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Eritreans top list of Muslim ‘refugees’ entering the US this past week

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 19, 2017

But, are they really persecuted refugees or are they economic migrants from yet another African country whose government is a mess?

And thus the fundamental question for us, as always, is: So why are they our problem?

Pordenone, Italy. 15th April 2015 — (A group of 47) Somali and Eritrean migrants on the run as they try to escape from a police station in Pordenone while being round up for identification, Italy.

I did my usual end-of-the-week look at Wrapsnet just now. If you are following my updates in the right hand side bar here at RRW, note that as of today we have admitted 44,888 refugees this fiscal year (the FY ends on September 30th).

Checking the numbers this week I was interested to see that only a little over a quarter of the 813 admitted since last Friday are Muslims.  The Syrian numbers are way down (18 of the 22 admitted this week are Muslims).  We did admit another 57 Somalis, but of the 49 Iraqis admitted, the vast majority (38) are Yezidis. There were zero Iraqi Christians admitted this past week.

I was also interested to see that our Burmese Muslim numbers are growing with 35 admitted this past week (from 5/12-5/19), but of most interest to me was the large number of Muslims admitted during the week from Eritrea (68!).

I have to admit, I’ve never really paid any attention to the flow of Eritreans to the US.  We know they are one of the larger groups flooding in to Europe mostly passing through Hillary’s failed state of Libya, but apparently our US State Department is scooping up a fair number of them as well.

They have an African “authoritarian government,” but why is that our problem? 

Eritrea and Ethiopia have been on-again, off-again at war forever.  Why is that our problem?

One of the ‘human rights’ complaints about Eritrea is its mandatory conscription to military service, so,again, why is that our problem?

Indeed, many question whether the Eritreans are legitimate “refugees” or are they “economic migrants.”

“In refugee law, it can be tricky to draw the line between an economic migrant and someone who is fleeing persecution,” says Felix Horne, a researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Eritrea is the best example of that…”

Admissions of Eritreans are on the rise in the US

I explored Wrapsnet a bit to see what we have  been doing for about the last ten or so fiscal years with Eritreans and sure enough, the numbers we admit are on the rise.

In FY2008 we admitted only 251.  That number jumped to 1,571 in Obama’s first year. In 2016 it was 1,949 and, in the first seven and a half months of this fiscal year, the number stands at 1,307.

In the past week, ending this morning, we admitted 90 Eritreans and 68 of those are Muslims. That was the highest ethnic group of Muslims in the week. Are they getting “extreme vetting?”

If we continue to admit 90 a week*** for the remaining  weeks of the fiscal year, the Trump Administration could reach 3,000 by September 30th (well above any year during the Obama Administration).

Since FY2007 we admitted 16,897 Eritreans to the US.

There is a lot of useful information in the article I linked above and here from the Council on Foreign Relations if you want to learn more about the Eritrean tide spreading to Europe and America.  One of the points that jumped out at me is one we discussed, here, recently.

Note that US dollars sent out of the US economy prop up Eritrea’s economy:

Eritreans in the diaspora also contribute to Eritrea’s economic survival by sending their families remittances, which provide the country with foreign reserves and keep families afloat.

So, as Syrian and Somali refugee numbers decline slightly, we are seeing an increase in Burmese Rohingya Muslims to the US as well as the Eritreans we have featured in this post.

*** Here is the breakdown of the Eritrean refugee admissions for the week of May 12-May 19, 2017 from Wrapsnet:


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Maine: Tsarnaev’s gun came from Eritrean gang member in Portland

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 14, 2014

However, the Portland Chief of Police maintains that Maine is still a safe state with only a few loosely affiliated immigrant gangs!

Boston bomber Tsarnaev was a political “refugee” in America

It’s all over the news, but as usual the UK press (Daily Mail!) is covering the story in its famously direct fashion, no beating around the bush about the nationalities of the gang bangers like the defensive-sounding Maine papers.

Longtime readers of RRW know that Maine has become a magnet for African refugees—as refugees resettled directly there by the US State Department, as secondary migrants, and as asylum seekers.  See our lengthy archive on Maine, here.   See especially our 2009 post about the Somali migration to Maine for its generous welfare.

By the way, when you check out the Portland paper (the Sun Journal), note that one of the gangs they are watching is the Somali True Bloods.

Here is the UK Daily Mail (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

The 9mm pistol that Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev used to murder one police officer and gravely wound another came from a brutal street gang in Maine that is allegedly led by an Eritrean immigrant.

Tracking the path of the Ruger P95 semiautomatic pistol has led investigators to believe he may have dealt drugs to finance the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings that killed three spectators and injured more than 260 others.

Drug money is also believed to have funded the 26-year-old’s 2012 trip to Chechnya and Dagestan in Russia, where he became involved in radical Islam.


They found that it was legally purchased at a Cabella’s sporting goods store outside Portland, Maine, in November 2011 by Danny Sun Jr – a Los Angeles native. The gun typically sells for about $375.

Sun told investigators that he gave the pistol to Biniam Tsegai, a 27-year-old Eritrean immigrant who goes by the street name ‘Icy.’

The Times reports that Tsegai is a reputed leader of a Portland, Maine, street gang with a lengthy arrest record – including robbery, criminal trespass and reckless driving.

In May 2013 – a month after the marathon bombings – Tsegai was arrested and indicted on federal drug trafficking charges. Prosecutors noted that the drugs he is accused of trafficking were brought from Boston to Maine.

Tsegai has refused to talk to authorities about the Ruger pistol – or anything else.

However, Tsarnaev’s possession of the weapon have strengthened their suspicions that he was involved in drug trafficking.

This last bit in the story is a terrible black mark on investigators.  That these murders linked to Tsarnaev were not solved (and still aren’t solved as far as I know) in a timely fashion is a travesty.

They have not been able to prove his involvement, but suspect he had something to do with the September 11, 2011 murder of three men in an apartment outside Boston who were found with the throats slit. Marijuana and $1,000 in cash was found sprinkled around the crime scene.

Besides Maine, where are the Eritreans?

RRW geography lesson!

They are in Washington DC in very large numbers.  The State Department and its contractors don’t normally resettle new refugees to DC (the well-off and well-connected might be troubled by that), but Eritreans are going to DC as secondary migrants having been resettled elsewhere in the US.

Here is a lengthy story, also thanks to ‘pungentpeppers,’ about how their kinfolk in Africa are being kidnapped and ransomed and the DC Eritreans are stressed about it.

According to wikipedia about 50% of the population of Eritrea is Christian and 48% Muslim.

From the Washington City Paper:

Eritreans began migrating to the U.S. in small numbers in the 1960s, when the country was still part of Ethiopia, according to Hepner. Subsequent waves in the 1980s and over the past five years brought thousands more, mainly as part of refugee resettlement programs, and the D.C. area has long been home to one of the largest communities in the country, Hepner says.

Read it all.

This is our 30th post in our Boston bomber category, click here, for more on the case and that grateful refugee family.

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Boston: Man stomped by gang which escaped into Eritrean Community Center to play pool, watch TV

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 21, 2013

Mid-week diversity is strength alert!

A reader sent this story from Boston via The Southend Patch.   Sometimes those ‘Patch’ papers have more news than do primary media outlets.   The crime happened earlier this month.

Eritrean Community Center on Shawmut Ave. working to alleviate problems Eritrean refugees and immigrants have in the US. Editorial Note: More work needed now for sure!

Boston Police found a wounded man on Shawmut Avenue at about 3:20 a.m. on August 8.

Officers stopped to investigate and saw multiple bruises on the victim’s head as well as several abrasions on his knees, ankles, arms and face. The victim was barefoot.

The victim told police that he arrived on Shawmut Avenue in a cab, when a man stole his iPhone from his pocket and climbed a fence into the Eritrean Community Center. The victim confronted the suspect, and several young men climbed over the fence and stomped the victim as he lay on the ground. The suspects also took the victim’s sandals and threw them away.

Police walked into the Community Center and found a room full of young men playing pool and watching T.V. [at 3:20 a.m.! Guess they aren’t working in the morning!—ed]

The victim was able to identify the suspects.

LOL!  Looks like they have some diversity among the alleged “stompers!”

Officers arrested Farah Amed of 35 Fields Way, Brighton, Sharmake Ibrahim of 268 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Mohamud Hashi of 50 Decatur Street, Charlestown, Abdikeyer Mohamud of 45 Tufts Street, Charlestown, Christopher Hobin of 4 Shushala Way, Plymouth, Merih Tekleghiorghis of 7 Egmont Street, Brookline were each charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Here is more on the Eritrean Community Center

Eritrea, in Africa: Church World Service testified in May that they want the US to bring in more Eritreans!

This is what they say on their website, click here (emphasis is mine):

Massachusetts and particularly the Greater Boston area has one of the oldest and largest Eritrean-American communities in the U.S.  The earliest members of the community migrated to the Boston area in the early ‘70s, mostly seeking higher education.  A large influx was experienced in the1980s due to the escalation of the war for independence of Eritrea.

Concerned Eritrean-American residents of the Greater Boston area met and took action to organize around issues affecting their families, their community and their homeland. They formed The Eritrean Community Center of Greater Boston (ECC-Boston) in 1983. The organization is one of the first grassroots Eritrean community development corporations founded and operated by Eritrean refugees and immigrants in the U.S.


The Eritrean community in Greater Boston has grown significantly over the last two decades in numbers as well as in its critical needs.  Total number of the Eritrean-American community in the greater Boston area is estimated to be upwards of 700.


ECC-Boston aims to help alleviate some of the problems faced by Eritreans in the Boston area by bridging the cultural and linguistic barriers and by helping its members integrate and contribute their share in the society. It provides a forum for members to organize and work together to find solutions to the challenges that its members are facing in the US, while addressing issues affecting their country of origin.

So who is funding the ECC in Boston (here)?  “Enriching lives” they say!

Putnam Investment
City of Boston – Safe Neighborhood Youth Fund
U.S. Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion(ODPHP)
Regional Health Administrators
University of Massachusetts Boston
Institute of Community Inclusion
Children’s Hospital Boston
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Church World Service (one of nine major federal resettlement contractors) testified in May to the US State Department and asked for more Eritreans to be resettled in your towns!    See their testimony, here.  They are probably not alone in their appeal, but I just happened on their testimony as I wrote this post.

An afterthought:  I can’t help but think that the criminal element is “embracing diversity” faster than the the average American.  See, the dreadful murder of the Australian young man in Oklahoma by some diverse killers, here.

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