VDARE: Ethiopian refugee allegedly brutally murdered 97-year old military vet last month

You can read the whole dreadful story by Nicholas Stix at VDARE, here (Hat tip: Ed).  This is the opening paragraph:

Mugshot of murder suspect Ngor Makuey

War On Whites? As the United Nations, the Main Stream Media, and the President of the United States all demand Americans award “refugee” status to tens of thousands of illegals, let’s remember the brutal murder of Rupert “Andy” Anderson, an American veteran allegedly killed by an Ethiopian “refugee” just this month. Ngor Makuey, who has been arrested for the murder of the 97 year-old man and the attempted murder of his 94 year old wife, is an immigrant allowed into this country because of his family’s flight from violence. He used this kindness as an opportunity to bring slaughter to once-peaceful towns.

Read it all.

One more refugee crime case where in addition to the pain and suffering he caused, not only did we pay for his resettlement, but taxpayers will pay for his trial and incarceration for life.  I think the cost of criminal trials of refugees and the cost of their time in prison should come out of the US State Department’s budget and out of the contractors’ hides.  Of course it is still all your tax money, but at least it might cause the resettlement industry to be more careful about who they bring to your towns and cities.

By the way, we have 1,556 posts in our ‘crimes’ category, here.  Happy reading!

VDARE writer summarizes important message for Republicans from over-looked report

Back in February, the Eagle Forum produced a report that could serve as a blueprint for any Republican running for office about how campaigning on the issue of  reducing immigration numbers (yes, even LEGAL immigration) is a winner.

And, it isn’t just about winning the election, but saving the Republic.

The report went largely unnoticed by the establishment Republican Party (they probably actually panned it, but I haven’t the time to search).

In fact, the hard core establishment Republicans are largely influenced by the likes of Grover Norquist and his ilk (here and here) who are in the business of promoting the idea of needing laborers (cheap labor) for their big business clients.  It is about the almighty dollar for many of the so-called leaders of the Republican Party.  (The Democrats too, it’s just that they have that humanitarian white hat firmly planted on their heads and they have another interest as well—reliably leftwing voters***.)

Now to make it easier for all of us to get the salient points from the report, Paul Nachman at VDARE has a post today on the main messages in the report (even more timely now than when it was released in February) and has taken the time to select key bullet points for us.

Here is Nachman and a bit from the report—

To impress obdurately clueless Republican candidates and supporters of what’s at stake, here’s the concluding thought in both the full report and the two-page excerpt from it:

The GOP faces a choice: It can either change its position on legal immigration or it can change its position on almost every other issue.

And then this from the excerpts:

A comprehensive review of surveys in immigrant communities showing their support for big government

A large volume of survey data show that, in general, immigrants and their adult children are significantly more liberal than the average American voter on a host of policy issues, including the size of government, Obamacare, affirmative action, gun control, greater environmental regulation, and other issues championed by the Left …

Because immigrants and their adult children overwhelmingly favor big government, there is no issue more important for conservatives than reducing the future number of legal immigrants allowed into the country each year. Otherwise, legal immigration will continue to add millions of liberal voters every decade, making it extremely unlikely that conservatives will be successful on all the issues they care about.

Read it all!

Going to a political campaign event in August?

So the next time you hear someone, especially a Republican candidate for public office say, ‘I’m all for legal immigration, it’s illegal that I oppose,’  I want you to remember this report (new immigrants vote for Democrats who promise them stuff!) and remind them that most of those illegal aliens streaming across our border at this very moment will soon be LEGAL immigrants one way or another—quickly through an executive amnesty or more slowly in the legal asylum process. 

Ask:  are you for that too?

***  We have said it time and again—for Democrats, immigration (legal and illegal) is about turning red states blue.


VDARE: Call Your “State Refugee Coordinator” And Ask How Many Phony Refugees From The Southwest Border Are Coming To YOUR State!

VDARE posted a call to action last night for you to contact your state refugee coordinator this week and ask:  are the unaccompanied alien minors (UACs) coming to your state?

And, by the way, the federal refugee contractors have action alerts out this week to their open borders activists to call Congress for more money for them (the children and the contractor)!

Protesters turn back Homeland Security buses in Murietta, CA last week. http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/2014/07/01/protesters-turn-back-busloads-immigrants-murrieta/11945751/

VDARE (emphasis mine):

Hard information on the phony refugee (“The children!”) surge at the Southwest border is hard to come by. This is true even if you’re a congressman—when Jim Bidenstine (R- OK) showed up at a holding camp in his home state he was stonewalled.


Between the ballot boxes (months away) and “the streets” (rare to nonexistent in American history) there’s citizen pressure on our despotic elites and their kept bureaucrats.

This is where VDARE.com readers come in. Are swarms of “The children!” coming to your state?

If they are, your state’s refugee coordinator will probably be among the first to know. So phone “your” coordinator – contact information is below—and, politely, ask basic questions such as Where? When? How Many? and What’s it going to cost state and local taxpayers?


The week starting Monday, July 7 is the time to phone, as VDARE.com has learned that at least some of the coordinators will be on a conference call with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement during the week. It will help if the coordinators are made to understand that many of their fellow citizens are very concerned.

Read it all for more information and to follow the links!

Here and below is a complete list of Refugee resettlement employees in your state, if you can’t get the coordinator, try one of the others especially see the contact information for “regional reps.”   Even those “health coordinators” are going to be informed in light of the health issues the “children” will be bringing to the state.


State Refugee Coordinator: Jana Curran 251.432.2727
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Catherine Potter 251.432.2727
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Karen Ferguson 907.222.7376
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Gulnora Kiyamova 907.222.7339
ORR State Analyst: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Charles Shipman 602.542.6614
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Zachary Holden 602.364.3592
ORR State Analyst: Goran Debelnogich 202.260.7143


State Refugee Coordinator: Lorie Williams 501.682.8256
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Leonard Ntaate Mukasa 501.280.4106
ORR State Analyst: Ramon Colon 202.401.5085


State Refugee Coordinator: Thuan Nguyen 916.654.4356
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Marisa Ramos 916.552.8252
ORR State Analyst: Goli Bellinger 202.401.5144
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Paul Stein 303.863.8217
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Colette Logan Schantz 303.692.6441
ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933

State Refugee Coordinator: David Frascarelli 860.424.5387
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Alison Stratton 860.509.7375
ORR State Analyst: Bill McPherrin 202.401.9324


State Refugee Coordinator: Thomas Hall 302.255.9605
ORR State Analyst: Makda Belay 202.401.5087

District of Columbia

State Refugee Coordinator: Debra Crawford 202.299.2153
State Refugee Health Coordinator: MuLunesh Wolermarian 202.698.4325
ORR State Analyst: Rezene Hagos 202.205.8051


State Refugee Coordinator: Hiram A. Ruiz 786.257.5189 or 305.763.9040 (mobile)
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kelly A. Browne 850.245.4444 x2306
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847


State Refugee Coordinator: Michael Singleton 404.657.5118
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Monica L. Vargas 404.679.4981
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847


State Refugee Coordinator: Lola Salimova 808.586.8699
ORR State Analyst: Pierrot Rugaba 202.401.6891


State Refugee Coordinator: Jan A. Reeves 208.336.4222
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Collin Elias 208.334.0696
ORR State Analyst and Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Edwin Silverman 312.793.7120 (*departing SRC) / Ngoan Le 312.793.7120
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jenny M. Aguirre 312.814.1538
ORR State Analyst: Goli Bellinger 202.401.5144


State Refugee Coordinator: Matthew Schomburg 260.599.0120
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Meredith Upchurch 317.234.7252
ORR State Analyst: Goli Bellinger 202.401.5144


State Refugee Coordinator: John Wilken 515.283.7904
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Allan Lynch 515.281.7504
ORR State Analyst: Ramon Colon 202.401.5085


State Refugee Coordinator: Lewis A. Kimsey 785.296.0147
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Cyndi Treaster 785.296.8113
ORR State Analyst: Makda Belay 202.401.5087


State Refugee Coordinator: Becky Jordan 502.873.2560 x250
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Allison Pauly 502.873.2560 x116
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847


State Refugee Coordinator: Julie Ward 225.242.0311
ORR State Analyst: Pierrot Rugaba 202.401.6891
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Catherine S. Yomoah 207.797.2938
Refugee Health Coordinator: TBD
ORR State Analyst: Goli Bellinger 202.401.5144


State Refugee Coordinator: Ann Flagg 410.767.2346
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Dipti D. Shah 410.767.6664
ORR State Analyst: Rezene Hagos 202.205.8051


State Refugee Coordinator: Josiane Martinez 617.727.7888 x303
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jennifer Cochran 617.983.6596
ORR State Analyst: Pierrot Rugaba 202.401.6891
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Al Horn 517.241.7819
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Al Horn 517.241.7819
ORR State Analyst: Goran Debelnogich 202.260.7143


State Refugee Coordinator: Gus Avenido 651.431.3837
State Refugee Health Coordinator (Acting): Blain Mamo 651.201.5535
ORR State Analyst: Lorraine Berry 202.401.5532


State Refugee Coordinator: Lorraine Hunter 601.359.4585
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847


State Refugee Coordinator: Steve Milburn 573.751.6789
State Refugee Health Coordinator: David Oeser 573.751.6411
ORR State Analyst: Lorraine Berry 202.401.5532


State Refugee Coordinator: Katherine Buckley-Patton 406.444.5288
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Steven Helgerson 406.444.1286
ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147


State Refugee Coordinator: Karen Parde 402.471.9264
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kristin Gall 402.471.1372
ORR State Analyst: Goran Debelnogich 202.260.7143


State Refugee Coordinator: Carisa Lopez.Ramirez 702.387.2266
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Camalla (Camy) Retzl 702.387.2225
ORR State Analyst: Pierrot Rugaba 202.401.6891
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933

New Hampshire

State Refugee Coordinator: Barbara Seebart 603.271.6361
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Laura McGlashan 603.271.2688
ORR State Analyst: Bill McPherrin 202.401.9324

New Jersey

State Refugee Coordinator: Annette Riordan 609.631.4534
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Anne Fox 609.588.7500
ORR State Analyst: Goli Bellinger 202.401.5144

New Mexico

State Refugee Coordinator: Kresta.Leigh Opperman 505.827.1328
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Karen Gonzales 505.476.3076
ORR State Analyst: Ramon Colon 202.401.5085

New York

State Refugee Coordinator: Dodie Wheeler 518.402.3096
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Eric Cleghorn 518.474.4845
ORR State Analyst: Bill McPherrin 202.401.9324

North Carolina

State Refugee Coordinator: Marlene Myers 919.527.6304
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jennifer Reed Morillo 919.733.7286 x112
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847

North Dakota

State Refugee Coordinator: Laetitia Mizero 701.235.7341
ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Jennifer R. Johnson 614.644.1174
State Refugee Health Coordinator: 
Sandra Hollingsworth 614.752.2953
ORR State Analyst: Goran Debelnogich 202.260.7143


State Refugee Coordinator: Melanie Silva 405.521.4402
ORR State Analyst: Makda Belay 202.401.5087


State Refugee Coordinator: Rhonda Prodzinski 503.945.6108
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Deborah Cockrell 503.988.3601 x24231
ORR State Analyst: Makda Belay 202.401.5087


State Refugee Coordinator: Norm.Anne Rothermel 717.787.8608
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Asresu Misikir 717.787.3350
ORR State Analyst: Ramon Colon 202.401.5085

Rhode Island

State Refugee Coordinator: Frederick Sneesby 401.462.1669
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Stella Kiarie 401.222.5952
ORR State Analyst: Rezene Hagos 202.205.8051

South Carolina

State Refugee Coordinator: Dorothy Addison 803.898.0989
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kate Habicht 803.898.0575
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847

South Dakota

State Refugee Coordinator: Tim Jurgens 605.731.2015
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kristin Rounds 605.773.4470
ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Holly Johnson 615.352.9520 x222
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Michael Evans 615.352.9520 x224
ORR Regional Representative: Faith Hurt 404.562.2847
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Caitriona Lyons 512.206.5076
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jessica Montour 512.533.3161
ORR State Analyst: Ramon Colon 202.401.5085


State Refugee Coordinator: Gerald Brown 801.526.9787
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Amelia Self 801.538.6221
ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147


State Refugee Coordinator: Denise Lamoureux 802.871.3162
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Susan Schoenfeld 802.863.7247
ORR State Analyst: Pierrot Rugaba 202.401.6891
ORR Wilson/Fish Program Manager: Carl Rubenstein 202.205.5933


State Refugee Coordinator: Kathy Cooper 804.726.7927
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jill Grumbine 804.864.7911
ORR State Analyst: Rezene Hagos 202.205.8051


State Refugee Coordinator: Tom Medina 360.725.4636
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jasmine Matheson 206.418.5603
ORR State Analyst: Makda Belay 202.401.5087

West Virginia

State Refugee Coordinator: Suzanne Howard 304.356.4628
ORR State Analyst: Bill McPherrin 202.401.9324


State Refugee Coordinator: Mette J. Brogden 608.267.9705
State Refugee Health Coordinator: Savitri J. Tsering 608.267.3733
ORR State Analyst: Lorraine Berry 202.401.5532


ORR Regional Representative: Dee Daniels Scriven 303.844.1147

VDARE writer shares testimony on FY2015 refugee admissions

Editors note:  Daily readers know that the US State Department asks for testimony every year on the “size and scope” of the Refugee Admissions program for the upcoming fiscal year.

In past years in addition to mailing in testimony, the State Department invited members of the public to appear and comment in person.  This year that did not happen and we can only assume the long-established procedure was abandoned as members of the public who had concerns about the program came to outnumber the contractors and their supporters (I joked with one of our friends there two years ago that I bet everyone in the room was there on salary except us!)

This year only mailed-in testimony was accepted.  If you sent testimony and would like it published, please send it to us for our consideration.  And, don’t forget to send it to all of your elected officials!

So that testimony doesn’t disappear into a black hole, write to Delicia Spruell (spruellda@state.gov) and ask for the entire public record of the consultation/hearing.

Burmese Muslim Esar Met convicted of raping and murdering child in first month in America. Walker: …stupid-generous America offered the problematic, unemployable young man a new home in the First World.

Below is longtime VDARE writer Brenda Walker’s excellent statement.

Walker:  It is neither morally right nor Constitutional for the government to harm Americans so that foreigners may be helped, no matter the initial good intentions.

For that reason, the refugee resettlement program should be shut down as an improvement for the American people.

Here is how the California native begins to build her case:

America is in its sixth year of a jobless “recovery,” yet the State Department continues to import tens of thousands of unskilled refugees from the Third World as if the economy were bubbling along with jobs for all who want them. The entire program seems painfully out of touch with the degree of economic suffering in the country and the effect on our poorest citizens of increasing job competition.

Here in California, the unemployment rate has dropped below 8 percent for the first time in six years as of April, indicating the long difficult struggle to climb back from the recession. Child poverty is running around 22 percent this year, another sign of the state’s poor economic performance. But the State Department resettled 5,173 refugees in California in 2012 when the economy was even more dismal.

Also in 2012, it was reported that the government placed hundreds of lead-poisoning-impaired Burmese refugees in Oakland, a chronically depressed city with too much homegrown crime and poverty. The federal program of dumping poor Third World people with learning disabilities has added to an already crushing burden on the city, and seems altogether a cruel use of government power.

Go to VDARE and read it all.

All posts relating to this year’s hearing are archived here:  Testimony for 5/29/2014 State Dept. meeting.

Gov. Sam Brownback: Don’t bring those Somalis to Kansas!

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, friend of Norquist, we love refugees, just not Somalis in Kansas!

A few days ago, likely spearheaded by Grover Norquist and his sidekick Suhail Kahn***, a group of Republican open borders enthusiasts made a public appeal to bring in more refugees and remove barriers (what? those terrorism bars) preventing them from entering the country. Said the ten:

Our policies toward refugees are at the heart of our American values.

One of those signing the letter, here, asking for more refugees, was none other than former Senator Sam Brownback, now Kansas governor, who, even as he sat on a key immigration subcommittee in the US Senate, said of the Somali Bantus whose resettlement he was advocating for some other communities in America—DON’T SEND ‘EM TO KANSAS!

You can read more about this Republican’s hypocrisy here at VDARE in 2003.   The New York Times obliquely referred to Brownback’s backpedaling here.

***Don’t miss the damning report on Norquist and Kahn just released by the Center for Security Policy—Islamists’ assault on the right, enabling the Muslim Brotherhood in America!

So, much for those American values—-just not in Brownback’s backyard!

Somali sentenced to life in prison for North Dakota mass murder

Good deal for the American taxpayer? You paid to resettle him here and you will now pay for his incarceration for life!

Brenda Walker at VDARE (they are on top of the news, visit them and follow them on twitter!) has the whole story here.

Go there and read it.

Our original coverage on the case began here in 2011.  The family he killed was of Native American origin (which is neither here nor there, they are dead, but might be of interest to our liberal readers.)

Your tax dollars will now support him for life—he is 28, so if we are unlucky, for 50-60 years we will clothe, house and feed him special Halal meals!

One new consideration—we are now deporting Somalis back to Somalia, here.

For new readers: We have admitted well over 100,000 Somali refugees to the US.   To check out the numbers visit this post, one of our most widely read posts over the last few years.

Since the beginning of the 2013 fiscal year we have resettled 3,674 SomalisIf that rate continues we will be bringing  nearly 9,000 Somalis to your cities this year, putting 2013 right up there with some of our top resettlement years (since 9/11!) for Somalis!

Hold the bouquets for Uncle Ruslan

Update May 5th:  Tsarni trying to get his nephew buried in Mass.  But, he has been successful in America, why not ship his body back to Russia.  His grave in America will just serve as a rallying point for protestors.

In the midst of the media storm created by the Boston Bomber Brothers Tsarnaev, their Uncle Ruslan Tsarni (why did he change his name?) came forward to condemn his nephews’ actions and, if I heard it once, I heard it a zillion times—Ruslan is the kind of immigrant we want!  (Personally I thought he sounded like a phoney, like someone trying to save his own skin!)

Ruslan Tsarni with adoring press in front of his Montgomery Village, MD home.
Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

If you were among those gushing fans, think again.  Steve Sailor writing at VDARE directs us to a website that has been researching the question about how this extended family of Chechens got asylum here in the first place. Yes, how?

Where is Fox News on this?  (hmmmm!)

See MadCow Morning News:

The uncle of the accused Boston Marathon bombers incorporated, in 1995, a company called the “Congress of Chechen International Organizations.”

Even as the company was sending aid to Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, its listed address was in the home of former top CIA official Graham Fuller.

Ruslan Tsarni was listed as the company’s resident agent. The company’s address was 11114 Whisperwood Ln in Rockville MD., the home of Graham Fuller, the one-time Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA under President Reagan.

Over this past weekend, Fuller reluctantly confirmed the report published here last Thursday, “Boston bombers’ uncle married daughter of top CIA official.”

He admitted that Ruslan Tsarni had once been married to his daughter.

But then, with the same breath, he derided what he called “rumors” of links between Tsarni and the Agency as “absurd.”

But documents surfaced over the weekend that cast a long shadow of doubt on Graham Fuller’s assertion, which amounts to a beat cop waving his baton, and saying, “There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along.”

Read the whole expose’ and read Steve Sailor at VDARE.

How closely tied is the refugee/asylum industry to our intelligence community, inquiring minds want to know.  See my post here on the International Rescue Committee earlier this week—it raises the same sort of issues.

 And, you all thought this business of saving poor refugees and asylum seekers was all about humanitarianism. 

Oops forgot to mention—our whole category on the Boston Marathon Bombing is here.

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