gripped my hand like he was wringing out a rag. It was 2004, and Tamerlan had been in the U.S. for about a year, but he already had an outsize American dream. He planned to box for the U.S. Olympic Team one day, and he wanted to earn a degree, perhaps at Harvard or MIT, and to hold a full-time job at the same time, so he could buy a house and a car. I suggested he forget the house and the car during college, as most American students do. He didn’t see why he should.


A decade ago, there was nothing about the Tsarnaevs to suggest any involvement in Islamist extremism. But they already seemed like “losers,” as their successful Americanized uncle told reporters after the attack. They were out of place in the U.S., and my relationship with them developed because they needed so much basic advice about how to get by. I didn’t sense impending danger in their household, but looking back, I can see now that I glimpsed a new type of threat to the U.S., one that we have only recently begun to confront.

Now, that last sentence (above) turns out to be a big disappointment because I eagerly read-on wondering what Cullison would say was the new type of threat the US must confront.  Were budding Jihadists a new threat? Muslims generally? How about “losers?”  Should we be weeding them out of the immigration process?  How about the mentally unstable, are we letting too many of those in?  Maybe immigrants with illusions about the grand life they would have in America should be excluded?  Or, those whose cultures don’t easily assimilate?  Crooks and cheats? How about boys whose moms are nuts and fathers are weak?  Or, should we be worried about the threat from rich uncles connected to the CIA?   All of the above?  Maybe you can find the “new threat” we must confront in this otherwise entertaining narrative.

Reporter Cullison:

Then came the attack in Boston last April. And although I was stunned to hear police say that Tamerlan and his brother were the bombers, it fit with the profile of terrorists I’d encountered in my work. The failed suicide bombers I’d interviewed in Afghan prisons were mostly young men with no prospects. One told me he was planning to kill himself because he had no job or family, and some Islamists persuaded him to try to take out some American soldiers while he was at it.

Ruslan, married to the daughter of a former CIA official, helped his “loser” family get into the US.  Did the rich lawyer help them through the asylum process?  That is the sort of thing I want to know!

The Tsarnaevs had come to America thanks largely to Anzor’s younger brother Ruslan, who, as the family told it, was a rich and successful lawyer. He lived near Washington, D.C. and for a time was their model in adapting to the new world. I had known little about Ruslan when I was in Cambridge, but now, reporting on the family after the bombing, I learned his story.

When I met him in Washington last summer, he looked the part of the rich uncle. He picked me up in a silver Mercedes and drove me to Off the Record, a bar in the Hay-Adams hotel near the White House, where we talked for three hours.

Ruslan was indeed successful in ways that his older brother wasn’t. They grew up in the penurious former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, where Ruslan excelled in school, learned English, landed a white-collar job in the capital of Bishkek, and met and married the daughter of a retired high-ranking CIA officer, who was there advising the government on privatization. Soon he had a U.S. passport and was studying law at Duke University.

Uncle Ruslan says he tried to help Tamerlan who only got nuttier as time went on:

As Tamerlan’s options dwindled, he started to take an interest in conspiracy theories, according to neighbors and his former brother-in-law. He saw silent, unseen forces working against him. When the family’s landlord allowed me into their old apartment over the summer, I was able to examine Tamerlan’s books and a ring-binder full of articles that he had copied and marked up: material from a course on how to seduce women quickly, a manual on how to hypnotize people, some collected biographies of famous Jewish actors, and pages filled with racial theories purporting to explain why Jews were so successful.   [I was surprised to see that a reporter could gain so easy access to Tamerlan’s apartment, wouldn’t you think the Justice Department would have it sealed before the trial to come.—ed]

Mom got them all into Islam, but it couldn’t be THE reason for those evil acts at the Boston Marathon because the local mosque (conveniently) says they didn’t like him either.

Zubeidat, the boys’ mother, told me that she was the one who got Tamerlan interested in Islam, because she worried he was becoming wayward and was partying too much with American friends. But even Islam didn’t give him a place in society that he could keep. In Cambridge, he was told to leave the local mosque because he couldn’t control his outbursts against speakers whom he considered too moderate, according to a spokeswoman for the mosque.

You can read the rest and note that Mom thinks maybe they shouldn’t have come to America.  So is America the problem?  What am I missing?

Let me know if you find the “new threat” that we have recently begun to confront?  Maybe Cullison plans a part II.

Photo is from this April AP story.

See our category on the Boston Marathon Bombing, here.

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Germany (again!): Is “sugar on the table” drawing Chechens?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 16, 2013

German officials are scratching their heads about why the recent large numbers of Russians from Chechnya (homeland of the Boston Bombers) are coming to Germany seeking asylum.  See also “tensions rising” in German cities.

I was looking for a map that shows how far Chechnya is from Germany and this is the best I could find. If the ‘asylum-seekers’ went by land, and were truly desperate asylum-seekers, they would have traveled through many “safe” countries where they should have legally sought asylum BEFORE arriving in Germany (west of the circled Czech Republic).

From the BBC:

The number of people seeking political asylum in Germany has soared, and the biggest group by far was from Russia.

In the first half of this year, just over 43,000 refugees applied to stay – that is 86% more than in the same period in 2012.

It is the highest level since 1999, when people fled Serbia’s Kosovo war.

Many this year came from Russia’s Chechnya region, they told German officials. Violence and human rights abuses plague Chechnya.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said that “in 2012, by far the most asylum seekers in the European Union came to Germany, and in the first half of 2013 we saw almost a doubling of applications.

“The number of asylum seekers in the first half of 2013 was the greatest since the same period in 1999.”

According to the interior ministry, 9,957 people came from Russia and claimed political asylum in Germany, compared with 4,517 from Syria and 3,448 from Afghanistan.  [I’m sure Putin is thrilled to be relieved of them!—ed]

Perplexed analysts!

The figures for refugees from Chechnya are perplexing analysts because there has not been a perceptible deterioration of the situation there. No worsening of a vicious war has been reported in the North Caucasus republic.

Germany put the “sugar on the table!”   (A commenter used that phrase recently and I love it!)

Seems that a logical explanation is that Germany offers asylum-seekers/refugees more taxpayer-funded goodies, and that is the draw.  However, for Muslims it’s a twofer, they can fulfill their Muslim duty (Al-Hijra) by helping to build the Islamic caliphate and live fairly well doing it!

The BBC continues:

One theory being mooted in ministries to explain the surge is that, exactly a year ago, Germany’s highest court ruled that asylum seekers waiting for their applications to be processed should receive the same social benefits as Germans.

That led to higher payments for food and accommodation, as the different regions of Germany implemented the court’s strictures.

Svetlana Gannushkina, a leading human rights activist in Russia, says Chechens appear to have been motivated by rumours that Germany “has opened its doors to Chechens”.

In an e-mail to the BBC, she said “a rumour is circulating that in Germany each family is given a parcel of land and money to build a house”.

Update August 18th:  A reader sent us this story from Der Spiegel about the “rumor” and the ramifications.  People are desperate to leave Chechnya now being ruled by hard-line Islamists according to this story.

All of our posts on Germany and its refugee/asylum/illegal alien problems are here.

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Investor’s Business Daily op-ed: Stop importing terrorists to US

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2013

Thanks to Jerry Gordon (New English Review) for sending this editorial from IBD in response to revelations about Chechen asylees-cum-killers in our midst.

There is one paragraph at the end I want to share with readers because I found it especially chilling.

Where are they?

According to DHS, there are 87 deportable alien fugitives from Kazakhstan still at large in the U.S. That’s in addition to the 50 from Afghanistan, 164 from Egypt; 101 from Iran; 94 from Iraq; nine from Libya; 384 from Pakistan; 79 from Somalia; 45 from Sudan; 77 from Yemen; and 126 from Saudi Arabia — a number that has almost doubled during the Obama administration.

And, consider that the Tsarnaevs were on no one’s removal list prior to April 15th.

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Media on Chechens, manipulating the numbers and twisting the truth

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 20, 2013

Steve Sailer has a very good post on Chechens, here (read it), in which he directs us to a USA Today story on Chechen “refugee” numbers.

Here is how USA Today begins (emphasis mine, and when I use red I really mean it!):

Glen Howard looks like a nice guy, maybe I shouldn’t say he is lying. But no city in America gets to pick its refugees!

There are probably fewer than about 200 Chechen immigrants in the United States, and most of them are settled in the Boston area, as many U.S. cities have refused to accept asylum applicants from the war-torn area of southern Russia, says Glen Howard, president of the Jamestown Foundation.

Glen Howard is flat out lying!    First, we really don’t know how many Chechens are in the US (heck, clearly this family was moving back and forth to Russia), but more importantly I am unaware of any city in America given the opportunity to say “NO ” to any particular ethnic refugee group Indeed, this is one of the most serious complaints about refugee resettlement (which includes asylees)—states and cities are not consulted in the resettlement process, and once the migrant has a foot in the door, they can move anywhere.

The decision about which cities get refugees and from where is made mostly by unelected federal contractors (the volags) in collaboration with the State Department.  This is a Tenth Amendment States Rights issue that hardly any state has ever raised (except maybe Tennessee).    Only when there has been a complete breakdown in the city due to refugee overload is there ever a hiatus for a city once it’s been deemed “welcoming” by the resettlement industry.

***Update*** A reader this evening sent this comment in response to the above point:

Not only do states and cities not have a choice to say no, but when and if they try to, the federal government simply contracts with a private non-profit to bring them anyway.

Should there ever be any peep of objection by the “native population”, they are then accused of being unwelcoming.

USA Today continued with this:

About 70% of the Chechen immigrants are women, Howard says. Very few men are granted asylum because of U.S. anti-terrorism policies and because Russia often protests when ethnic Chechens try to settle in the U.S., he said. The U.S. admitted only 197 refugees from all of Russia in 2012.

This is how they twist the numbers.  There might have been only 197 from Russia proper in 2012, but that is meaningless!   Go to the Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress for 2009 (published three years late btw) and go to Appendix A.  Note that refugees are listed as from THE FORMER USSR!  (not just Russia).

From 1983 to 2009 we resettled 526,308 from THE FORMER USSR which includes Russia AND all of those countries that split off—all of the ‘stan’ Muslim countries.  Someone at the State Department might be able to tell us how many are Chechens, and indeed how many are Muslims!

In 2005 we resettled:  11,272

In 2006: 10,452

In 2007: 4,583

In 2008: 2,390

In 2009: 2,022

After that the numbers are hard to find (and I’ve got other things to do today!).  But, if the ORR wasn’t breaking the law by not providing annual reports to Congress for 2010, 2011 and 2012, we could easily find numbers.

And, then this!  We are expected to assume the US has only 200 Chechens when Austria has 30,000.  Last I checked you could come to the US easily from Europe once you were in the EU.

That contrasts with many European countries, especially Austria, where many Chechens who want to leave difficult conditions at home settle. Austria has about 30,000 Chechen immigrants, Howard said.

For additional edification, readers might want to search RRW for all the problems poor Austria is having with its large and ever-growing Muslim population.  Just type ‘Austria’ into our search function and see if you want that here!


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It is time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, or is it too late for us already?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 20, 2013

There I’ve said it.  I know most respectable immigration control advocates won’t say it.  It is just too politically-incorrect for most people, but it has to be said.  Many are afraid of what CAIR will say (LOL! they have already come out to warn against backlash!), but most are just plain afraid to be called racist, xenophobic, bigoted boobs.

The Chechen Jihadists carry deadly bombs through happy American crowd in Boston on April 15,2013

I don’t know what the total number of Muslims we admit each year is (the State Department knows, but does not release that information), but it is substantial via our Refugee Resettlement Program which includes refugees the US State Department brings here, and those who come seeking asylum.

And, as for the latter, remember that not all of those coming across our borders in the dark of night are Mexicans looking for landscaping and nanny jobs—OTMs (Other than Mexicans) account for thousands each year.   The Gang of Eight bill now before the US Senate would allow those from Islamic countries to get on the path to citizenship.

National War College Report

Yesterday, as news unfolded from Boston, I couldn’t help but think about State Department official David Robinson’s report to the National War College in 2000 in which he tells us the sorry tale of  Clinton/Gore demanding that we airlift thousands of Kosovars to the US to show that there was a need for the Balkan war.  You see a war wouldn’t be a real one without “refugees.”

A short time later we hauled many of them back to Kosovo, here.

Cheering the decision for an airlift were the federal refugee contractors (euphemistically called Voluntary Agencies—Volags for short) who get paid by the head (by you!) to resettle the refugees.

That report opened my eyes to the realization that we were using the refugee program for political reasons unrelated to the plight of the poor and suffering camp-dwelling people you are accustomed to seeing as the poster children for the program.

The Boston bomber brothers are just two of those belonging to a particular Muslim ethnic group we are moving into your towns and cities for some other foreign policy reason unrelated to their supposed suffering.

US State Department hearing

Last year, at the State Department hearing on how many refugees to bring in FY2013, I listed ten reasons we needed a moratorium on the whole program.  That testimony is here.   Numbers 3 and 7 relate to my point here this morning:

3)   Terrorist organizations (mostly Islamic) are using the program that still clearly has many failings in the security screening system.  Indeed consideration should be given to halting the resettlement of Muslims altogether.  Also, the UN should have no role in choosing refugees for the US.


7)   Congress needs to specifically disallow the use of the refugee program for other purposes of the US Government, especially using certain refugee populations to address unrelated foreign policy objectives—Uzbeks, Kosovars, Meshketians and Bhutanese (Nepalese) people come to mind. [editors note: Bhutanese are not Muslims]

Regarding #7, we have chronicled on many occasions over the last five plus years problems with refugee groups we resettled for questionable foreign policy reasons. Now we can add Chechens!  Was our government helping out a foreign government (Russia!) by bringing them here in apparently large numbers? 

Naive people involved in refugee resettlement have this crazy notion that America is a magic melting pot whose power is so great that Islamists will give up their Koranic admonition to wage jihad in exchange for the good life—a job, a house, a car and other material goodies.

Let’s list just a few “refugee” ethnic groups that have created problems here in addition to Chechens:

Kurds, Somalis, Ethiopians, Uzbeks, Bosnians, Iraqis, Albanians—we have written about them here at one point or another having created problems for the communities to which they were distributed.   Look for more Muslims to be resettled from Syria, Afghanistan, and Burma (Rohingya!).

Don’t forget!  Once the seed community is established the original settlers can apply to bring their family members with the help of the Volags (who are paid to do the paperwork processing).

Send a message to the US State Department

The next hearing on how many (and which refugees) to bring to America in FY2014 is in May.  Go here to see how you can send in testimony.  You do not have to be an expert on the program and testimony can be short (civil please)!

And, don’t forget!  Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, buy it and read it!

Follow me on twitter!  I’m new at it, but am hooked and having a blast.  AnnC @RefugeeWatcher

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