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Tips for using RRW

 We have gradually been building our blog and wish to direct you to some useful pages.

On the Diversity page we have posted several articles that address this important immigration hot topic.  We hope the articles will give you some ideas to get us all thinking  ‘outside the box’.

We are slowly building our Your State page so that you can begin your research much more quickly than we did.   Sorry its taking awhile but this is an all volunteer effort.

You will notice we have a list of Categories where we have filed posts we have written so that you can more quickly get up to speed on certain topics.   If you are researching the Refugee Resettlement program generally then you might be interested in the category entitled, “where to find information.”

Our Mission statement is clearly indicated on the right column.

The Refugee Resettlement Fact Sheet page was originally written as a handout for our elected officials and others not on line who wished to be informed.   It is getting a bit outdated now but it is still useful.

Color coding in our posts:

* Red type will be used whenever Hagerstown, MD and Washington County are mentioned to help local readers quickly find local information

* Green type will be used when we want to encourage citizen grassroots action.  Remember RRW is a community organizing blog.  Although reading and learning are critical we want to encourage all of you to get involved. 

* For readers who are most interested in the financial implications of refugee resettlement, we will put a lead in that says:   Your tax dollars

6 Responses to “Tips for using RRW”

  1. Gedlu Metaferia said

    Please send your emial adress to send you an interesting email exchange which I responded angirly regarding ORR. Gedlu


  2. Cheryl Young said

    Perhaps still in Canada?
    Abdishakur Ibrahim, the Imam of the Al Farooq masjid of Nashville left the US under mysterious circumstances via Canada to Kenya in early July 2005 because of financial improprieties.
    2007-2008 Annual report translator 789 Don Mills Road, Suite 608 Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, w789 Don Mills Road, Suite 608 Toronto, ON M3C 1T5789 Don Mills Rd., Suite 608, Toronto, ON M3C 1T5 Toronto, ON M3C 1T5,f7a72a72

    The Ramadan International market just south of Al Farooq masjid is still operational.
    1917 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211 (Nolensville Pike is extention of 4th St.)


    • Dee, born in U. S. said

      RRW is no more than bizarre propaganda. I knew Mr. Ibrahim and he is about twice as old as the person pictured in My Space. He is a decent and honest man. Many of the lies perpetuated against him and other Muslims were originated with a disgrunted woman who was born in Germany and who should return there.


  3. Lynn said

    I found your site by accident while I was searching for info on green card vaccine requirements. I’m totally amazed that this is out there. I’m all about free speech, and you are more than welcome to believe whatever you want to believe, even though it’s different from my opinion. I think that you should remember that not all Muslims are bad. I lived in an all muslim village for two years in West Africa and I could not have felt safer, in fact I never have! My villagers loved me and took care of me. They were not violent people and they never harmed me. they were thankful for an American to help them and loved our country. I continue to keep in touch with them in whatever way is possible at the time. They even pooled their money together to buy a baby gift for me. Just as with any religion there are extremest, but there are also those that practice love of your fellow human that is preached in all the big religions. Please don’t lose site of those Muslims that are ashamed of the violence that is carried out in Allah’s name, just as some Christians are ashamed of violence carried out in God’s name.


  4. Kateliz said

    Just found your blog. I am certain that RRW is among the most pressing isssues of our day. In his book America Alone, Mark Steyn spelled out many alarming trends. In so doing, he was accused by the British Columbia human rights commission of hate speech because he brought these issues to light. I will certainly become a regular reader.


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