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Posts Tagged ‘racist Arabs’

Could there be racial bigotry among practitioners of the religion of peace?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 13, 2017

Fighting a war on two fronts! Some Muslims believe “we shouldn’t talk about anti-blackness within the community, because we’re under siege by Islamophobes. This is not the right time to air internal laundry.”

(Kameelah Rashad, University of Pennsylvania)


Yup, you know it is true!  Or, why would Somali Muslims, for example, want to build their own mosques in a community where  the Arab Muslims already had one?

Also, according to The Atlantic there is a split between immigrant Muslims (many black) and the long-established (well-off) Arabs in America.  The tension within the ‘community’ burst in to full-flower, we are told, at a December Muslim conference in Toronto.

Kameelah Rashad (right) with Linda Sansour. Rashad says she is fighting a war on two fronts—racism within Muslim ‘community’ and Islamophobia everywhere else. Photo:

The article is a bit disjointed (or maybe it is me!).  Or, could that be because the author can’t quite present the politically-incorrect information in a straightforward manner?

[BTW, when you have a few minutes look around at the many historical reports about how light-skinned Arab Muslims enslaved Africans for over a thousand years.]

Here are a few snips of Emma Green’s article at The Atlantic (emphasis is mine):

Muslim Americans Are United by Trump—and Divided by Race

When weary Muslims gathered in Toronto in December for an annual retreat, marking the end of a tumultuous U.S. election year, they probably didn’t expect the event to turn into a referendum on racial tensions within the American Muslim community. But it did.


Even though slightly less than one-third of American Muslims are black, according to Pew Research Center, American Muslims are most often represented in the media as Arab or South Asian immigrants. The distinction between the African-American Muslim experience and that of their immigrant co-religionists has long been a source of racial tension in the Muslim community, but since the election, things have gotten both better and worse. While some Muslims seem to be paying more attention to racism because of Donald Trump, others fear that any sign of internal division is dangerous for Muslims in a time of increased hostility.

While the Toronto conference was upsetting, Evans [Ubaydullah Evans, the executive director of the American Learning Institute for Muslims, who is black] said, he doesn’t think it’s representative of the biggest racial problems in the American Muslim community. White racism toward black people is “not the kind of racism that circumscribes my life as an American Muslim,” he told me. “It’s the social racism I experience from people of Arab descent, of Southeast Asian descent. This is the racism no one is talking about.” [Wait!  I thought only white Europeans could be racists! Arabs too?—ed]


The wave of immigration that shaped today’s American Muslim population began in the 1960s, after Congress lifted previous race-based restrictions on immigration. In many ways, this surge was directly connected to the work of black Muslims and others involved in the civil-rights movement: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 allowed far greater numbers of people from Asia and Africa to emigrate to the U.S. As of 2014, an estimated 61 percent of Muslims were immigrants, according to Pew, and another 17 percent were the children of immigrants. Many of the perceived racial tensions among Muslims come from conflicts between these immigrant communities and non-immigrants, who are often black.


Omar Suleiman (Dallas Imam): American Muslim population segregated by ethnicity and income.

“Immigrant Muslims had a convenient comfort zone,” said Omar Suleiman, an imam based in Dallas with a large online following. As each new immigrant community established its own mosques and community centers, portions of the Muslim American population became segregated by ethnicity and income.

For non-black Muslims who grew up in the suburbs, attended private schools, and rarely encountered black Muslims in their mosques, it’s easy “to internalize many of the poisonous notions about the black community that … diminish the pain of those communities,” he said.

“I think a lot of African American Muslims see a hypocrisy sometimes with immigrant Muslims,” said Saba Maroof, a Muslim psychiatrist with a South Asian background who lives in Michigan. “We say that Muslims are all equal in the eyes of God, that racism doesn’t exist in Islam.” And yet, cases of overt racism aren’t uncommon, like when South Asian or Arab immigrant parents don’t want their kids to marry black Muslims. “That happened in my family,” she said.


Some Muslims believe “we shouldn’t talk about anti-blackness within the community, because we’re under siege by Islamophobes. This is not the right time to air internal laundry,” Rashad [Kameelah Rashad, a black Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania] said. But “if I have to contend with anti-Muslim bigotry outside of the Muslim community, and within my own community, I’m having to push back on anti-black racism, I’m kind of fighting a war on two fronts.”

There is much more, continue reading here.

Melting pot myth exploded!

So, not only do we have a lack of assimilation among the many ethnic and religious groups we are admitting to the US, we obviously have it within Islam in America too!

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Libyan officials are in Texas studying how we secure our borders….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 17, 2012

….maybe they are here to see how to get more of their people across our border!

This is not a joke, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit, but it will make you chuckle on several levels.

First, they say they are here to learn from us—the experts—on how best to secure their borders.  And, my question is are they trying to keep illegal immigrants out of Libya, or their own people in, because Libya has been the jumping off point for Africans (Libyans and others) trying to get to Malta* or Italy and to the rest of Europe.

Apparently invited by the Obama Administration, here is the story and video report (hat tip: Gary, who knows the Texas border well):

WESLACO – Members of the Libyan government were in the Rio Grande Valley to learn about the way the United States secures its borders.

More than a dozen Libyan officials toured Valley ports of entry this week. They said Libya faces some of the same problems with drug smuggling, weapons smuggling and illegal immigration.

The Libyans said that, contrary to United States, their borders have little security.

They said 3,000 miles of border separate Libya from six other countries. Their borders are open, with no natural or manmade barriers. Their borders have no ports of entry or checkpoints.

They came to the Valley to learn how Customs and Border Protection officers stop drug smugglers, human traffickers and illegal immigrants.


Members of the delegation said they need more resources and training to secure their borders.

What do you want to bet that Obama is about to give them the “resources.”    It’s O.K. for Libya to want to secure its borders while the US border is still a sieve and the Democrats cry foul when some of us want to secure it even further.

Watch for it!  US tax dollars to Libya for border security!

Libya’s history with illegal immigrants and allowing them to embark from Libyan ports has been a long one.  During Gaddaffi’s reign he turned the spigot of “refugees” leaving Libya on and off at his whim, but in years leading up to his getting the heave-ho from Obama and friends, he had tried to stem the tide of migrants launching from Libya.

Then when the ‘beautiful’ Arab Spring began (thanks to Obama and Hillary) the flow began in earnest and many died in vessels attempting to carry immigrants across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.   As a matter of fact, Libyan “refugees” are still dying as this article from last month highlights.

Also, as the racist Arab rebels consolidated power in Libya after the fall of Gaddaffi, we have many posts here reporting on the treatment of black Africans in Libya (here is just one on the subject where Hillary slaps the rebels’ wrists).

The Arab Spring created tens of thousands of additional refugees running for their lives.   The Arab Libyans do not like blacks and I suspect that is the real reason behind their desire to close their borders to the rest of Africa (I doubt that guns and drugs are foremost on their minds).  It’s those low-life blacks (Muslim or not) that the Muslim Arabs hate.

* For new readers:  We have paid special close attention to Malta for over 5 years now, as the US continues to take illegal immigrants who arrive on Malta to the US as refugees.  Reader Charles sent us this article just a week ago today.  Look at the video clip associated with the Texas article above which shows a map of the region—the island of Malta is in a direct line from Libya.   These African illegal aliens now on the way to America, surely launched from Libya.

From the Times of Malta:

20 migrants from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan, all single adult men, except for a family of four and one couple, have left Malta for the US  under the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).  On arrival, they will be assisted by NGOs in the USA to proceed to their final destinations in various states.

This latest departure brings the total of beneficiaries of international protection who were resettled to the United States from Malta since 2007 to 1,118 migrants. Since the start of the USRRP in 2008, the number of beneficiaries of protection resettled to the United States amounts to 1,090.

307 migrants have been resettled from Malta to the United States of America since the beginning of this year.

15 more of Malta’s illegal aliens came to the US the week before thatHere, thanks to Charles.  This precedent-setting practice of taking off Malta’s hands some of its economic migrants began in the Bush Administration and was instigated by Jesuits in Malta with the help of a succession of US Ambassadors to the country.   Legitimate refugees are to seek asylum in the first safe country in which they arrive.  There isn’t supposed to be this ‘pass through’ ticket to the US.  This is the European Union’s problem, not ours!

How about if we tell our “friends” running Libya now to stop the boats from launching as a first step in their border security!

For more, type ‘Libya’ into our search function.  We have dozens and dozens of posts on the monster we helped create.  Responsibility to protect!  What a joke!

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