Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service “cautiously hopeful” refugee ceiling will return to 110,000

I’m actually stunned that they think that the Trump Administration could be forced by a judge (or two judges) to shoot for a refugee “ceiling” number set by Obama for a year he would no longer be President.

For the zillionth time, even if Obama was  still in the White House there is no legal requirement that the President reach the CEILING he set for admissions the previous fall.

As we showed you here—they never reach the ceiling!

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and World Relief mentioned in this story are federal refugee resettlement contractors paid through your tax dollars to place refugees in your towns and are most assuredly part of the ‘Religious Left’ I told you about earlier this morning.

Calling all Lutherans! You need to know what is being done in your name!***

Here is the story from Religion News Service:

CHICAGO (RNS) It was her desire to hear the stories of real people — “not just faceless refugees or immigrants” — that brought the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton to a refugee resettlement agency that provides a range of services to refugees in the Chicago area.

Presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

“Especially now, when there’s this fear that’s been stirred up and anti-refugee sentiment, it’s really critical to say, ‘No, these people are our grandparents, our aunts and uncles,” said the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination.

Her visit last week (March 21) to RefugeeOne, a resettlement agency supported by Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Service, comes at a time when the status of the U.S. refugee resettlement program is uncertain.

On March 15, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked an executive order by President Trump that would have more than halved the number of refugees accepted by the United States from the current ceiling of 110,000.

Now, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is “cautiously hopeful” resettlement will return to the numbers that had been planned for 2017, said Kay Bellor, vice president for programs.

***According to LIRS website these are the Lutheran groups affiliated and supportive of bringing refugees to the US:

Rooted in Lutherans’ faithful and caring response to the challenges facing uprooted peoples, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service celebrates strong collaborative relationships with three national Lutheran church bodies. They are the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod LC-MS, and the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LELCA).

Go here for our extensive reporting on LIRS, a preeminent member of the refugee industry.

Don’t miss this post—Will Lutheran bigwigs see pay cuts?

I am forever confident that one day, mainstream media will report on how much of your money these groups are gobbling to promote their progressive world view!

Chicago: Story about Rohingya Muslim airport workers is instructive

Thanks to Joanne for sending this story about supposed discrimination against non-English speaking workers at O’Hare airport in Chicago.

Explain to us again how we are security-screening the Rohingya who have fled Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh in boats and are scattered throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Do they have any documents in plastic baggies on these boats? I doubt it!

Before you read it consider these points:

~The ‘star’ of this story and his Rohingya Muslim fellow worker are ‘boat people’ who arrived in Malaysia, likely with no papers, and only stories about abuse in Burma, or possibly Bangladesh. We brought them as refugees to America.*** So while Congress and others focus their energy on Syrian refugees who CANNOT be thoroughly screened, we admit Rohingya Muslims who have been wandering all over Southeast Asia and we don’t know who they are either!

~This article describes a growing practice of hiring Muslim refugees in airports!

~While there is squawking about companies, like the airplane cleaning company, using non-English speaking workers with suggestions they are being cheated, there is no suggestion that the notorious union SEIU is also using them for its purposes!

~We have admitted ( 13,500 Rohingya Muslims during the Obama Administration. 543 arrived in the last three months.

Here is the news at DNAinfo:

WEST RIDGE — A Rohingya refugee who immigrated to the U.S. two years ago from war-torn Myanmar hoped he would find opportunity and a second chance by settling in Chicago, with a job at O’Hare. Instead, Amir Hussin Bin Mohamadur Rahman has found himself at the center of a workers rights struggle unfolding within Chicago’s labor force.

Rahman, 25, got a job shortly after his arrival in June 2015 with Scrub, Inc., a company that employs workers who clean the cabins of planes after flights.

That relationship ended in late November after Rahman publicly rallied alongside Service Employees International Union members and other airport workers in a one-day strike with the “Fight For $15” minimum wage campaign.

Rahman also spoke out at an employee meeting advocating for Scrub, Inc. workers to unionize, an act he alleges led to his firing.


At different times, Rahman and Ahmad made their way to Malaysia before immigrating to the U.S. and resettling in the Rogers Park/West Ridge area where an established Rohinga refugee community exists. [It exists because the US State Department and a refugee contractor place them there. Just what Chicago needs (poor refugees competing with poor Americans for jobs)—ed]

Continue reading here.

***We have an extensive archive on Rohingya resettlement, click here (193 posts).

Jobs Americans won’t do? Making Chicago cheesecake

The new UN High Commissioner for Refugees (after visiting Senator John McCain in Washington and signing an agreement to get more money from US taxpayers) visited Eli’s Cheesecake Company in Chicago.

McCain and Grandi
Arizona Senator John McCain warmly greets new UN High Commissioner for Refugees as Grandi comes to DC for his annual dip into the US Treasury. Grandi is ‘head hunter’ for American big business.

We learn that a federal refugee contractor lines up jobs for refugees with Eli’s!

Contractor RefugeeOne took in $2.1 million from taxpayers in 2014 to act as an employment service for refugees.  It brags that it brought 16,000 refugees to Chicago since 1982!

What! no Americans willing to make cheesecake? Or, is there some special tax incentive for Eli’s to hire foreign labor?

The UN trumpets the news here:

CHICAGO, United States, March 18 (UNHCR) – During a week-long visit to the United States, the head of the United Nations refugee agency welcomed Washington’s longstanding commitment to resettling more refugees than any other country and emphasized that managing the refugee crisis is a global responsibility.

Speaking on a visit to Chicago, where he met with refugees, US lawmakers and resettlement agencies, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said: “Resettlement addresses the needs of the most vulnerable and is the safest way to move people from one country to another. Refugees flee terror, they don’t bring terror to countries. Their arrival is very carefully vetted, so there should be no fear.”


While in the Midwestern city, Grandi visited RefugeeOne, a Chicago area non-profit that works with refugees fleeing war, persecution and terror, helping them to build new lives of safety, dignity and self-reliance.

Eli’s CEO Marc Schulman gets cheap immigrant labor and bakes cakes for Obama!

Finding employment is a major step for a refugee to become self-reliant and one of the businesses that RefugeeOne has long partnered with is Eli’s Cheesecake Company, which has been employing refugees for over 25 years.


“It takes UNHCR to protect us, RefugeeOne to place us in jobs and people like Marc to help us become productive,” he added, referring to the President of Eli’s Cheesecake Company.


RefugeeOne is a subcontractor of three BIG contracting agencies of the US State Department:  Church World Service, Episcopal Migration Ministries, and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

So, no low income Americans want the jobs? Or, it just isn’t cool enough for these Christian charities to help Americans first?

See Leo Hohmann at WND about African Americans being hammered by competition with immigrant labor, here.

One of the groups organizing against Trump in Chicago was a “refugee rights” group

The Daily Caller has posted a list of the groups (it wasn’t just Media Matters!) who organized the disruptive and at times violent protest that shut down a Donald Trump rally on Friday evening in Chicago.

ICIRR’s Fred Tsao

One group is the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR). (Note the Daily Caller reporter has garbled the name.) But below and here is what the DC says of a group we have reported on many times over the years. (See our lengthy archive on ICIRR here.)

I can’t emphasize enough that ICIRR and its companion groups, like the ones in Tennessee and Massachusetts, are not driven by ‘humanitarian’ zeal, but are hard left community agitation groups working to change America by changing the people!

The DC:

This radical leftist group, specializing in immigration, is a more extreme version of the far left version of National Council on La Raza in Illinois.

The group was featured in an article profiling some of the groups intending to protest Trump’s rally in the left-wing website, Progress Illinois on March 8 entitled “New Americans Hit The Polls In Chicago As Immigrant Advocates Gear Up For Anti-Trump Protest.”

“There’s a lot of really hateful rhetoric with respect to immigrants being voiced by candidates out there, “ICIRR’s Senior Policy Counsel Fred Tsao said in that article. “We want to show that immigrants are patriotic, contributing and eager to participate in the political process and to integrate into society.”   [Hey Fred, hint! It doesn’t help your cause to get poor immigrants and refugees out to events like this!—ed]

This group was not only instrumental in creating not only the most radical local immigration ordinance but championed the case which inspired the DREAM Act.

Go here to read more about ICIRR and other groups that organized the anti-free speech rally in Chicago.

Remember readers that when you make that foolish distinction and say LEGAL immigration is good and illegal is bad, groups like ICIRR are making no such distinction.  It is all the same to them—they want large numbers of immigrants to build a permanent voting majority for their Leftwing wet dreams.  See a list of their ‘partners’ here.

ICIRR’s former director, Joshua Hoyt, has moved on to a larger ‘change agent’ role, see a mention here.  He is the Executive Director of the National Partnership for New Americans, here.

Hey, Chicago resettlement contractors, are you missing a family?

Update and correction!  I had originally read about 4 reports calling this family “refugees” (I guess they are in a sense!), but reader ‘pungent peppers’ has found a lengthier story about them and they do appear to be American “refugees” from Chicago.  Here is the linkIt is still worth noting that nothing has improved for the South Side since Obama began his political career there, and the US State Department is still pouring refugees into crime-ridden Chicago neighborhoods.

This is a strange story.  A family of ten “refugees” was found by police under a pile of blankets in Madison, Wisconsin.  Communication with the police was difficult, but adults related to the officers that they had to leave Chicago (aka the murder capital of the USA) because of the gun violence in their South Side neighborhood (Englewood).

Obama running for State Senator in Chicago’s South Side—goin’ to improve the neighborhood! Guess not!

No report on how the four adults and six children traveled the 150 miles to Madison.  And, there is no mention of what nationality they are—only their resettlement contractor knows for sure!

From The Inquisitr:

During morning patrols, a police officer discovered a family of 10 huddled under a makeshift shelter of blankets on the street. They were war refugees in a way, but this sad story doesn’t come from Syria… it comes from Madison, Wisconsin.

The Smoking Gun reports that the group were “shocked” by the officer’s concern for their well-being, though possibly not as shocked as he was to hear their tale. This group of four adults, a five-month-old baby, several toddlers, and two older children had been on the Madison streets for two weeks, camping near the State Capitol.

And they came from Chicago.

“They explained they had escaped the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side,” the police said.

The group explained that they had “fled Chicago from where a lot of shootings and deaths were occurring.” The officer added, “It was just too dangerous to stay; some people they knew were killed.”

Police added that the group had not been panhandling or asking for handouts.

The family received immediate aid from the police, including food, money and short-term housing provided by three local churches. The report concludes that while the family’s “future still holds many questions,” they are now “away from the bullets.”

The report neglects to describe how the family managed to make the 150-mile journey from Chicago to Madison.

Chicago is a major resettlement city.  According to stats at, since 2001, the US State Department has resettled 11,406 refugees in the impoverished neighborhoods of the city.  1,023 new refugees were resettled there this year.  Here is one story we posted in 2009 about Chicago’s Heartland Alliance placing refugees in slum neighborhoods—guess the beat goes on!  Be sure to read that 2009 post to the end for Obama’s own connection to Heartland Alliance and Bill Ayers.

Catholic Church in Chicago to sponsor two refugee families

O.K. So what is so interesting about that?

They are talking about raising $1600 privately to sponsor a family for the first three months, and that is about what Catholic Charities or the Bishops get per family from the US taxpayer.  So does this mean that since the local church will sponsor for three months, the local Catholic Charities contractor gets to pocket what they got from the feds for the same family?

I’ve been an advocate for private sponsorship from the earliest days of writing this blog, HOWEVER, my plan would leave the contractor-middleman (in this case some bureaucracy of the Church out of it), and my reform suggestion is that the family be supported privately for a year or two (three months is hardly time enough to find a job and be self-sufficient) with NO dependence on taxpayer-funded social services.  In that way, the parishioners wishing to help a family would be doing so out of a purely private charitable motivation and there would be a heightened opportunity for the family to truly assimilate.

Here is the story from Chicago.  Again, does this mean the funds received by the contractor for this family can be pocketed?

RIVERSIDE – Earlier this year, St. Mary Parish of Riverside started an initiative to help refugee families resettling in Chicago become self-sufficient in three months by providing housing, job opportunities, financial support and a medium to develop relationships with the church’s parishioners.

St. Mary Parish began its Refugee Sponsorship Committee in March in collaboration with the Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement program and plans to help resettle two families by the end of this year.

It needs to raise $1,600 per family to be able to supply services, including a welcome pack, subsidized rent for 90 days, an apartment in Rodgers Park, financial help and assistance in finding a job.

The church has raised $1,556 so far and has furniture in storage for the potential apartment.

“The goal is to ease [them] in,” Dalia Rocotello, a member of the Refugee Sponsorship Committee said.

To be clear, my plan would naturally limit the number of refugees entering the US by the amount of private charity available for their care until they are truly on their feet.

Iraqi Palestinians suffer in Chicago; mental illness is one major problem

This is a very interesting article about a Palestinian family (from a camp on the border of Iraq and Syria).  I am posting a lot of it because it in so many ways summarizes many different topics we discuss here daily.

A little background:  We don’t normally take Palestinian refugees (or at least we haven’t) because they are needed to keep the pressure on that evil Israel.  If they are resettled and scattered around the world, Arabs wouldn’t have anything to complain about and no reason to continually send rockets into the state of Israel (just call me cynical!).

However, Palestinians were welcomed into Iraq by Saddam Hussein, one of the few Arab countries that wanted them.  When the war came in 2003, ol’ Saddam went into his ‘spider’ hole, and the new Shiite government didn’t like those Sunni Palestinians and so many Palestinians (34,000 we are told in today’s article) tried to get into Syria, another Muslim country that didn’t want them.  They ended up in a refugee camp on the border and we decided to take a thousand or two of them (numbers vary).  That is where we pick up our story from Chicago.

From New America Media:

CHICAGO — A fragile sense of security often robs Zuhair Sulaiman of the luxury of a good night’s sleep. “The fear is embedded inside,” he said in Arabic at a meeting at Arab American Family Services in Bridgeview, Ill., just outside Chicago.

Along with more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs, who abandoned their homes, his family fled to Iraq when Israel was born in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. He lived in Iraq as a Palestinian refugee with no citizenship papers for 54 years before applying to come to the United States as a refugee.

Now, living in Chicago as an Iraqi refugee, Sulaiman, 58, is grateful to be in a safe and secure country, but nightly dreams of death, and fears for his children when they leave the house. “I saw too many things in Iraq; too many dead bodies, too many dead children, too many heads cut off in the street and too much blood.”

But here he faces new struggles—many of them not unlike those faced by others seeking sanctuary in America. He struggles with poverty because of the limited help offered by the U.S. government. He struggles to pay the government back for his family’s flight to America. And he struggles to find his feet in a place that’s so different from what he’s always known.

Living in the Al-Waleed refugee camp in Iraq, near the border with Syria and the Al-Tanf crossing, Sulaiman applied to come to the United States through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). With the help of World Relief-Chicago, Sulaiman, his wife Allaay, and their five children, who were born into refugee status in Iraq, were relocated to various areas of Chicago in 2010. Sulaiman now lives with his wife and three of his children in the North Side Chicago neighborhood of Albany Park.

US government not doing enough for refugees!

As refugees, he and his family received assistance from the U.S. government when they arrived, but were eventually forced to seek aid on their own. Sulaiman found help at the non-profit organization Arab American Family Services, but he says more could be done to assist the refugees.

Resettled by World Relief,* one of nine primary federal contractors (they have spun off hundreds of subcontractors) which is almost completely funded with your tax dollars.  Here is a succinct little summary of what refugees get from you managed by World Relief:

For the fiscal year 2012, the State Department provided a one-time payment of $1,100 per refugee upon arrival in Illinois. Refugees arriving in the U.S. are placed with a resettlement agency, such as World Relief-Chicago, that has signed a cooperative agreement with the State Department. The affiliates are responsible for assuring that the refugees receive aid for the first 30 to 90 days after arrival, arranging for services such as food, housing, clothing, employment services and follow-up medical care.

Income eligible single adult refugees, and married couples without children, are eligible for Refugee Cash and Medical Assistance, from the Office of Refugee Resettlement, Department of Health and Human Services (ORR), for eight months from the date of arrival. Families with children are eligible for Transitional Aid for Needy Families (TANF) for up to five years. Eligibility criteria for these services often parallel the state’s Medicaid programs.

Refugees must pay for the cost of their plane ticket, though. The U.S. government is reimbursed for the costs expended of the refugees’ flights by the refugees’ sponsor agencies. These agencies then set up payment plans for the refugees. Sulaiman said when he resettled in Illinois in 2010 the U.S. provided every member of his family $900.

On this plane ticket repayment business, keep in mind that World Relief, in this case, gets a cut of whatever money they collect from the refugees for the plane ticket loan.  The full repayment, if it ever happens, does not go back into the US Treasury (which originally supplied the plane ticket funds).

World Relief   “took their hand away,” said Sulaiman:

He received two months of aid from World Relief-Chicago before they “took their hand away.” Now he pays about $50 a month to cover a $5,000 debt for the plane tickets that brought him and his family to Chicago. Once World Relief-Chicago stopped supporting Sulaiman and his family, he had to seek out aid from a social service agency. One of his married daughters was resettled in Bridgeview, Ill., just outside Chicago, and through word-of-mouth he was able to reach out to Arab American Family Services, for services such as English-language tutoring.

He and his wife are also seeing a therapist through Heartland Alliance.

Although this reporter is trying to make it sound like these good-hearted charitable organizations like Heartland Alliance are picking up the slack where the bad US government has dropped the ball, know that Heartland is largely funded with taxpayer dollars too.  See their recent Form 990 (here) (page 9).  It is a $20 million organization which gets over $13 million from GOVERNMENT GRANTS.

The article continues:

Shalabi said the resources available to refugees are often good in theory, but executed poorly. “Refugees’ expectations are very high based off what the American government promised them, but the response is not always as dignified as it should be; a lot of them are left to fend with inadequate furniture and clothing, mental health issues, children trying to adjust to new schools and parents who don’t know their rights because they come from countries where they had none.”

“Things are given to refugees when they first arrive, but often they are given fish and not taught how to fish,” said Shalabi.

The US government made no such promises!   And, frankly the federal contractors, World Relief is one!, were supposed to be in a PUBLIC-PRIVATE partnership to care for the refugees.  However, when the government money runs out it’s bye-bye to the refugees, you are on your own now while we (World Relief) “welcome” our next batch of new refugee clients who still have government ‘resources’ attached to them.

* World Relief  (Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals) also headquartered in Baltimore is not as rich as the IRC I reported on yesterday.  According to its most recent Form 990 (here), it is a $53 million a year federal contractor receiving $31 million from YOU, the taxpayer.  World Relief Chicago is a subcontractor of contractor World Relief.  No separation of church and state when it comes to your tax dollars flowing to “non-profit” “charitable” religious organizations!