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The Left loves this Pope, let me count the ways!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 3, 2018

Actually I’m not going to run through a litany of his positions that mirror an internal Leftwing political agenda, but when reader Paul sent this good blog post from John Hinderaker at Powerline, what came to mind was the photo below and this report I did just over five years ago.

In my view, Pope Francis is at the top of the list of feckless and frankly treasonous ‘leaders’ in Europe who are directly responsible for the Invasion from Africa and the Middle East that roils the continent from Sweden to Italy on a daily basis.

One might be led to conclude that creating chaos and discord is the aim as this Pope welcomes Africans to Italy as he did five years ago.  Surely he must have gone to the Saul Alinsky school for political agitators!


pope on lampedusa

In July 2013, Pope Francis went to the Italian island of Lampedusa and welcomed (said Mass!) for the African invaders of Europe!


Here is Hinderaker’s blog post yesterday telling us about how biased international journalists are when covering the Liberal Pope who pushed out the Conservative Pope and became the present Pope only 4 months prior to his welcoming stunt on Lampedusa.


It seems pretty clear that liberal reporters and editors view Pope Francis as an ally, maybe one who could decisively neutralize their long-time adversary, the Catholic church. Hence they are protecting him against what would, with a conservative pope, be a scandal of historic proportions.

Read it all here.

Reminder to longtime readers and for new readers:

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is the largest refugee resettlement agency in the US and is paid millions of your tax dollars every year to change America by changing the people!

And, I guess we see clearly why journalists never investigate their financial dealings, or question the separation of church and state.  Why, because the Bishops’ goals directly align with most journalists’ political world view.

This is just one more example of why Trump won the White House! The deplorables have caught on!

See my complete archive on the ‘Invasion of Europe’ by clicking here.

It began long before German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany to a million migrants beginning in 2014.

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Here we go again! Bishops appeal to Prez on Christian charity grounds, never mention their federal funding

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 30, 2018

And, they are putting out their first moves for 2019!

I promised long ago to report on the enormous funding the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) receive from the US Treasury every time they make political statements about how the Trump Administration isn’t doing enough for refugees. See one such post here.

I also promised to stop reporting on their millions of taxpayer dollars if they would only start to mention their financial stake in the US Refugee Admissions Program in their public statements.

Here is the latest and of course (again!) no mention of their millions of taxpayer dollars.

From Catholic News Agency:

Washington D.C., Mar 28, 2018 / 05:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The U.S. bishops have voiced concern over the abnormally low levels of refugees admitted to the U.S. under the Trump administration, saying that it puts those fleeing danger at risk, and fails to comply with Christian teaching on welcoming the stranger.

“The current level of refugee arrivals leaves thousands of vulnerable people in harm’s way and searching for protection,” said Bishop Joe Vasquez, speaking as chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee On Migration.


Vasquez immigration

The good Bishop never mentions that immigrants=federal funding!


The bishops’ March 26 letter was sent to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and to the U.S. State Department.

“As Christians, our concerns for refugees is integral to our life of faith,” the bishops said. “In this spirit, we urge the Administration to renew a bipartisan commitment to resettlement for refugees, including religious minorities.” [I told you here just yesterday that ‘bipartisan’ means the R’s want cheap labor and indeed the USCCB acts as a headhunter for big business.—ed]


These trends “signify an abdication of our nation’s leadership in humanitarian protection through resettlement and in championing international religious freedom,” the bishops charged.

Here we go again, they cite Jesus. I feel sure Jesus never meant that citizens should be taxed to pay for Christian charity to the poor stranger. 

They cited Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Matthew, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” as well as the Old Testament’s exhortations to care for the stranger.

Ha! Ha! This next bit made me laugh.  I told you just the other day that the political push would soon begin for fiscal year ’19, and right on cue…..

They want 75,000 beginning October 1, 2018.  I thought they would demand 100,000 as their opening bid, so I was wrong.

They called on the Trump administration to admit at least 45,000 refugees in this fiscal year and to issue a presidential determination allowing 75,000 refugees to enter the country next year. They again requested a meeting with Trump to discuss how to address refugee processing. [See the letter to the President, here.—ed]

More here.

Now to the millions the Bishops stand to lose during the Trump presidency (something they never mention)!

A couple of years ago we found an annual report for the Bishops’ Migration Fund, see here, and learned that the fund is 97% funded by the federal government (parishioners put very little into the fund for immigrants and refugees).  We have not found an annual report since that one in 2014 (strange, huh!).

However, here in an audit of the USCCB for 2015 and 2016, we see this (below) on page 14.

(Dear White House, before granting a meeting, be sure the President knows about this!)


Screenshot (333)_LI



Catholics should consider addressing this issue with your parish priests.

Go here for my complete archive on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

And, Happy Easter! Happy Passover too!

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US Catholic Bishops received over $95 million from US taxpayers in 2016 for refugee/migrant care

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 7, 2018

Yesterday we reported on the Bishop’s 2014 dollars received from the US Treasury, see here.


Now, thanks to reader Joanne (who did some digging!) we see that the USCCB is approaching $100 million federal dollars for their ‘charitable good works’ on behalf of immigrants of all stripes.

Unfortunately, this data doesn’t show us the percentage of private money raised for their migration program, but I suspect it isn’t much more than 3% of their overall migration budget as it was in 2014.

Buried in the USCCB Financial Statement and audit reports, here:


USCCB 2016 funds


See my archive on the USCCB by clicking here.

My goal is to get the Bishops to admit in media reports that they are being paid handsomely for their good works!

If you are Catholic and looking for something to do, ask your local priest if he is aware of all these millions of federal dollars, especially this week—National Migration Week—when you are made to feel guilty for not being thrilled about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program!

For new readers the USCCB is one of the nine federal contractors responsible for placing refugees into your home towns. In fact, the Bishops and their extension—Catholic Charities—place the largest number of any of the nine.


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So-called ‘Interfaith’ groups pushing refugee program just about everywhere

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 6, 2016

As you study what is happening in your community and its plan to ‘welcome’ refugees, especially the newly targeted towns and cities***, look for the presence of an ‘Interfaith’ group as part of the secret plan to change your town by changing the people.

Take a few minutes to watch Stephen Coughlin, a fellow at the Center for Security Policy and expert on Islam in America speak about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of those groups and especially of the Catholic Church.

Of course if you are a long-time reader here at RRW you know that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and a network of Catholic Charities offices across the country, resettle (for a fee) the highest number of refugees of any of the nine federal resettlement contractors. To my knowledge, not one of those Catholic ‘charity’ migration activist groups have ever questioned the ‘wisdom’ of resettling mostly Syrian Muslims to the exclusion of persecuted Syrian Christians.  Maybe , as Coughlin suggests, they have already been subverted.



If the video does not appear in your e-mail, here is the link:

Note in the video that Coughlin talks about Sayyid Qutb.  Learn how Greeley, Colorado (a town being colonized by Somalis now) played a role in the development of ideas that underpin the Muslim Brotherhood (click here) and the group’s views of America.  Too bad Donald Trump didn’t speak in Greeley yesterday!

***These are just some of the new sites the US State Department has chosen to become key resettlement cities to add to their list of hundreds already being seeded with third worlders.  Wonder why states that once were reliably red are now turning blue?—it is immigration stupid!

Asheville, NC

Rutland, VT

Reno, NV

Ithaca, NY

Missoula, MT

Aberdeen, SD (may have been thwarted as a primary resettlement site!)

Charleston, WV

Fayetteville, AR

Blacksburg, VA

Pittsfield, MA

Northhampton, MA

Flint, MI

Bloomington, IN

Traverse City, MI

Poughkeepsie, NY

Wilmington, DE

Watertown, NY (maybe)

Youngstown, OH (maybe)




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Illinois: Zakat Foundation to open cultural center specifically for Rohingya Muslims in the state

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 7, 2016

While we focus on Syrians, thousands upon thousands of equally questionable Muslim refugees are being admitted to the US—most notably Somalis, Iraqis, Uzbeks and now enough Rohingya Burmese Muslims to warrant a special “cultural” center for them!


Explain to us again how we are security-screening the Rohingya who have fled Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh in boats and are scattered throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


My! My! how times have changed.  When I first began writing RRW, the US State Department would not admit Rohingya Muslims. Now thousands are here!

We have probably the largest archive anywhere on the Rohingya Muslim ‘refugee’ issue with 187 posts extending back to 2007 where we first learned from Time magazine about how Islamic terror groups had infiltrated the devout Rohingya population.

If someone wanted to write a book on how the ‘humanitarians’ and the international Leftists can wear down a country (the US) by creating a media drumbeat to the point where our leaders have now thrown previous caution to the wind and are admitting refugees who definitely cannot be properly screened, your research is done on these pages! (Unfortunately, most of our so-called leaders in Washington don’t even know this is happening!)

Here is one of many posts I wrote way back when.  And this is what Time magazine said about the Rohingya in 2002!

Here is what Time magazine said about Rohingya on October 14, 2002 in an article entitled, ‘Deadly Cargo’ by Alex Perry.

Today, southern Bangladesh has become a haven for hundreds of jihadis on the lam. They find natural allies in Muslim guerrillas from India hiding out across the border, and in Muslim Rohingyas, tens of thousands of whom fled the ethnic and religious suppression of the Burmese military junta in the late 1970s and 1980s. Many Rohingyas are long-term refugees, but some are trained to cause trouble back home in camps tolerated by a succession of Bangladeshi governments. The original facilities date back to 1975, making them Asia’s oldest jihadi training camps. And one former Burmese guerrilla who visits the camps regularly describes three near Ukhia, south of the town of Cox’s Bazar, as able to accommodate a force of 2,500 between them.

This is the news today from Illinois (hat tip: domstudent11) from The Daily Northwestern:

Home to more than 2,400 new refugees from 29 nations that migrated in the past year, residents say Illinois has historically been an open and welcoming place for asylum-seekers and immigrants alike.

“Illinois is easier to resettle because it’s so diverse,” said Suzanne Akhras Sahloul, a Syrian refugee and founder of the Syrian Community Network. “It’s important to see people who are of different ethnic backgrounds because then that makes our transition a little bit easier.”


Rohingya Cultural Center to open in Chicago on Saturday.

But following Governor Bruce Rauner’s call in November to halt the flow of Syrian refugees into Illinois and Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric on immigrants, including a proposal to temporarily bar all Muslims from entering the United States, some say the state may turn in a different direction. [Illinois is in the top five states for the resettlement of Syrian Muslims, see here.]

Muslim ‘charity’ to open cultural center just for Rohingya.

In the 2015 calendar year, Syrians made up about 6 percent of all refugees in Illinois, preceded by those from the Democratic Republic of Congo at 12 percent, Iraq at almost 20 percent and Myanmar at nearly 40 percent, according to U.S. Department of State data.

The Zakat Foundation of America, an organization that provides resources for low-income communities, plans on opening a culture center just outside of Evanston this weekend. The center, which has been in the works for six months, is the latest effort by the organization to provide resources for Rohingyan refugees fleeing Myanmar.

“There are two basic things motivating the project,” said Jamie Merchant, public relations coordinator at Zakat. “The specific problems of this uniquely disadvantaged community of the Rohingya and also trying to establish a new angle for approaching the general challenges of resettlement.”

Catholic Bishops lobbied for Rohingya!

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is one of the major lobbying groups to push for the seeding of America with Rohingya Muslims as we reported here in 2013.  I was in attendance when the USCCB said we must bring more Rohingya to America.

One more thing….

Although there is no evidence any of your tax dollars are going to this group, but generally the federal government (with grants) encourages the establishment of cultural centers specifically for ethnic groups to be with their own kind of people, how does that help assimilation to America?

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Two refugee contractors awarded taxpayer $$$ to supply lawyers to the “children”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 3, 2014

Eight regions of the US will be getting taxpayer funded lawyers.

The Obama Administration has come up with $9 million of your tax dollars so two of the big nine refugee resettlement contractors*** can get lawyers for some of the ‘Unaccompanied alien children’ who broke into America this summer.

Surely what the immigration lawyers will be trying to prove is that the kids are legitimate asylum seekers who can be declared refugees in the full sense of the word making them eligible for all forms of welfare and putting them on the fast track to citizenship.  Of course once the kids are declared “refugees” they will be able to bring in the extended family as well!

Lavinia Limon, CEO of USCRI (in green) and Clinton’s head of the Office of Refugee Resettlement must be jumping for joy at this windfall. Far left is Eskinder Negash, previously a VP at USCRI now heads the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Cozy huh! Wonder why people are sick of Washington! Photo:

Who says Obama isn’t creating jobs!

He is creating more jobs at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops special lawyers’ service and at the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI is already funded 99% by you!).

And, he is putting to work potentially hundreds of immigration lawyers who are pouring out of US law schools and looking for work (there is a glut of lawyers these days as any new law school grad will tell you).

From the Washington Times (hat tip: Erich).

Will the gutless wonders in Congress do anything about it?

The Obama administration will pay $9 million over the next two years to give taxpayer-funded attorneys to some of the illegal immigrant children who have surged across the U.S. border this year, the Health and Human Services Department said Tuesday.

About 2,600 immigrants will be able to be represented by lawyers thanks to the funds, which were awarded in two grants to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, according to a notice to be published in the Federal Register on Thursday.

Advocates cheered the decision, which they’d been demanding for months, saying it will not only help the children get a fair hearing on asylum claims, but it will also make the court proceedings go faster, which will end up saving the government money.

But administration critics in Congress said the move could violate federal law and will most likely prolong illegal immigrants’ time in the U.S., encouraging more children to make the dangerous crossing.

To end the surge at the border, the Obama administration should instead focus its efforts on deterring future border crossers and enforcing the laws against illegal entry into the United States,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia Republican. “Without such actions, the flood of people attempting to cross the border illegally will only continue.”  [Blah, blah, blah, but will he do anything?—ed]

The administration’s move marks another effort to circumvent Congress.

Mr. Obama had requested $15 million to provide lawyers for the children in his emergency spending request earlier this summer, but Congress left town without approving the money.

The contractors will decide which children will be served, but there will be eight targeted areas in the US.

The Washington metropolitan region, with its high population of Central American immigrants, has taken an outsize number of the children, so it’s not surprising the Baltimore/Arlington region is one of eight areas that will get the money for lawyers.

The other seven are: Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans and Phoenix.

All of our coverage of the Unaccompanied minors issue is here.
*** Two of the nine contractors hit pay dirt!  These are no longer non-profits, they are quasi-government agencies!

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US Conference of Catholic Bishops says it’s time to bring in the Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 3, 2013

This (below) is a press release from the Bishops on World Refugee Day which I hadn’t seen until I saw a short news account of it at Catholic World News earlier today.

USCCB Press Release.  I have to laugh, they sure work in one of their favorite buzz words—vulnerable—but not a word about vulnerable CHRISTIANS!  And, never a peep about how they are paid by the head to bring in the “vulnerable” Muslims.  See our recent post on the USCCB and its unholy dependence on Caesar’s money!

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, leading his immigrant flock on facebook?

And, go here to learn more about Syrian refugees—-the most difficult in the world!

WASHINGTON—Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Migration, marked June 20, World Refugee Day, by calling for U.S. support and resettlement of vulnerable refugee populations across the world, including Syrians fleeing conflict in their country.

“The conflict in Syria is worsening and it is time for the United States and the international community to do more to respond to the needs of Syrians fleeing their country for safety,” Archbishop Gomez said.

Archbishop Gomez added that particularly vulnerable Syrians should be considered for resettlement to the United States and other countries, such as vulnerable women with children, the elderly and disabled, and unaccompanied refugee children.

“Durable solution” (another buzz phrase!) is code for bringing them to America.

“Resettlement to a safe third country should be considered, both to provide the best durable solution for vulnerable Syrians but also to take pressure off of neighboring countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan,” Archbishop Gomez said.   [We gotta take the pressure off those Muslim countries you know!—ed]

To date, the United States has resettled only 24 Syrian refugees.  [I doubt that and we just learned recently that 2,000 are in the pipeline for this year—ed]

Gomez: We need to bring in the Rohingya Muslims too!

Archbishop Gomez referred to other refugee populations worldwide in need of support and possible resettlement, including Rohingya Burmese in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand; Congolese in East and Southern Africa; and Afghans [Muslims too!] who are fleeing to Turkey and other areas of the world. “We have an obligation to help these vulnerable populations,” he said, “including and especially the most vulnerable refugees: unaccompanied minors and those that have become victims of human trafficking.”

“Sadly, there continues to be no shortage of refugees in need of the world’s attention and support,” Archbishop Gomez concluded.”As the world’s leader in protecting refugees, the United States must do more to respond to humanitarian crises in and around Syria and other parts of the globe.”

Did you get the message—they are VULNERABLE?   But, what about the vulnerable Americans who don’t have jobs and are struggling to make ends meet in your town.  And, what about the vulnerable taxpayers who pay for all of this?

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The nerve! Vatican says you (xenophobes) have an obligation to care for refugees/immigrants…

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 23, 2013

….and we (Catholic leaders) want more of your tax dollars!

Earlier this month the Vatican released a new study lecturing Catholics on xenophobia and how they should welcome immigrants and other displaced people.  Fine, we should be good and decent people, but what really ticked me off was that there appears to be no mention of the indecent amount of money agencies of the Catholic Church receive from taxpayers in order for them to do their good works.

Are we to have no Christian compassion for the middle class taxpayer who might be working a couple of jobs to care for his/her family, but is forced to pay into the Church’s till through taxation?  Maybe those struggling workers have other ideas about the charity they would like to give to others that doesn’t include the Catholic Church.

And, I’ll bet if you read the whole study about the plight of refugees and sufferers of human trafficking, you would find the root of the problem world wide—the ‘I’ word and the ‘M’ word missing altogether.

Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio: Give us (the Catholic Church) your tax dollars so we can be charitable and lecture you about being xenophobic!

Here is Catholic News Service on the press conference in early June:

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Catholic laity have an obligation to root out traces of xenophobia in their hearts and recognize refugees as their brothers and sisters — children of God whose dignity must be protected, said a new Vatican document.

“Welcoming Christ in Refugees and Forcibly Displaced Persons,” a document of pastoral guidelines for providing material and spiritual assistance to people forced to leave their homes was published June 6 by the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Travelers and the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, which promotes and coordinates Catholic charitable activity.

Since the mid-1980s, the document said, the debate surrounding refugees and other asylum seekers has become “a forum for political and administrative election purposes, which fed hostile and aggressive attitudes among the electorate.”

This is infuriating, and who helped the issue of kindness to immigrants become a “political and administrative election” issue—the Catholic Church by demanding taxpayers pay for the Church’s “charity” and forcing communities to take refugees without advance consultation.   Human nature is such that there will be a negative reaction when being forced to do something.  Rather than look into the policies of Catholic organizations that might be generating the anger, it is easier to call you xenophobic.

CNS continued:

In effect, countries are focused more on deterring newcomers from reaching their shores than they are on offering protection and a welcome to suffering people fleeing situations that threatened their lives and dignity, Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio, president of the council for migrants and travelers, told reporters.

From a Catholic point of view, he said at a Vatican news conference, “every policy, initiative or intervention in this area must be inspired by the principle of the centrality and dignity of the human person.”  [What about the human person who has to pay for your charity?—ed]

Readers, I have a whole bunch of Catholic pro-immigration news so what follows are some short takes.  Please visit the sites for more information and to follow the links before you head off to church where you will surely be lectured today to call your Senators on S.744 (which contains a slush fund for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops among others).

Catholic elites spend millions to sell illegal alien amnesty!

This is a story penned by Brenda Walker back in April.  Walker published a great pie chart to illustrate her post and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to re-post it.

Walker begins at Limits to Growth:

From Catholic Charities at a Glance (2010).
Yes, those are billions in government revenue!

The Catholic church has upped its bankroll to wreck American law and sovereignty. It has added $800,000 to its previous amnesty spending of $3 million, since opening the borders to millions more hispanic Catholics is highly desirable for the bishops.

Not that it’s new for Vaticrats to work to subvert a nation that has been very generous to them. The Catholic hierarchy believe their organization supersedes mere laws and nation-states, particularly when the church sees a way to fill its empty pews. Immigration-fueled demographic change has supplied the Catholic church with more credulous worshippers, helpful to replace the many Americans who have left the church out of disgust with its pervert priest problem. (Around 10 percent of Americans are former Catholics, according to Pew research.)

‘Catholic Bishops promote national suicide’ a must-read at the Thinking Housewife!  Hat tip: Jewel

Christopher Manion’s 2011 Crisis magazine article, “The Catholic Bishops and Immigration Reform” is an indictment of the malfeasance of the “American” (italics entirely intentional) Catholic Bishops concerning immigration and the United States’ borders that is timelier than ever.  I highly recommend it as the execrable Charles Schumer, boy-idiot Marco Rubio, man-lunatic John McCain and light-in-the-loafers Lindsey Graham conspire with Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party and the Republican establishment – bought by such as Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg — to destroy the United States through their illegal-alien-amnestying, “guest”-worker-increasing, legal-and-illegal-immigration-increasing, immigration enforcement-gutting S. 744 bill.

Catholic Charities volunteer, Mark Krikorian, fired!

Mark Krikorian, himself from an immigrant family, is now director of the Center for Immigration Studies and was featured this past week in a Washington Post Style Section profile about his research and policy work in limiting immigration to America.  He volunteered his time at Catholic Charities (demonstrating there is nothing xenophobic about him!) and VDARE reports he has been fired from his charitable work in the wake of the WaPo feature story.

Krikorian’s organization writes policy reports and criticizes government programs, yet the Catholic elite (the “good” people!) can’t counter with good policy work, they must denigrate critics by calling them xenophobic or racist.

In Europe the Jesuits lecture/lobby too!

Be sure to have a look at this story from the Jesuits in Europe—Catholics knee-deep in government policy there too.  I wonder if they have a taxpayer-funded slush fund for their charitable work lobbying the EU (just as the Bishops take from Caesar in America? ) Does anyone know?

Tomorrow!  Call your US Senators and tell them to vote NO! on S.744!

See my post at Potomac Tea Party Report for more background and phone numbers.  Also, here is our archive on all the posts we’ve written at RRW on S.744.

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Some real Christian charity toward the Rohingya!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 6, 2013

Take note Catholic Bishops!

True humanitarian charity is helping them where they live!

This is what truly charitable people should be doing for refugees of the world—helping them where they live with private funding, instead of taking taxpayers’ money and dropping them off in slum neighborhoods in American cities, confused and jobless where they will turn to the local radical mosque for support!

For new readers, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops testified recently at the US State Dept. that we should be bringing more Rohingya Muslims to America.  It sure is a lot easier being charitable with other peoples’ money as you (Catholic lobbyists) live cushy lives in Washington DC, right!

From Mission Network News about Partners Relief and Development:

Considering all of this [earlier paragraphs of the article discussed the difficulties.—ed], where do you even start to pray for the Rohingya?

“My prayer has been that the leverage and machinery of justice, moved by the people of God that are out there praying, would indeed turn,” says [Steve] Gumaer [of Partners].

His prayer is also that “somehow we could see [a change] through the efforts of a lot of people and through the field efforts of those that are [in Burma], so that these people have a home.”

Partners’ consistent presence is helping change Muslim hearts. Islam is inherently tied to the Rohingya’s identity as a people group, but they’re not standing in opposition to Christ-followers.

“These people refer to us as the ‘Christians who care,’ and we run into no resistance because of our faith,” says Gumaer. “We have, rather, run into a feeling of brotherhood.”

Graphic language warning!  The politically-correct should cover your ears now!

Pray that this goodwill continues. Please pray also that more of the Rohingya will come to Christ as they experience His love through His people.

Will wonders never cease?  Partners has published its most recent Form 990 (2011) on its website and when you go to page nine, where government grants are reported, please note—THEY DO NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT MONEY (your money!) unless you freely give it to them.

By comparison, the USCCB received nearly $68 million in 2011 from the US taxpayer through government grants and contracts to resettle refugees in America, here.

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Militant Islamists riot in Bangladesh, including militant Rohingya

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 3, 2013

Rioting in Dhaka yesterday. Which one of these Islamists do you want in your town?
Photo: Dhaka Tribune

Watch for it, Muslim hardliners are trying to overturn the Muslim government of Bangladesh as riots broke out in Dhaka in recent days.

Here is the story from the Dhaka Tribune:

 Fearing militant attacks, law enforcers  have kept close and constant surveillance on at least 40 Islamist groups in the country.

According to the intelligence department, supporters of those Islamist outfits are plotting to launch militant attacks by whipping up the masses through anti-government propaganda.

The members of law enforcing agencies were asked to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious by those Islamist organisations.

The 40 Islamist groups under intelligence watch are: International Khatme Nabuat Movement, Arakan Rohingya Force, Islamic Solidarity Font, Arakan People’s Army, Liberation Myanmar Force, Arakan Mujahid Party, Rohingya Independence Force, Rohingya Independence Army, Rohingya Patriotic Front Al-Harat-Al Islamia, Tauhidi Janata, World Islami Front, Jumaatul Al Sadat, Sahadat-e-Nabuat, Allahar Dal, Islamic Front, Jamaat As Sadat, Al-Khidmat, Hizbullah Islami Samaj, Muslim Millat, Sharia Council, Ahle Hadis Andolan Bangladesh, Dawati Kafela, Hizbul Mahdi, Bangladesh Anti-terrorist Party, Al Islam Martians Brigade, Jommiat Ahle Hadis Andolon, Jommiatul Ehzia Utraz, Hayatur Ilaha, Sattabad, Anjumane Talamize Islamia, Kalemar Jamaat, Tazir Bangladesh, Forkan Movement, Sahaba Parishad, Ketal Bahini, Eshar Bahini, Al Fahad, Horkatul Mujahidin, Mujahidin-e-Tazim, Jadid Al-Kayda, Al Markajul Al Islami and Jamatul Falaiya.

Intelligence sources said the parties are mainly active in the Baitul Mukarram Mosque area and Chittagong district.

The Chittagong district is where tens of thousands of Rohingya are living.

Why do we care?

We care because the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (the largest of the top nine federal refugee contractors) testified that they want to resettle Rohingya from Bangladesh to your towns!

Here is what Anastasia Brown told the US State Department on May 15th, in her testimony for the USCCB:

we strongly believe that the Rohingya in Bangladesh should receive a Priority Two designation from the U.S. government, allowing them to be resettled as members of a persecuted group.  [Meaning that someone need only say, I am Rohingya so therefore I am persecuted.—ed]

This is our 147th post in our Rohingya Reports category.  We have followed the “humanitarian” agitators public relations campaign to bring more Rohingya to the West ever since we began RRW in 2007.

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