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Magical mystery tour: finding the annual reports to Congress

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 5, 2012

One of the goals of Refugee Resettlement Watch is to help you, the average taxpaying American, find the information on this program—which “refugees” are coming, from what country, to which states, and how much all this costs us (among other things).  To that end we have a category entitled “where to find information.”

On Monday, I mentioned that I would like to see how many Iraqis we have resettled over the years, first the ones we resettled because of Saddam Hussein the crazy and cruel dictator, and now the ones we are resettling because the crazy, cruel dictator is gone and they have a democracy from which “refugees” wish to escape.  We can always find an excuse to import the masses.

So, I went to the Office of Refugee Resettlement website to see the annual reports to Congress and lo-and-behold some of them were missing (and not just the three recent ones where the ORR is breaking the law by not reporting).

I then wrote to ORR to ask where they are and am told they are at a Georgetown University Law Library website.  I’m sure the average interested citizen should have been able to find that easily (not!).

If you are at all interested in who has come to your state and how much this all costs, please visit these annual reports.  Go to tables at the end to see stats on states, refugee nationalities and numbers of refugees and asylees resettled in your states.

One final thing—drum roll please!  The annual report to Congress for 2009 (three years late) is in the review process and should be out soon we are told!

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