Your State

October 8, 2014

Note to readers:  My original intention for this page was to post all of the news stories we get from your state here.  However, the job became too monumental.

I’m sorry for the number of readers arriving here when I haven’t kept up this page (until today)!

If you want to know what is happening in your state, the best thing to do is use our search window and just enter the name of your state.

Some state statistics are no longer available.  I don’t think the federal government wants you to know who is going to your state!  However…

Here are your state’s refugee coordinators.  You should call or e-mail them and ask for information on what is happening in your state.

For a lot of useful (although a little outdated) information—ORR’s annual reports to Congress—go here.

Update May 2015:

Here is a list put out by the ORR of all the subcontractors working in nearly 200 cities across the country.