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Libertarian/Muslim groups urge private sponsorship of Syrian refugees in US

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 28, 2015

Before I give you this latest turn of events reported by the Huffington Post’s Elise Foley*** let me say that we have advocated that if US citizens want to welcome impoverished third worlders that the refugees should be privately sponsored by churches, synagogues or other civic organizations or wealthy individuals—and I mean completely sponsored for a year or two until they found employment and were not a “public charge”  (completely self-sufficient with no food stamps, no subsidized housing, no free medical care, no cash assistance).

David Bier

David Bier (drafted letter to Obama) is director of immigration policy at the Niskanen Center. He is an expert on visa reform, border security, and interior enforcement. From 2013 to 2015, he drafted immigration legislation as senior policy advisor for Congressman Raúl Labrador, a member of the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. Previously, Mr. Bier was an immigration policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The whole concept of immigrants being welcomed into America at one time in our history centered around those who would not be dependent on the US taxpayer for anything—now refugees are dependent on us for virtually every aspect of their lives.

If individual sponsorship was required, the number we admitted to the US would then be determined by the willingness of Americans to shell out their own personal money for their charitable desires.

In other words, the availability of private charity would naturally limit the number of refugees admitted (it goes without saying that security screening would still be of paramount concern).

Private sponsorship on top of the existing Refugee Admissions Program!

This proposal drafted by a Libertarian think tank (!) and supported by a whole host of mostly Muslim organizations is not that—it is NOT complete private sponsorship.

They see this plan to be in addition to the billion dollar federal program that now funds nine contractors which monopolize all refugee resettlement in America.

It is about getting even more Syrian Muslims into the US!

It does not recommend throwing out the system now that revolves around the money-grubbing contractors and thus it must be opposed.

Here is the story at the Huffington Post (be sure to read through and see the excuses a representative from Church World Service gives—clearly not wanting any program that might interfere with the stream of your money to their coffers).

When did these LIBERTARIANS start working with the likes of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of North America?

WASHINGTON — Some opponents to taking in more Syrian refugees argue it’s simply too expensive. Refugees need significant help with housing, food, transportation, education and more when they get here, and they contend that the United States can’t afford to help more people.

But what if outside groups — community or religious organizations, cities, companies or even individuals — foot the costs instead?

A coalition led by the Syrian American Council plans to send a letter to President Barack Obama on Wednesday asking him to consider creating a program for private sponsorship of Syrian refugees, the involved groups told The Huffington Post.


The fact that these calls are coming from Americans could make it more politically viable, said David Bier, director of immigration policy for Niskanen Center, the nonprofit libertarian think tank that helped draft the letter.

“It seems like an idea that’s politically a no-brainer — it’s a lot easier to sell to the American people refugee resettlement if they know, hey, my neighbor is the one who wants these people who were brought over and it’s not just something Washington cooked up,” he said.

Who the hell cares what your neighbor wants, is the neighbor paying all the bills and taking full responsibility (including LEGAL responsibility if the refugee breaks the law)?

Then this…. Ahhhhhhh!

Along with the Syrian American Council, the letter was signed by Syrian American Medical Society, Syria Relief and Development, Arab American Institute, Turkish Heritage Organization, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Islamic Society of North America, Karam Foundation and Watan USA.

Read it all.

***You know what is very funny?  I wrote about Elise Foley here in 2013 she was blasting Libertarian Senator Rand Paul who was brave back then (before he was running for President) and she reported this (in snide tones):

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said on Wednesday that the U.S. should be skeptical of accepting refugees, from Iraq in particular, because they take welfare and could plan attacks on American soil.

Endnote:  If you missed yesterday’s post about Rep. Raul Labrador and Rep. Paul Ryan, go here.  Libertarians want more immigration!

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More news on Islamic “charity” helping Syrians get planted in Kentucky

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 7, 2015

More seeding going on in Louisville, KY as Syrian families are resettled by a ‘Christian’ charitable group (aka federal contractor) with funds from a controversial Islamic organization.

When I saw Senator Rand Paul’s sullen face and tepid clapping at the Netanyahu speech this past week, my reaction was immediate—he is not Presidential material if he can’t even keep a neutral face. He can disagree about how to handle Iran, he just shouldn’t look childish in his disagreement. But more importantly he can’t even see what is happening to his own state, so how will he keep America safe?

In a story otherwise meant to be warm and fuzzy about a collection being taken up by Kentucky Refugee Ministries for its new Syrians, we learn a little bit more about the role of Islamic Relief USA.   Just a reminder, as I said here, I have never previously seen funding coming from a Muslim group directly to a federal refugee contractor.

From the Courier-Journal:

As Kentucky Refugee Ministries begins to resettle its first Syrian refugees in Louisville, members of the local Muslim community are banding together to collect items to help.

The first Syrian family to be resettled arrived Feb. 13, and another 20 families are expected in the coming months…..

Muslim community is “more organized now!” Indeed!

“Our community is more organized now, and we’re at the stage where we want to be more involved in helping the community,” said Natalia Blagaia, principal of the Nur school. “This is like a wake-up call.”

Churches and the general Christian community traditionally have taken on most of the responsibility for sponsoring KRM refugees and supplying their needs. The drive is “really an effort to engage the Muslim community,” Bailey-Ndiaye said.

The ministries received a grant of about $52,000 from Islamic Relief USA, which has regional offices throughout the country and headquarters in Alexandria, Va., to help enlist the support of the Muslim community and to aid some arriving refugees.

Once again for all those who don’t believe me that the UN is picking our refugees!

KRM assists people who have been identified by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the U.S. Government as needing resettlement.

I’m going to keep asking the same question:   Where are US Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul?  Paul wants to be President of the US, but if he can’t seem to see what is happening in his own state, how can we expect him to keep us safe!  Is it a coincidence that much ‘seeding’ is happening in KY, nope!

By the way, don’t miss ‘US lacks adequate screening for Syrian refugees (FBI)’

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Senator Rand Paul has a lot of nerve to question French immigration policy!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 10, 2015

How can a man whose own home town was traumatized by the arrest of Muslim refugee terrorists, and whose home state of Kentucky is a prime US State Department resettlement site for Somali, Iraqi, Burmese and soon-to-arrive Syrian Muslims have the audacity to tell the French that they need to re-think their immigration policy!

Frankly, I had a lot of hope for Senator Paul a few years ago when he raised some hell in Washington over how those two Iraqi (now convicted and in prison) terrorists slipped through Homeland Security’s hands (they lied on refugee applications, big surprise!) when one of them had fingerprints on IED fragments from Iraq.  He is the only Senator I have seen even make a peep about the Refugee Program.

Maybe I’m the only one who remembers Senator Paul’s brief stand!  See posts here here, here and here.   After 2013 (what! when 2016 was around the corner?) it sure sounds like Paul himself erased concerns for Kentucky and America right out of his mind!

Grover Norquist and Senator Rand Paul. For your own good Paul, get away from Norquist! Photo:

Why doesn’t Senator Rand Paul get it—if he came out strongly right now about American security as it relates to LEGAL and illegal immigration he would have a shot at the Presidency in 2016!

This is the news that got me steamed this morning.  From CNN:

(CNN)Sen. Rand Paul thinks that France needs to rethink its immigration policy in light of the recent terror attacks.

The Kentucky Republican said Thursday that intelligence and surveillance tactics should still be employed to prevent terrorism, but argued “there’s some policy changes, though, that could be better.”

“I think also you got to secure your country. That means maybe that every Muslim immigrant that wishes to come to France shouldn’t have an open door to come,” he said on Sean Hannity’s radio show, referring to Islamic radicalization in Europe.

Paul suggested such policy be considered by France and “many of these other countries that had old colonies in predominantly Muslim areas.”

He does throw in a comment about our border security and student visas (big deal), but more than any other Senator in Washington, maybe even more than Senator Jeff Sessions (who doesn’t say much about refugees), Paul knows about the dangers and the cost of our refugee program.

Paul, a potential presidential contender, argued that “it’s also my concern here,” saying the U.S. border “is a danger to attack” and criticizing what he described as a poorly monitored student visa program.

See our extensive archive on Kentucky and its many problems with refugees, here.  Paul’s home town of Bowling Green was until recently a preferred resettlement site!‘  Sometime after 2009 it was taken off the list, why? because it is so overloaded with refugees that the feds and their resettlement contractors are now focusing on other Kentucky cities like Louisville (where they eat camels!).

About the photo and Senator Paul’s association with Grover Norquist.  In 2007 Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform) was promoting, with his inside-the-beltway Republicans, the idea of bringing in Iraqi refugees.  More recently Norquist and Suhail Kahn ginned-up a letter from a group of RINOs to bring in more refugees generally.

Jeb Bush signed that letter asking that we resettle MORE refugees.

Note to Paul—get away from Grover Norquist!

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EEEK! Could there be terrorists in the Iraqi population in the US?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 20, 2013

You betcha!   I am continually amazed at how long it takes the mainstream media to catch up with the blogosphere.  I don’t want to brag, but heck we wrote about this now old news way back in June of 2011.

Senator Rand Paul has been asking from day one why are we permitting so many Iraqis into the US. ABC doesn’t mention his name.

And, it cannot go unmentioned—-Senator Rand Paul was, and still is, the only US Senator I’ve seen in the last 6 years to have the guts to ask why the h*** are we doing this?

See here for just one of many posts about Paul’s demands for answers about how this Kentucky case happened.  Isn’t it interesting that this lengthy ABC News investigation doesn’t even mention his name!

ABC has moved the story to the front pages (nearly 2 and 1/2 years late!) and after we have admitted 90,000 Iraqis in ten years and 19,491 in fiscal year 2013 alone!

Let me repeat!

We have admitted 19,491 Iraqi refugees to the US in 2013 alone!

Thanks to all who sent the story today, including Judy who sent former Rep. Allen West’s post on the story and Brenda Walker at Limits to Growth for her write-up.  Walker has been on top of the story from day one as well!

Good Morning America: Exclusive: US May Have Let ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

Several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees, according to FBI agents investigating the remnants of roadside bombs recovered from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

“We are currently supporting dozens of current counter-terrorism investigations like that,” FBI Agent Gregory Carl, director of the Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC), said in an ABC News interview to be broadcast tonight on ABC News’ “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline”.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more than that,” said House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul. “And these are trained terrorists in the art of bombmaking that are inside the United States; and quite frankly, from a homeland security perspective, that really concerns me.”

As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News ….   [But, of course the refugee agencies and their contractors are making up now for lost time.  Iraqis were the largest group of refugees resettled in 2013.—ed]

The now imprisoned pair were resettled in Kentucky:

In 2009 Alwan applied as a refugee and was allowed to move to Bowling Green, where he quit a job he briefly held and moved into public housing on Gordon Ave., across the street from a school bus stop, and collected public assistance payouts, federal officials told ABC News.

“How do you have somebody that we now know was a known actor in terrorism overseas, how does that person get into the United States? How do they get into our community?” wondered Bowling Green Police Chief Doug Hawkins, whose department assisted the FBI.

One of the saddest parts of this whole story is that these creeps may well have helped themselves to American welfare after killing American soldiers from Pennsylvania:

The FBI secretly taped Alwan bragging to the informant that he’d built a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and used a sniper rifle to kill American soldiers in the Bayji area north of Baghdad.

“He said that he had them ‘for lunch and dinner,'” recalled FBI Louisville Supervisory Special Agent Tim Beam, “meaning that he had killed them.”

Read the whole ABC story for details.  Most regular readers will note that we reported most of this “exclusive” story over the last couple of years.

This is our 596th post on Iraqi refugees, click here for the entire archive.

For first timers, who have no clue what ‘refugee resettlement’ is, go here for our fact sheet on how the program works.   Also, Bowling Green is a preferred resettlement site for the contractors.  Type ‘Bowling Green’ into our search function and learn more about the problems there over the years.

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Surprise! Another Iraqi refugee with possible terror ties incarcerated (San Antonio this time)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 28, 2013

I missed this story earlier this month, but reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ spotted it and alerted us to it.   The original story appears in the San Antonio Express-News, but it’s not readily available.  Fortunately, the blogger at  ‘Limits to Growth’ posted the entire story.

Social Security Investigator: During his arrest Sept. 6, he admitted lying to get refugee status.

And, when I say another Iraqi, I’m thinking of those two Kentucky refugees doing time for terror connections and then there is the case of the Social Security office bomber in Phoenix.

This story is especially interesting because the accused was first being investigated for fraud associated with his disability payments and lying on his refugee application, but he also works in a convenience store (what a coincidence that is) while supposedly being disabled.  I wonder did authorities check to see if food stamp fraud was going on there along with the employment fraud?

Someone please let Senator Rand Paul know there is another one!  Paul is the only US Senator or Member of Congress willing to ask why we are resettling so many refugees.

From San Antonio Express News via Limits to Growth:

SAN ANTONIO — On the surface, Ahmed Khudhur Tayyeh is a refugee, resettled in San Antonio in 2008 by the United Nations to help him escape persecution in his native Iraq.

The way this region’s Joint Terrorism Task Force tells it, however, the 39-year-old is suspected of having ties to Al-Qaida.

He was arrested earlier this month on an indictment charging him — not with terrorism — but with theft from the government, defrauding the Social Security Administration out of $7,995 in disability benefits and with withholding information that he had been getting a side income.

As one of nearly 200,000 Iraqi refugees approved by the U.S. government for resettlement in America since 2007, Tayyeh was given a green card, despite giving conflicting stories about how he injured his leg. In one story he allegedly said he took a hit from an improvised bomb, in another he said he was kidnapped by Iraqi police and shot in the leg. The government here gave him disability benefits because the injury supposedly prevented him from working.

Read it all.  LOL!  And be sure to see how he was always checking to see if he was being followed—a trained agent? or an avid fan of spy novels?

San Antonio is Catholic Charities territory!

It looks like the accused is one of Catholic Charities clients.  Go here for the resettlement contractors working in Texas.

And, check out the numbers (Arrivals by Destination City by Nationality by FY as of Aug 31, 2013 ).  Texas has resettled a whopping 59,632 refugees since 2001.  San Antonio got 5,009 of those which included 927 Iraqis.

Apology to readers!  Last week we changed our e-mail address and didn’t set it so the mail went to our private e-mail accounts.  Having forgotten that, I then forgot to check the new mail box all week.  If you have sent e-mails and not heard back, I apologize and will get to them over the weekend!

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More refugee crooks (Somalis) in Kentucky; Rand Paul where are you?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 8, 2013

The only US Senator I’ve ever seen question the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department is Senator Rand Paul.  He recently got in trouble with the mainstream media types when he said, ‘they [contractors] bring’em in and put them on welfare,’ here.  Those Iraqi refugee terrorists found in Bowling Green first got his attention, here.

Note to the Senator’s staff:  this is one more account of grateful (not!) refugees in Kentucky to add to your list!

Thanks to unofficial reporter ‘pungentpeppers’ for the link.

AP at

He got only 6 months!

Abdalla Hajisufi, a good father, ripped off every welfare program he could find!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Somali man was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison and six months of house arrest for leading an illegal prescription drug distribution ring and selling the stimulant khat while using a check-cashing scheme to launder more than $6 million from a Louisville storefront.

U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II in Louisville also ordered 43-year-old Abdalla Hajisufi to repay the state $119,000 for underreporting his income while claiming eligibility for food stamps.

Heyburn sentenced Hajisufi’s son, 20-year-old Mohamad Hajisufi, a native of Kenya and a University of Louisville student, to a year of probation for playing a minor role in the plot.

The two pleaded guilty in June to conspiring to distribute the painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone between November 2011 and March 2012 to customers at their business, the Hana Store.

Son Mohamad Hajisufi got probation. Likely back in college on your dime!

Abdalla Hajisufi also pleaded guilty to managing and owning an unlicensed money transmitting business operating out of the Hana Store. Hajisufi admitted to cashing payroll checks from employees of a temporary employment agency, and deducting a small fee for the transaction, without complying with the licensing and registration requirements of Kentucky state laws.

The FBI said Hajisufi cashed nearly 107,000 payroll checks totaling more than $6.6 million from July 2006 through December 2010 at the Hana Store.

Ripped off every welfare program he could find before leaving the country!

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Snyder said Abdalla Hajisufi ran a drug dealing operation, an illegal business and spent time “ripping off every available welfare program” before being indicted and fleeing the country in 2012.


The father and son were fugitives from the FBI until their arrest on January when they attempted to re-enter the United States on a flight from Europe at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The two fled the country after being charged in May 2012 and missed their scheduled arraignment a month later.

Defense:  Cut him slack, he is a poor refugee who took good care of his wife and seven kids (with the help of criminal activity and the ‘infidel’ taxpayers!)

Abdalla Hajisufi’s attorney, Mark Chandler, asked Heyburn for some leniency in sentencing. Chandler described his client as a Somali native who fled to snake-infested Kenyan refugee camps before arriving in the United States. Since then, Chandler said, Hajisufi has maintained steady employment and taken care of his wife and seven children.

They were also selling Khat (a favorite illegal drug of Somalis).  Read the whole article.

See also, refugee welfare cheat sentenced in Maine yesterday.

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Rand Paul speaks out again on refugees; Huffington Post reporter shows bias?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 21, 2013

…..or is she just plain uninformed?

Immigration reporter Elise Foley seems to sneer at Senator Paul and may have purposefully left a few facts out of this article on Paul at HuffPo yesterday‘They Bring ‘Em In,’ Sign Them Up For Welfare.

Huffington Post immigration reporter Elise Foley

Perhaps we should direct Ms. Foley (and her editors!) to our new Fact Sheet here at RRW!

Paul is exactly correct in paragraph one:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said on Wednesday that the U.S. should be skeptical of accepting refugees, from Iraq in particular, because they take welfare and could plan attacks on American soil.

No where in this article does Ms. Foley report that two Iraqi refugees were arrested and have been found guilty of terrorist activities in Paul’s home town of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  So she leaves this terror threat concept hanging out there, like there is no evidence this could happen.

She continued, in paragraph two, with a glaring error (one I feel sure Paul did not make and if he did should have been given the opportunity to correct).  And, yes, Ms. Foley we did have refugees attack us here (have you forgotten about the Tsarnaevs in Boston?).  But, that isn’t the error I’m focused on here.  It’s not 95 people of 70,000 on food stamps, it is 95% of 70,000.*  By leaving it uncorrected she clearly is happy to make Paul look ridiculous because who would quibble with 95 refugees out of 70,000 getting help with food.

Foley continued quoting Paul:

“We have had refugees attack us here. Ninety-five [percent!–ed] of our 70,000 Iraqi refugees are on food stamps, majority are in government housing, 46 percent are unemployed,” he said on “The Simon Conway Show” — incidentally a day before World Refugee Day [reporter snark!—ed]. “It’s one thing to have a big heart and invite people to our country, and if you do it in a small fashion, the churches and the people take care of them, that’s one thing. But like in my town in particular, they bring ’em in and there is someone whose job and expertise is to sign them up for welfare as soon as they get here.”

Paul has it exactly right, a taxpayer funded refugee resettlement contractor in Bowling Green gets the refugees signed up for welfare benefits and then this idea, that Paul throws out of churches and people taking care of refugees (privately!), is the solution to our entire refugee mess!  It has been my view from day one that if refugee families were PRIVATELY sponsored by churches or civic organizations (no contractors!) for a year or two we wouldn’t have the huge drain on the federal treasury; tensions between refugees and the community would be lessened; and we would have a better chance that refugees would ASSIMILATE!

Paul questioned previously why we should be taking Iraqis to America in the first place since we gave them a democratically elected government and their internal Islamic (Sunni v. Shia) squabbles are not our problem.  But, here Ms. Foley wants the reader to believe that Iraq is still our problem because we went to war there.  There is the legitimate Christian persecution issue, but we (US State Department or even the Catholic Bishops) are not going out of their way to rescue Iraqi Christians anyway.

The U.S. has a long tradition of accepting refugees and has resettled more than 3 million since 1975, according to the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Since 2007, the country has admitted nearly 85,000 Iraqi refugees, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, with more people fleeing the country due to escalated violence stemming from the Iraq War.  [Or stemming from their Islamic internal conflicts—ed]

***Update*** State Department said yesterday that 30,000-40,000 Iraqi refugee applications are pending, here.

Senator Paul’s amendment to beef up security measures in the Gang of Eight bill was defeated:

Paul proposed an amendment to the comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate, which he called “Trust but Verify,” that would increase the already intensive screening of those refugees and asylum-seekers.

Opponents of the amendment, which failed 37 to 61, argued that among other things, it painted foreign students, refugees and asylum-seekers as potential terrorists. The amendment would also hold up a path to citizenship in the “gang of eight” immigration bill until Congress had voted that the border was adequately secure.

Paul did the unthinkable according to Ms. Foley!  He used the word refugees in proximity to the word terrorist!  So, Ms. Foley what about the Iraqi refugees sentenced to prison in KY or the Tsarnaev carnage in Boston?  We have nothing to fear from refugees that would warrant a little extra screening?

In a statement ahead of the vote on his amendment, Paul referred to refugees in one sentence, and then terrorists in the next. 

“Individuals here under asylum or refugee status must register in a program providing increased screening and a means to make sure that the federal government has an idea where people in these programs reside,” he said. “We should remember that most of the 9/11 hijackers were here on visa overstays.”

Paul also said, if Iraqi refugees aren’t finding work, maybe they should just go back to Iraq!  Funny thing is, disgusted with America after finding life is tough here, some have gone back to Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East, but the State Department isn’t telling you that!

More here.

* Readers, this statistic 95% of Iraqi refugees are receiving food stamps comes from the 2009 ORR Annual Report to Congress.  The figure may have improved since then, but we don’t know because every day the ORR is breaking the law by not supplying Congress with the reports for 2010, 2011 and 2012.  There are only two possible reasons for failing to submit those reports—incompetent management or they don’t want Congress and the public to know how horrible the stats are for refugee employment and welfare use (or how much largesse the contractors are receiving!).

Maybe Senator Paul should look into the missing reports problem.  Hint!  Contact Ken Tota, Deputy Director ORR, 202-401-4858.

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Bowling Green, KY a growing Muslim community, the result of refugee resettlement

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2013

Someone needs to tell Senator Rand Paul what is happening in his home town.

A mosque in Bowling Green. Saudi money?

Here is a gushy, politically correct, story (entitled: Growing Diversity) on the huge Muslim population in Bowling Green, but not one word about those Iraqi refugee terrorists convicted there last year.

From the Bowling Green Daily News (hat tip: Robin).    By the way, the Bosnian migration was a Bill Clinton project.  He wanted to help his meatpacking friends get some cheap refugee laborers.  I’m guessing he sold out America in exchange for some campaign cash from meatpacking giants.

But, you can bet that Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was perfectly fine with it, or Kentucky wouldn’t be as high as it is on the list of states “welcoming” refugees.  The Bush State Department contributed also to the demographic change we see today.

Daily News:

When Sulejman Hasanovic moved to Bowling Green 15 years ago from Bosnia, he recalls the few Muslims who lived in the community at the time meeting in homes to worship.

Now, Bowling Green has two mosques and an estimated 7,000 Muslims, who make up about 10 percent of the city’s population. They have emigrated from as many as 23 countries, including Burma, Iraq and Russia.

Even with such a presence, Hasanovic still meets people who aren’t aware of Bowling Green’s Muslim population.

“It’s a big shock for them. They’re like, ‘Oh, you’re here,’ ” he said. “But after 15 years, I think people are getting used to us here.”

Thank USCRI!  That is the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants one of the primary resettlement contractors working in Bowling Green.  And, coincidentally that contractor is run by the woman, Lavinia Limon, who was Bill Clinton’s director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement during the initial Bosnian importation.  Back to the story:

A growing Muslim population

As they have in Bowling Green, Muslims have become part of the national fabric, with about 2.5 million living in the U.S., said Lawrence Snyder, associate religious studies professor at WKU. Bowling Green has one of the highest percentages of Muslims in the state, and it’s rare for a city of its size to have two mosques.

“For the most part, they have been welcomed without much backlash,” Snyder said. “I think that says a lot about the nature of our community.”

The large growth of Bowling Green’s Muslim community occurred in a relatively short amount of time because the city is seen as a good place for refugees to resettle and a lot of those refugees happen to be Muslim, Snyder said.

“In some ways it’s just kind of a quirk of history,” he said.

What the heck—a quirk of history! 

Snyder wants you to believe these Muslim refugees “found their way” to Bowling Green ’cause from a continent away they heard Bowling Green was lovely.  Bowling Green was targeted by the US State Department and its resettlement contractors.  The US State Department planned this demographic change! Maybe someday we will know why!

The rise of Muslim immigrants is not limited to Bowling Green, but is a trend across the nation as well.

Compared to 20 years ago, a smaller percentage of new U.S. green card recipients are coming from Europe and the Americas and a growing number are coming from Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, according to a report from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

In 2012, Muslims made up about 10 percent of new legal immigrants to the U.S., compared to 5 percent in 1992, according to the report.    [This is the study we told you about here.—ed]

To learn more about what “diversity” has brought to Bowling Green, we have an entire lengthy archive on this Kentucky city.  I think we first became aware of problems in Bowling Green in April 2008 when a Bosnian teen would-be robber was shot and killed by a homeowner.  The homeowner was exonerated.

The photo is from this blog which has photos from other mosques in Kentucky as well.

I’m AnnC@refugeewatcher on twitter. Please tweet this and also follow me!

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Senator Rand Paul: ‘Immigration reform’ must include improved security measures

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 31, 2013

Paul: Refugee program deserves more scrutiny!

After reading the opening paragraphs of Paul’s op-ed in the Washington Times today, one might think Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been reading RRW!  All of the cases he cites have been reported on these pages!

A recent Quinnipiac poll in Iowa puts Paul only 4 points behind Hillary while Rubio gets trounced by her 48% to 37%. Politico

Fazliddin Kurbanov is from Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country that borders Afghanistan. This month, Mr. Kurbanov was arrested in Boise, Idaho, charged with teaching people how to build bombs that could be used to target public transportation. He is accused of conspiring with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which the United States recognizes as a terrorist organization. Mr. Kurbanov was here legally, admitted as a refugee in 2009.

Last year, in Aurora, Colo., Jamshid Muhtorov was arrested and charged with providing material support to the Islamic Jihad Union, which the United States recognizes as a terrorist organization. Like Mr. Kurbanov, Mr. Muhtorov is from Uzbekistan and was also here legally as a refugee.

In 2011, in my hometown of Bowling Green, Ky., Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were arrested and accused of supporting efforts to kill American troops in Iraq. Both men are from Iraq. Both were also here legally as refugees.

The Bowling Green Daily News reported that these Iraqi refugees “slipped through the vetting process that allowed both of them political asylum in the United States.” Apparently, Mr. Kurbanov and Mr. Muhtorov “slipped through” as well.

Read on.  Then this:

I condemn government inefficiency and incompetence often. The targets for criticism are endless. In the repeating patterns from these refugee and visa cases, however, we see potentially dangerous scenarios in which we cannot afford any excuses.


These questions are crucial as Congress continues to debate immigration reform, in which vital national security concerns must be addressed. Our visa and refugee programs deserve far more monitoring and scrutiny, and there is something desperately wrong with a “vetting process” that makes so many repeated mistakes.

Instead of fixing the problems, the so-called ‘comprehensive immigration reform bill’ (S.744) weakens security measures already in place but doing poorly!   Most efforts to strengthen security failed in the Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up largely due to heavy lobbying by refugee resettlement contractors who object to anything that slows the flow of refugees into the US (and slows the flow of taxpayer dollars into their coffers!).

Paul concludes by laying down a marker for Harry Reid.  The question then becomes is this a recommendation by Paul or a demand; and will he follow through by holding up the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill *when it reaches the Senate floor?

“I respectfully request that the Senate consider the following two conditions as part of the comprehensive immigration-reform debate: One, the Senate needs a thorough examination of the facts in Massachusetts to see if legislation is necessary to prevent a similar situation in the future. Two, national security protections must be rolled into comprehensive immigration reform to make sure the federal government does everything it can to prevent immigrants with malicious intent from using our immigration system to gain entry into the United States in order to commit future acts of terror.”

The Politico Iowa poll story is here.

*Senator Paul, if you are reading this, please stay away from Grover Norquist!

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This should be a banner year for refugee resettlement in America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 19, 2013

Iraqis top the list!

At the State Department hearing this past Wednesday in Washington, representatives from contractors US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Church World Service and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society all praised the US State Department for the expeditious arrival (so far) of refugees in FY2013.

So, just now as I checked the Palestinian arrivals at WRAPS, I see that, for only being a little over half way into the fiscal year, we have brought a larger number of refugees than usually arrive by this time.  So far, as of April 30th, we have brought in 39,778 refugees.  We could easily hit 80,000 at that rate which would be higher than previous years.

Waad Ramadan Alwan. His fingerprints were on an IED in Iraq, but he got into the US as a refugee!

Here are the top 5 nationalities of refugees resettled so far:

Iraqis:  11,066  (The State Dept. knows how many of these are Muslims and how many are Christians! See Muslim share of immigrant population growing, here)

Burmese:  9,336

Bhutanese (really Nepal): 5,067

Somalis:  4,387   (This number is so high because they re-opened family reunification for Somalis.  It had been closed  beginning in 2008 due to high levels of fraud detected.  At this rate, 2013 will come close to the highest Bush years.)

Cubans:  2,199  (could Florida’s wealthy Cubans be pushing Senator Marco Rubio?)

Hurry! Someone tell Senator Rand Paul!  Just now as I searched for a photo of  one of Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Iraqi refugee terrorists, I came across a story only a few weeks old where Paul is asking, why the heck are we bringing so many Iraqis?  Maybe Senator Paul doesn’t know that S.744 (The Gang of Eight plus Grover bill) will make it easier and provide more money for refugees and asylum seekers to get into the US!  He could do something about that!—strip all refugee/asylum provisions from the bill and hold separate hearings on the program!

If you are a new reader here, scroll back through the previous few days for stories on Somali, Chechen, and Uzbek refugee terrorists in the US (and Palestinian immigrant terrorists too!).

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