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South Africa: Blacks attack black migrants as “xenophobic” violence returns

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 9, 2018

It probably never went away, but several news accounts of recent days suggests the attacks on immigrants to the “Rainbow Nation” have picked up lately.

Soweto looting

South African looters in Soweto last month. They are destroying the shop of a “foreigner.”


We have chronicled (see my archive here) the fact that South Africa’s black citizens are not welcoming to their fellow black Africans (they didn’t get the Nelson Mandela message I suppose!) from countries to their north.  They especially don’t like Somalis!

The international Hard Left (Commies, the Obamas and others) don’t like this bad news getting out broadly because they have much invested in the myth of South Africa as a “Rainbow Nation” now that the whites have been driven from power there.

And, part of that Leftist mythology is that anyone who has been discriminated against in the past couldn’t possibly discriminate against others, right!

As you read this remember these are not white people attacking the immigrants, they are black South Africans!  And, since they don’t want that fact to spread widely, you need to spread it widely!

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Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 12, 2018

We have written on this topic on many previous occasions.  The Rainbow Nation (South Africa) has been experiencing xenophobic and racist violence for years.


The most bloody violence has been directed at the landowners who farm the land (and incidentally feed the population)!

Readers should know that the US (so far) has not invited the persecuted farmers to America, but we do admit hundreds of ‘refugees’ a year from South Africa.

We resettle Somali and other Africans that South Africa rejects.  So much for the Rainbow Nation myth!

And, by the way, I haven’t heard any clamor from the US refugee industry/contractors to add South African whites to our refugee admissions for the coming year.  Why is that?  Could it be that it doesn’t fit the meme—only people of color are persecuted, never the other way around!  Think about it! Admitting such a thing would turn the whole UN upside down!

Can you imagine the day when European whites from Sweden, the UK or France beg for asylum in the US? I can.

Smart move on Russia’s part…..

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Pope and World Council of Churches to hold conference on xenophobia, migration, and populism

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 18, 2018

This should be fun to watch!

WCC logo

The Marxists at the World Council of Churches and Pope Francis think they are going to bring the world together in harmony and love with a conference in September on defeating xenophobia and the menace of political populism (just as a major power shift fueled by populism is sweeping Italy).


Maybe they would get a lot farther in bringing peace to the world if they cut out the insulting language….just saying!

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Regarding South Africa: Trump has thousands of African refugee slots available

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 14, 2018

Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson have all gone to bat this week for the white South African farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been threatened by the black South African government now in power in the nation the International Left dubbed the “Rainbow Nation.”

Here is Ann Coulter on twitter yesterday tweeting out a link to a story about the exploding tragedy for whites in S.A. by Leo Hohmann at VDARE.  Hohmann reports that the President does have the power to arrange for an emergency declaration for the clearly persecuted farmers.


Screenshot (280)_LI



However, he doesn’t even need any emergency declaration because in his Presidential Determination for Fiscal Year 2018, here, you can see in the graph below that he has 19,000 slots allocated for the resettlement of African refugees to the US.


Screenshot (281)_LI

45,000 is the cap set by the President last September, at the present rate of admissions, the US might reach about 21,000 total from the whole world for the year.


And, below, from Wrapsnet you can see that 5 months in to the fiscal year, only 3,188 have been allotted from Africa.



Screenshot (282)_LI


In that same report, we learn that the State Department wants to pluck mostly Somalis out of the xenophobic South Africa (S.A. blacks have been terrorizing blacks from elsewhere in Africa who believed the Rainbow Nation propaganda and went there for a better life only to be attacked by the S.A. blacks.)

US State Department in September of 2017:

From Southern Africa, we expect to admit 1,500 refugees – primarily Somalis from South Africa and Congolese from Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

(Checking Wrapsnet I see that we have processed in to the US 60 ‘refugees’ from South Africa in the last 5 months—surely no white refugees or we would have heard about it.)

See where the UN’s interest in S.A. lies….

Their only concern seems to be xenophobia (African blacks persecuting other blacks):


Screenshot (283)

Xenophobia in the Rainbow Nation! Say it isn’t so!


Church World Service to the rescue?

As I told you in my first post this morning, federal refugee contractor Church World Service (71% funded involuntarily by you) has an office in Johannesburg in conjunction with the US State Department and the UNHCR.

Seems like a no-brainer that the office could be directed (by the new Secretary of State Pompeo) to start processing the white South Africans (there is plenty of evidence that they are being persecuted due to their race).

For those in the refugee industry who say that refugees must have left the country of their persecution before consideration, that whole concept is out the window now since we have processed Iraqis directly from Iraq.  We were processing Cubans from an office in Cuba and right now we are bringing in Ukrainians (1,027 so far this fiscal year) directly from Ukraine.

Bottomline, if the President wanted to do it, he could just tell the State Department to shift its priorities for resettlement and use some of the remaining 15,812 slots from Africa for white South Africans.

We will be watching to see if the federal refugee contractors, the big nine below, will push for the Christian whites to be resettled in America, after all they will be paid by the head for their work, so why not?

The nine federal contractors….

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees, line them up with jobs, and get them signed up for their services!  From most recent accounting, here.


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436 ‘refugees’ came to US from S. Africa (so far) this fiscal year, zero are South Africans

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 7, 2017

So who are they?  They are 436 economic migrants, mostly from elsewhere in Africa (and some Asians and Middle Easterners), that the country of South Africa does not want in their country!

So presto! They are turned in to ‘refugees’ destined for Anytown, USA!

South Africa xenophobic riots. They can’t call them race riots because the violence is (local) black on (foreigner) black.

Communist-inspired*** country is crumbling!

There is no way (that I know of) to find the actual breakdown of nationalities, but check my South Africa archive and you will see how the highly touted “rainbow nation” is having problems with other Africans, including Somalis, who bought the rainbow nation propaganda hook, line and sinker, and migrated there for a better life.

The black South Africans want none of it, thus from time to time riots flare up.

How do I know how many came in to the US from South Africa this fiscal year?  I went to Wrapsnet and looked up processing country figures. By the 5th of each month, the Refugee Processing Center tells us how many refugees were processed in to the US from countries around the world so far that fiscal year.  I told you about it here. (Imagine too the potential for fraud in some of these locations!)

So today I went here at Wrapsnet and see we admitted 436 ‘refugees’ from October 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017 (FY17) from South Africa.

They are really phony refugees and mostly economic migrants because S. Africa, as a civilized country with a functioning government, is a country that should have granted legitimate refugees asylum.  Then I went to the Interactive Reports and searched for how many with South African nationality were admitted this fiscal year and found that the answer is zip, zero, nada!

In case you were wondering, as one of my readers was recently, the answer is:  NO we do not admit South African persecuted white people through the US Refugee Admissions Program.

In fact, I don’t expect in my lifetime to see the UN High Commissioner for Refugees selecting white (European origin) refugees for resettlement to the US! LOL! I predict they will abandon the UNHCR when the day comes to move European Christian refugees (Germans, French, Dutch, Brits) out of Europe to America.

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg fell for the Commie apartheid propaganda too!

*** I’ve written a few times about the South African Constitution (here is one post) that, believe it or not, our Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said was a “really great piece of work.” 

Since World War II several other models have emerged that offer more specific and contemporary guarantees of rights and liberties, she said, pointing to South Africa’s constitution, which she called a “really great piece of work” for its embrace of basic human rights and guarantee of an independent judiciary.

I think those African migrants who flooded to South Africa for a better life, only to be beaten and killed by their fellow blacks, believed it too! Now, they become our problem?

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South Africa: Is the Rainbow Nation headed to black on black riots again?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 25, 2017

But wait! This can’t be, South Africa is the mecca of welcome, haven’t we been told that for decades?  And, haven’t we been told that blacks cannot be racist and xenophobic?  That is what the mainstream media wants us to believe even as South Africa’s ongoing xenophobia proves the lie!



South African blacks are unwelcoming toward their fellow Africans. How can this be?


There are a bunch of stories this morning on the latest round of tensions between migrants coming in to the country and the local South African blacks who see them as drug dealers and thieves who abuse their women and steal their jobs.

So why should you care in America?

Because we bring hundreds of those illegal migrants who get to South Africa from elsewhere on the continent as REFUGEES to your towns and cities.  Checking Wrapsnet this morning I see that we admitted 364 from South Africa to America just in the first 4 months of this fiscal year alone!

I doubt that any of the 364 ‘refugees’ are white South Africans!

I wonder if the Trump Admin. will subject them to “extreme vetting.” One of the reasons I think their 7-country focus is a dumb idea is that we get unvettable fake refugees from all over the world.

Here is the latest from one publication (Quartz Media):

Pretoria, South Africa

South Africa’s capital was gripped by anger on Friday (Feb. 24) as a march against illegal immigration stoked fear, violence and xenophobia.

A group calling themselves the Mamelodi Concerned Residents from a township in Pretoria staged a march against what they see as South Africa’s lax immigration policies, distributing an inflammatory flyer that stated:

“Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Pakistanis etc. are not our countrymen. Zimbabweans, Nigerians, Pakistanis etc. bring nothing but destruction; hijack our buildings sell drugs, inject young south African ladies with drugs and sell them as prostitutes. How is that helping us? They have destroyed beloved Johannesburg and now they are destroying Pretoria.”

Pay attention! I repeat: This hatred for African migrants is coming from mostly black Africans!

Despite the group’s purported focus on immigration policy, the demonstration had far more sinister undertones that erupted onto the streets as open hatred for African migrants. All month, there were sporadic attacks on the homes and businesses of Malawians, Nigerians and Somalis. Many feared this was a precursor to the deadly violence seen in 2008 and 2015.

Continue reading here, there are lots of photos.

More here yesterday.  See this video too….



Go here for our South Africa archive, we have followed the Rainbow Nation lie for years.

Send this story and others like it around.  It is important that alternative media let the world know that there is a big lie going on in South Africa—that it is a welcoming rainbow nation!—and that the mainstream media works very hard to keep the myth alive.

LOL! I wonder if the Southern Poverty Law Center could add all of black South Africa to its ‘haters’ list.  Nah! The ‘haters’ are the wrong color!

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Violence against migrants flares again in South Africa (the “Rainbow Nation”)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 15, 2015

What a joke that Rainbow Nation mumbo-jumbo is!  Someone tell the mainstream media that the mostly black South Africans don’t “welcome” the stranger no matter what color they are! 

And, no matter what sort of myth the international Left has built up about South Africa.

No time to bring you up to speed on the mess the Mandela legacy has left.  See our South Africa archive here for more.

From Bloomberg:

Yesterday in Durban, an immigrant waits for gangs of locals….

South Africa’s government is struggling to contain a flare up of attacks against foreigners in the port city of Durban that’s left at least five people dead and forced more than 1,000 immigrants to flee their homes.

Police battled with groups of foreigners on the streets of Durban’s city center on Tuesday as they burned tires and threw stones in protest after facing attacks from a mob, police spokesman Jay Naicker said by phone. Water cannons and rubber bullets were used to disperse various groups of locals and immigrants, the municipality said in a statement.

“It is completely unacceptable for South Africans to treat foreign nationals in such a diabolical and nefarious manner,” the municipality said. “The city will not tolerate any form of violence instigated by a few individuals.”

The wave of attacks in Durban since last week were sparked by locals who accused a supermarket of firing workers and hiring foreigners to replace them, according to the police. A 14-year-old boy was allegedly shot and killed during looting of immigrants’ shops on Monday night, bringing the death toll from the violence to at least five, according to the municipality. About 48 suspects have been arrested since April 11.

South Africa is in the midst of the worst anti-foreigner violence since 2008, when about 60 people were killed and 50,000 displaced from their homes. Attacks against mainly Somali, Ethiopian and Pakistani immigrants in townships around Johannesburg flared up in January after a Somali shop owner shot and killed a 14-year-old boy during an alleged burglary.

Continue reading here.

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Black South Africans’ “xenophobia” threatens image of South African ruling party

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 6, 2015

No surprise that worries are mounting about the violence being spread by black South Africans against foreigners that is threatening the carefully-cultivated lovey-dovey multicultural mecca image of the Rainbow Nation!


Let’s get our stuff and go! South Africans loot Somali shops.


Where is the worldwide media?  Can you imagine if this photo above showed white South Africans stealing Somali stuff?

While the great educated minds struggle to figure out what to call the phenomenon, could we maybe just label it what it likely is—a natural desire to live with one’s own tribe—tribalism!

From World Bulletin:

The recent looting of shops owned by African and Asian immigrants poses an ideological threat to the party that has ruled South Africa since the end of apartheid, a prominent scholar has suggested.

“The violence is an effort by individuals, or a group, to achieve economic advancement, political power or recognition, or a sense of social or criminal justice,” Prof. Loren Landau, director of the African Center for Migration and Society at the University of the Witwatersrand, told The Anadolu Agency.

Over the past few weeks, more than 1,000 shops owned by immigrants from Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere have been looted in townships around Johannesburg.

Officials have shied away from labeling the violence “xenophobia” per se, suggesting that the incidents were mere petty crime.


But Landau, a prominent migration expert, fears more is at stake.

Accepting that the poor black population is angry, differentiated, discriminatory and organized represents a visible threat to the African National Congress (ANC) and its political project,” he said[Discriminatory!!!—ed]

“Rather than a unified and inclusive citizenry that continues to struggle against the legacy of white oppression, we see a black population that is willing to turn on foreigners and other South African ‘outsiders’ in ways that reject the party’s political legitimacy and promises,” Landau asserted.

The ANC, which defines itself as social democratic party, has ruled South Africa since the end of the apartheid era and the establishment of multi-racial democracy in 1994.

The party says it seeks to address socio-economic differences resulting from apartheid-era policies and empower citizens socially, economically and politically.


There has been much debate since the 2008 attacks about the specific targets of the violence and whether xenophobia could adequately explain the phenomenon.

The most visible targets have been foreigners from other African countries.

But Landau says that similar violence has also been meted out against South Africans who happened to be from the wrong place, village or group.

Who are the 514 “refugees” the US has taken from South Africa in the first four months of this fiscal year?  South Africa is considered a stable country, so who the heck are these “refugees.”  Somalis?

See our South Africa archive for more about the troubles in South Africa after apartheid.

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Are all Africans xenophobes, or do they just want to live with their own kind of people?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 26, 2015

Protestors run after soldiers open fire on January 20th in Kinshasa. 40 were killed. AFP photo.



Yesterday I mentioned the latest African black on other African black crime and discrimination. Today there is a story at the Mail & Guardian Africa which lays out other, what some would call “xenophobic” or “racist,” unhappiness with “foreigners” in Africa.

I find this so amusing (sort of!) that we are expected to welcome the new African refugees to America and accept them into our communities without question (with no demands that they accept our heritage, history and culture), yet they, in their own country resent “foreigners” who prefer to keep their own culture and language.  And, I am sure this same attitude, as this one described in DR Congo, can be found (and largely accepted) the world over.

From Mail & Guardian Africa:

THE last week has been a bad time to be a foreigner in some parts of Africa. Clashes between Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) police and political protestors that left some 40 people dead last week also revealed the level of hostility towards the Chinese in the capital Kinshasa.


The Kinshasa residents also resent what they see as the Chinese preference for sticking together in segregated communities, retaining the customs, habits, and language in their native land. The same sentiments are played out in other African countries not just with the Chinese, but Indians, Somalis, and Lebanese.

Read it all!

By the way, for readers who don’t know, we are in the early stages of resettling 50,000 or so “refugees” from DR Congo to your towns and cities.   We have resettled a whopping 1,390 from DR Congo in the first three months of FY2015!  (Don’t ask me why the State Department has not colored the map of DR Congo, but the numbers may be found in the list that follows the map.)

Editor:  I’m trying something new, not writing such long posts (but maybe more of them), what do you think?

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South Africa: Two dead as more “xenophobia” arises in the Rainbow Nation

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 25, 2015

“Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

Nelson Mandela (1996)

For our South African readers it must be ho-hum what have we been trying to tell the world—the welcoming “rainbow nation” meme is a lie!

Black South Africans aren’t even happy with their fellow African blacks, like the Somalis.  Haven’t we been told for 20 years (more!) that it’s the white people who are evil racists in South Africa?  When it’s black hatred for other blacks, it has to have a new label—xenophobia.

Looters lined up in the Rainbow Nation—a picture is worth a thousand words.

What are the odds that this story will ever see the light of day in the western press which has for so long helped keep the Mandela mythology alive.

From GeoTV:

JOHANNESBURG: South African police said Thursday they arrested 68 people after mobs went on a looting spree of grocery stores owned by foreign nationals, including Pakistanis, in Johannesburg´s Soweto township.

The violence erupted after a foreign shopkeeper shot dead a teenager who had tried to rob him on Monday night.

“Young boys wanted to rob a shop and the owner opened fire and killed one of them,” police spokesman Kay Makhubela told AFP. “That made the community angry, and that´s what started all this.”

At least 80 shops, most of them owned by Somalis and Pakistanis, have been looted over the past three days, the police said.

A second person was killed on Wednesday night, and police said they were still investigating the circumstances.

Amid widespread poverty and unemployment, frustration in Johannesburg´s run-down neighbourhoods often boils over into anti-immigrant violence.

In 2008, deadly xenophobic violence broke out around Johannesburg townships, killing 62 people.

So who are all the “South Africans” we are bringing to America as refugees—I bet these aren’t the targeted white people!  Targeted Somalis I assume!

Who are the 496 “refugees” we have brought out of the multicultural oasis of South Africa in the first three months of Fiscal year 2015?

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