Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

We have written on this topic on many previous occasions.  The Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has been experiencing xenophobic and racist violence for years.


The most bloody violence has been directed at the landowners who farm the land (and incidentally feed the population)!

Readers should know that the US (so far) has not invited the persecuted farmers to America, but we do admit hundreds of ‘refugees’ a year from South Africa.

We resettle Somali and other Africans that South Africa rejects.  So much for the Rainbow Nation myth!

And, by the way, I haven’t heard any clamor from the US refugee industry/contractors to add South African whites to our refugee admissions for the coming year.  Why is that?  Could it be that it doesn’t fit the meme—only people of color are persecuted, never the other way around!  Think about it! Admitting such a thing would turn the whole UN upside down!

Can you imagine the day when European whites from Sweden, the UK or France beg for asylum in the US? I can.

Smart move on Russia’s part…..

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Syrians safe in Russia are taking the “opportunity” to slip into Norway to seek asylum

Invasion of Europe news…..

Update October 16th:  Norway says it will send Syrians back to Russia, here.

Norway invasion map
Wall Street Journal graphic at:

This story reminded me of the post we wrote in August about a Syrian woman saying that many Syrians are just “opportunists!”

Here, The Daily Caller reports on a NY Times article about the latest wave of Syrians this time making their way through Russia.

LOL! most likely encouraged by Putin (is he buying the bikes?) because he doesn’t want a huge Muslim population in Russia.

By the way, remember! legitimate asylum seekers are to request asylum in the first safe country they reach.   Asylum law was never intended to promote “asylum shopping” which is exactly what is being encouraged in Europe now where phony refugees are looking for the best deal they can get—Norway in this case!

Staying in Russia is not an option for these Syrians….

I’m guessing this route is going to be closed as the winter sets in!

Daily Caller:

Some Syrians living peacefully in Russia are taking advantage of the migrant crisis to seek asylum in Europe by way of a newly popular route into Norway.

“Syrian citizenship generally confers Refugee status in Europe,” notes Andrew Higgins of The New York Times, in a report about the exploding popularity of a route from Russia into northern Norway. Some Syrians already living in Russia are now using that route to pop across the border and claim asylum they normally might not be granted.

They see the path across the Russian border with Norway as a newly available opportunity for “a better life,” reported the Times. The outpost they’re heading for is 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

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Russia fed up with too many illegal migrants; rights group says xenophobia is rampant

It is rare to see news from Russia about its illegal migrant problem, but here is a story from Monday that appeared in my alerts.  Eroding social cohesion there too?

From IPS News (emphasis is mine):

MOSCOW, Nov 3 2014 (IPS) – Immigrants in Russia could face a wave of violence following thousands of arrests in a crackdown on illegal immigration which has been condemned not only for human rights breaches but for entrenching a virulent negative public perception of migrants.

Russia “intimidating migrants” says human rights activist Tolekan Ismailova who apparently wears many hats.

More than 7,000 people were arrested across Moscow – and more than 800 already served with deportation orders – under Operation Migrant 2014 which ran between Oct. 23 and Nov. 2 in the Russian capital.

The scale of the operation and methods used by the authorities has left international and local rights organisations outraged.

They say police used violence during raids on thousands of locations, including work places, markets, lodgings, hotels and people’s homes. They said that some migrants were forcibly taken from their families with no information given to relatives of where they were being taken.

Some were deported without proper procedures being observed, according to local lawyers while others claim many of an estimated up to 100,000 migrants detained had money confiscated by police before being released without their detention being recorded.

Tolekan Ismailova, vice-president of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), said: “This is simply an institutionalised way of intimidating migrants and their families. The operation violates Russia’s international obligations to respect human dignity and ban the practice of arbitrary detentions.”

But beyond the rights abuses, the highly-publicised raids are, critics argue, also helping foment and entrench a xenophobic attitude to migrants in wider society that increases the risk of violence against them.

Ismailova told IPS: “Operations like this only reinforce negative images of migrants in Russia and increase violence towards them. Once Russians see images of the raids in the news they will rally to support the government’s actions.”

The warnings come amid hardening attitudes towards what some Russian MPs estimate to be as many as 10 million migrants across Russia.

There is more, read it all here.  I wonder what proportion of the illegal migrants are Muslims?

We have some other posts on Russian immigration problems and Russian refugees to America, click here and scroll through those for more information.

Russian gays/lesbians busy in NYC seeking asylum

The latest cool project for the resettlement industry is the push to admit gays and lesbians from countries, like Russia and certain Muslim countries, where they are hated.  Here is an essay from a NYC Russian political activist, Masha Gessen, mostly about how great it is to be in America, to get stuff, and to get married.

Masha Gessen author of “Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot.”

You can read the whole thing, but I thought a bit of it was very informative.  Check out ‘Immigration Equality’ here where they brag about being behind the campaign to lift the HIV/AIDS bar to admission to the US and report that they are all for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

From the Washington Post (hat tip: Joanne):

There are many of us. No one knows how many exactly, but Immigration Equality, the biggest organization working on behalf of LGBT asylum-seekers in this country, hired a full-time Russian-speaking paralegal last winter — and still the wait for an intake interview can be weeks or months.

How to get stuff:

One of the most prized recipes exchanged among new refugees, second perhaps to securing a good immigration lawyer, is how to get a New York state ID. It involves opening bank accounts, engaging in a certain number of financial transactions and traveling to the outer boroughs on a regular basis — because not all bank branches will open an account for someone with a foreign passport and without a Social Security number. Refugees also coach one another on how to get an apartment through a co-signer, how to get your emergency-room bill adjusted down and where to find free English classes.  [Free to whom? Someone pays for the free stuff, for the re-adjusted emergency-room bill!—ed]

For $25 bucks and an expired tourist visa you can get married:

And then there’s the one place in New York City where you can get a gorgeous bumazhka — a piece of paper — recognizing you and a partner as a married couple. You can use your Russian passport with its tourist visa. Hell, the visa can even be expired. You need one witness. Pay $25, and a city official will say to you: “By the powers vested in me by the State of New York, I now pronounce you married. You can seal your union with a kiss.” Then you kiss. In public, safely.

There is more, read it all here (if you want to).

Here is a post we wrote in December of last year about Russians coming across the Mexican border, claiming to be gay and asking for asylum.


Muslim “refugees” leaving Crimea, headed west

Tatar flag, and banner: Crimea is the home of Crimean Tatars. March 2, 2014.

Putin now becomes another great excuse to seek asylum in a neighboring European Union country—Poland.  The invasion of Europe continues….

As I read this story, hat tip ‘pungentpeppers,’ and did some additional reading, I’m wondering why in h*** the mainstream TV media in the US hasn’t said anything I know of about the Tatars, the Muslim minority, numbering in the hundreds of thousands in Ukraine.

Watch for it!  The next large wave of ‘asylum seekers’ wanting to be let into Europe proper will be this Muslim ethnic group!

From the Daily News (Turkey):

A group of 32 Crimean Tatars has requested refugee status in Poland following Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula, Polish border guards said Friday.

Map of Ukraine and neighbors.

The eight families, or 32 Tatars in total, requested refugee status late Thursday at the border crossing with Ukraine in the southern Polish village of Medyka, Polish border-guard spokeswoman Agnieszka Golias told AFP.

“They justified their act by the situation in Crimea. We received their requests and launched the appropriate administrative procedures. In the meantime, they may be sent to a refugee centre, without being required to go,” she said.

The Muslim ethnic group, which makes up between 12 to 15 percent of the Crimean population, has protested against Russia’s intervention on the peninsula and mostly stayed away from a disputed referendum in which the Russian-speaking majority overwhelmingly voted in favour of breaking away from Ukraine.

Then have a look at two other articles, here (history of the Tatars and Russia) and here (Tatars don’t believe Putin’s promises).

The Tatars are a Turkish people, so why not seek asylum in Turkey—doesn’t that make more sense!

I fully expect to see US resettlement contractors in coming months clamor for Tatars to be resettled in the US to add to their collection of ethnic diversity!  Although, truth be told, we are probably already resettling Muslims from Ukraine and aren’t being informed about it.

Is Putin making up a refugee ‘crisis’ in Ukraine?

Putin must save the Ukrainian refugees!

Russian news outlets have been reporting that there are hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have sought asylum in Russia over the last two months.

They say 140,000 have crossed the border into mother Russia for protection in the last two weeks.

Russian President Putin sure does know how “refugees” on the move can ring the medias’ bells.  He knows the drill!  Just follow the news on Syrian refugees to know what I mean!

But, it seems not to be working this time.

Here is the story from the Huffington Post:

News stories emanating from Russian state media this past week raise a serious question. Is Russia creating a fake refugee crisis in the Ukraine to justify its military intervention in the region?

No one has actually seen the refugees.  Read it all.  I have no time for more this morning.

Syrian refugee smorgasbord

Every day our news alerts are jam-packed with the latest stories on the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS.   Here is a little round-up of the latest news.

MP Yvette Cooper, leader of the revolt: Bring in the Syrians!

Great Britain:  ‘MP’s revolt over failure to admit Syrian refugees’:

The Coalition is under mounting pressure from Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs to perform a U-turn to allow some Syrian refugees to come to Britain.

Mark Harper, the immigration minister, angered some MPs yesterday by saying the United Nations plan for Western countries to accept 30,000 of the 2.3 million Syrian refugees would have only a “token impact”.  [Then the you-know-what hit the fan—ed]

Lebanon‘U.N.: Syrian refugee’s murder of son highlights desperation’:

BEIRUT: The case of a Syrian man who was arrested Tuesday for strangling his 8-month-old son because he was crying reflects the desperate plight of refugees, UNICEF’s spokesperson said.

According to security sources refugee Hasan Ayesh strangled his son late Monday in his home in Minyara, in the northern province of Akkar, reportedly because the boy wouldn’t stop crying.

Mind you, it’s all about his status as a refugee, not the possibility that he might be a brute or mentally unstable to begin with.  Sheesh!

U.S.‘Aid Agency Chief: Syrian Refugees Creating ‘Regional Crisis”:

David Miliband head honcho of the International Rescue Committee told Morning Joe that the international community must “massively scale up” its response.  But, surprisingly he never mentioned his organization’s testimony in the Senate recently to resettle 12,000 Syrians here this year.  I’m wondering if they have done polling that tells them not to mention bringing them here!

In light of upcoming international peace talks between the opposing sides in Syria’s civil war, former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the numbers of refugees resulting from the war has created a “regional crisis” that demands attention.

“This is a regional crisis that demands a big international engagement,” Miliband, who is president and CEO of aid agency International Rescue Committee, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Tuesday.

The conflict in Syria has resulted in a “scale of brutality … that hasn’t been seen for a very long time,” Miliband said.

As a result, millions of people are taking refuge in neighboring countries. He called for the international response to be “massively scaled up.”

You can watch Morning Joe’s interview, here.  Joe doesn’t look too worked up.

Russia‘Russia grants asylum to almost 500 Syrian refugees – FMS’:

This is a surprise, I wonder if they are taking mostly Christians since they don’t have a burning desire for more Muslims.

The number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Russia is on the rise, head of the Federal Migration Service Moscow department Olga Kirillova said.

“Due to the exacerbation of the sociopolitical situation in Syria, the number of citizens seeking asylum on the territory of Russia has grown significantly,” she said.

More than 1,000 Syrian citizens filed refuge requests with the Federal Migration Service Moscow department in 2013 and 478 were granted temporary asylum, she added.

Bulgaria‘Bulgaria Begins Construction of Border Fence with Turkey’:

The construction of the wire fence at the Bulgarian – Turkish border will begin on January 20, Minister of Defense Angel Naydenov announced.

“The site preparatory work and the construction of the facility will start Monday,” Naydenov said, cited by Focus News Agency.

The construction period will stretch over 45-60 days depending on the weather conditions.

Border fences can be built pretty quickly if a country is motivated.

Sweden:  ‘Syria crisis: Influx of refugees into Swedish town’:

Some Swedish towns are struggling to cope with an influx of Syrian refugees, after the government there guaranteed asylum to fugitives from the civil war.

The right-wing Swedish Democrat party claims ethnic Swedes are angry at the cost of social benefits and rising pressures on schools, housing and health care.

In the past eight years, the town of Sodertalje has accepted three times more refugees than Sweden’s biggest cities.

Ah, Sweden, our canary in a coal mine.