Denmark could save itself from cultural annihilation by closing bridge to Sweden

From Dispatch International via The Muslim Issue:

During an interview with Dispatch International, Pia Kjærsgaard, former chairman of Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party) Pia Kjærsgaard commented on the consequences of the massive Muslim and Middle Eastern immigration into Sweden.

According to Migrationsverket (the Swedish immigration authority), an estimated 175,000 immigrants will come to Sweden, primarily from Somalia and Afghanistan. All these so-called ‘asylum seekers’, as well as their relatives, will be free to enter Denmark after having gained a Swedish permit of residence.

How will Pia Kjærsgaard solve this problem?

“I said already ten years ago that we might need to block the Øresund bridge leading to Sweden. It was intended as a joke, of course, though a serious one. We are in the process of digging our own graves. I am all for Nordic cooperation, but the Swedish policy is a liability. Eventually, Denmark may be forced to discriminate about which Swedes can be permitted to take up residence in Denmark, so that real Swedes may be freely admitted, while we keep immigrants from certain third world countries and their descendants out.

Pia Kjærsgaard stresses that she is not at all afraid of using the word ‘discrimination’.

”We already discriminate in a lot of areas. For instance, one needs to be of a certain age to vote, and a certain age in order to receive a public pension. We do differentiate among people. We also have the right to discriminate between persons who are able to become integrated into the Danish society, and those who are not.”

There is more, here.

Sweden: Muslim immigrant youths say young Swedes are so wimpy….

.…and that is why they attack them.

The Muslim Issue, in a post today on Sweden, appears to be talking about the same report Fjordman cited here in December.

Here is The Muslim Issue on the increasingly brazen attacks by Muslim aggressors on Swedish citizens (reminds me of those Somali youths in Lewiston, Maine):

Swedes have always addressed issues with psychological theories and weepy stories, which doesn’t work with Muslims at all. Therefore the crimes only get more brutal, the attacks more common.

Sweden has turned into the dumbest country on earth, for flooding their country with an immigrant group that should be banned and deported completely.

Then here are some snippets from the translated version of this news story about the controversial sociological study of Muslim youths and why they commit crimes.

The young robbers were interviewed by Petra Åkesson for her thesis in sociology.

Robbing is making war!

I was lucky that I recorded the answers I got because they were so remarkable that I had to listen several times to really understand what they said. “When we’re out on the town and mugs so we warriors, we are at war with the Swedes,” was a recurring arguments.

Muslim youth:

“For me, the Swedes to lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.”

Watching the death throes of Swedish society:

During the interviews, talking about young Swedes [as] wimpy, scared and stupid.

So what is the conclusion to this report?  It is NOT stopping immigration.  It is NOT severely cracking down on crime.  Apparently it is NOT Swedish young people growing a spine (like some French young people).  The answer is JOBS—-give these poor Muslim youths jobs!  They just want stuff!  I kid you not!

There is more, read it all!

For new readers:  we have a lot on Sweden in our archives, here, because as much as I hate that old “canary in a coal mine” phrase, it is my prediction that Sweden is our first soon-to-be asphyxiated European bird (some are arguing that the UK will go down first).   A country simply cannot have uncontrolled immigration combined with a welfare state.  Leaving out the violent Muslim youths for a moment there will sooner or later not be enough workers to pay for the ‘social services’ of the ‘needy.’

Iranian kills his brother (in North Carolina)….

…..and what about The Muslim Issue?

I know this “accidental” shooting of a brother by his brother has nothing to do with anything (uh, oh, except there was a gun involved!).  Brothers of all sorts can get drunk, argue and kill each other anywhere in the world.

But, the story in The Muslim Issue gives me an opportunity to remind you about North Carolina, a preferred resettlement state for Middle Easterners, and to introduce you to The Muslim Issue, a blog I just recently noticed.

Here is the news from North Carolina:

North Carolina man shoots brother to death in chest after believing he was an intruder: police

Wilmington police arrived to the home of brothers Ali and Vahid Dastmalchi last Friday. Ali, 65, said he mistook Vahid, 63, as a burglar after he lunged at him at the front door in the dark. He fired a handgun at Vahid, fatally wounding him in the chest, police said. No charges were filed Friday.

Read on, turns out they were drunk and arguing earlier in the day.

We don’t know if they are refugees, but there is a good chance they are (they could also be Christian Iranian refugees, I’m not sure any of the reports say they are Muslims).

North Carolina is one of the Nation’s top resettlement states and if you visit WRAPS here (arrivals by destination city by nationality) you will see that we resettled over 13,000 refugees to that state in the last 5 years.  102 of those were Iranians (small compared to the 1000 plus Iraqis the state “welcomed” in that same time period).  Why North Carolina?  In fact, why certain states and not others?

North Carolina’s refugee problems have received a fair amount of attention here at RRW over the years.  When you type ‘North Carolina’ into our search function you will see what I mean.

North Carolina as training ground for terrorists?

One of my best stories about North Carolina is about the fact that many Middle Easterners were drawn to colleges there (the colleges were desperate for paying customers) and the infamous Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was one of them!  Although not a refugee of course, KSM was here legally on a student visa.   Here is just one line from my post about KSM’s time in Greensboro in the early 1980’s.

Did you know Khalid Shaikh Mohammed the terror mastermind, really Osama bin Laden’s brain, went to college there, in Greensboro, along with hundreds of other Middle Easterners?

And, bet you didn’t know that KSM’s cousin, Ramzi Yousef, was an asylum seeker.  After interviewing him in 1992 the INS released him into the general US population and then he bombed the World Trade Center the following year—never did come back for his asylum hearing!

Now to The Muslim Issue (the blog that posted the Iranian kills his brother story)….

I don’t know who writes it.  Based on its archives it’s only been around for 6 months or so.

Here is what the blogger says in his or her ‘about’:

The Muslim Issue is focused on compiling news reports and government statistics demonstrating the effect of Muslim influence on Western society; particularly Europe, UK and the U.S. Many of the statistics demonstrate a growing concern for our future security and social safety, based on the consequence of a growing Muslim immigration.

Islam is the ultimate human evil in today’s world and always was through history. In spite of this millions of Muslims following this ideology have been allowed to immigrate into the West with devastating consequences. The result is growing and festering efforts to establish a Caliphate in the Western world.

Muslims repeatedly claim that Islam is a religion of peace, of rights for women and of harmony that offer the world the ultimate peace and justice. Nothing could be more laughable and absurd. At present there are 51 Islamic countries (Muslim majority population) in the world. Every single one of them are placed on the UN’s Human Rights watch list. In spite of this the UN wants to endorse a blasphemy law protecting Islam. Incidentally this correlates exactly to the agenda Muslims have across the West to establish a caliphate across the world. One of the ways to go about, is to suffocate our freedom of speech and legal system.

The fact is that not a single country in the world has ever benefited from a growing Islamic influence. On the contrary. Muslim migration into non-Islamic nations have always been a disaster. The association has eventually ended in Sharia law with persecution, safety issues, wars, sodomy, antisemitism, violence, slavery, despair, poverty, rape waves, struggles and grief.

I detect a kindred spirit!  Will add this website to our blogroll!

And, LOL!  Don’t forget to read about the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration!  Instead of a Trojan Horse, The Muslim Issue has a Trojan Pig just below its masthead.

Update:  After I posted this The Muslim Issue re-posted an earlier post on the twenty steps to a caliphate in Europe and America, here.  Any of it sound familiar?